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FLASH: Port-de-Paix mayor Thony Vernio dies in a tragic accident

A tragic accident in Port-de-Paix Haiti caused the death of deputy Mayor Thony Vernio. According to news reports he died after the Backhoe loader he was riding on fell off a cliff in an area called Morne Commissariat in Port-de-Paix.

Skandal in Haitian Politics: Video of Haiti ONM director Eudes Lajoie pleasing himself has gone viral

Eudes Lajoie, Haitian politician and director of office national pour la migration (ONM), is the subject of yet another scandal involving a careless Haitian politician and his "ti Koulout".

Manifestation In Haiti against increase in gas prices

Many Haitian citizens took to the streets of Friday, 18 May 2018, to protest against the announcement of the increase in gas prices.

Everyone in Haiti is talking about corruption like it's a freaking television sitcom

Haiti is a funny place, let me tell you... Each and every sector is talking about corruption like it's the other guy's fault. It's like the bible says. The big stick is in their eyes and they are pointing to the other guy.

Eske President Jovenel Moise se yon GRO Blofe? OUI ou NON?

Pandan m ap pale ak yon sitwayen ki te fè kanpay pou President Jovenel Moise nan Plateau Central nou vini sou dossier president Jovenel Moise ak karavann chanjman li an, tande kisa misye di...

Is Haiti next to cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan? US Senator Marco Rubio replies...

If you think Haitian politics is for Haitians only think again... The Miami Herald published an article with the headline: "The Dominican Republic ditched Taiwan for China. Is Haiti next to cut diplomatic ties?" Guess what... Florida Senator Marco Rubio replies to the article directly on on Twitter.

Update: Accident believed to be President Jovenel's Motorcade actually happened in the Togolese Republic

The Togolese presidential motorcade suffered a traffic accident Tuesday afternoon and some malicious Haitians on social media started spreading the news that it happened in Haiti with the motorcade of president Jovenel Moise.

Haiti - Accident of President Jovenel's Motorcade, True of False?

News is spreading on Social Media that Haitian president Jovenel Moise's motorcade was involved in an accident BUT is it true of false?

90 percent of the fuel subsidy in Haiti goes to 20 percent of the richest people, Communication minister says

Ninety percent of the fuel subsidy (subvention gas) in Haiti goes to 20 percent of the richest people, the government cannot continue to finance those who can purchase fuel in the country, Haiti communication minister Guyler C. Delva said.

The Queen of Spain is coming to Haiti

Letizia Ortiz, the Queen of Spain will visit Haiti next week for a two day visit, 23 & 23 May 2018.