Haitian Senators

Senator Youri Latortue minimizes new 7 Members Team by President Jovenel to conduct dialogue with opposition

Senator Youri Latortue made it clear that he would prefer President Jovenel's resignation instead of this new 7 members team he just put in place to attempt a dialogue with opposition in a recent tweeter message Wednesday.

Haiti Senate: Carl Murat Cantave, Message a la Nation, October 10 2019 (VIDEO)

Wach to the national address of Haiti Senate president Carl Murat Cantave in the midst of a national political crisis, October 08, 2019 --- (Ecoutez le message a la nation du président du Sénat haïtien, Carl Murat Cantave, en pleine crise politique nationale, le 08 octobre 2019.)

Senator Don Kato to Core Group: "Take Jovenel Moise to your country and place him as your leader"

Senator Don Kato told his militant "don't listen to any Core Group hoping for a dialogue with Jovenel (President Jovenel Moise). Core Group should just take Jovenel Moise and and place him as the president of their country."

Opposition: Senator Ricard Pierre talks about Haiti Transfer of Power in the Coming Days

In the coming days a new commission will be announces that will be in charge of the transfer of power in Haiti, opposition Senator Ricard Pierre announced. "We will soon communicate to you the length of their mandate and the personalities who will be a part of the commission," Ricard Pierre said.

Haiti Senate: "Senator Sorel Jacinthe refuses to pay me for the 1000 bags of rice he owes me," Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean said

Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean (Jakito) said his colleague Senator Sorel Jacinthe has no character, he will vote on credit and he refuses to pay his debt.

Haiti Senate: "I found a bunch of Dead Bees in my office," Senator Don Kato said

Haitian Senator Antonio Cheramy, alias Don Kato, said he stumbled on to a whole bunch of bees in his office at the Senate. "I wouldn't mind if they were alive but they were all dead," the opposition senator said.

Gonaives Haiti - Protesters burn down the clinic of Senate President and doctor Carl Murat Cantave

Protesters burn in the city of Gonaives, Haiti, burn down the clinic of Senate President and doctor Carl Murat Cantave and his Foundation Luis Gabriel. The protesters also set fire to equipment in the his clinic.

Haiti's Senate Invasion: What you didn't notice (Watch this Video carefully and learn)

There is something about the events of September 11th 2019 inside Haiti's Senate that you probably didn't notice. Watch this very carefully.

VIDEO: Haiti Senator Don Kato vs The Police - What really happened?

Haitian Senator Antonio Cheramy (Don Kato) said his life was threatened by a police officer in front of the Parliament Building Wednesday, September 11, 2019. Watch this video and see for yourself what happened.

Haiti Senators accused of receiving $100,000 US to vote in favor of Prime Minister deny it

A group of Haitian Senators accused by an opposition senator of receiving $100,000 US each in bribe money to vote in favor the ratification of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel deny such allegation.