Haiti Prime Ministers

New Haiti Prime Minister Henry Ceant spoke to the Media for the first time (AUDIO)

After submitting his documents to parliament Friday, newly nominated prime minister Jean Henry Ceant spoke to media briefly. Listen to what he had to say...

Fact or Rumor : Jean Henry Ceant chosen as the Next Prime Minister of Haiti?

There is a rumor starting to spread on social media Sunday that Jean Henry Ceant was chosen as the next prime minister of Haiti out of a list of 4 candidates.

Haiti's next Prime Minister will be one of these four people

After long talks and discussions the list of who will be his next prime minister has narrowed down to these four people. Here are their names:

The name Haiti's next Prime Minister will be known by the end of the week, President Jovenel Moise said

President Jovenel told the Haitian media Tuesday the name of the next prime minister of Haiti will be known definitely before the end of the week.

Haiti Depute Gary Bodeau tells President Jovenel: Hurry up and chose a Prime Minister

Depute Gary Bodeau wrote to president Jovenel Moise to tell him to "accelerate the process of designating the choice of a Prime Minister and setting up a government to regenerate hope and bring peace to the streets of Haiti."

Haiti - Genyen 80 kandida pou pos Premier Ministre pou ranplase Jack Guy Lafontant

Dapre Jounalis Louko Desir, genyen 80 moun sou list pou post Premier Minis la. Genyen 80 non sou tab la pou ranplase Jack Guy Lafontant.

Haiti - Ex Prime Minister Enex Jean Charles says Haiti is going nowhere, he explains in details

Back in April 2018, former Prime Minister Enex Jn Charles stated that, as a country, Haiti is going nowhere because there is a group of people in this country, they are specialists in "bloke peyi" (preventing a country from moving forward).

10 days after Haitian prime minister Lafontant resigns, no one knows who will replace him

Haitian president Jovenel Moise still has not designated anyone to replace Prime Minister Jack Guy Larontant who resigned 10 days ago.

Haiti - Could Evans Paul become the next Prime Minister, again?

Read this carefully... Former Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul's 'raport de decharge' already left the superior court of auditors (la cour superieure des comptes) and heading to the Senate so PM KP can get decharge and become the next prime minister of Haiti after Jack Guy Lafontant. Believe it or not, this is what is presently being discussed on Haitian radio this Friday.

Jovenel Moise in a race to appoint the next Prime Minister of Haiti. Who will it be?

Haitian president Jovenel Moise is in a race against time to find the next prime minister of Haiti to replace Jack Guy Lafontant. Who will be the next prime minister of Haiti everyone's guess right now.