Prime Minister of Haiti

FLASH: Installation of Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant Happening NOW...

PHOTO: Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant Installation Ceremony Breaking News... Haiti president Jovenel Moise wasted to time to install new new Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant. The investiture is happening as we speak, Tuesday afternoon, 21 Mar 2017, at the national palace... more »

Haiti :: List of Ministers in President Jovenel Moise - Jack Guy Lafontant Administration

PHOTO: Haiti - President Jovenel Moise, Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant Here is the list of all the Ministers of the President Jovenel Moise / Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant Administration: more »

Haiti - President Jovenel Moise choses Jack Guy Lafontant as Prime Minister

PHOTO: Haiti president Jovenel Moise and two house presidents After a long series of consultations Haiti President Jovenel Moise made the decision to go with Dr Jack Guy Lafontant as prime minister of Haiti. more »

Haiti - New Electoral Council will be UP and Running in the next 24 Hours, President Privert says

PHOTO: Haiti - President Privert at Primeture - PM Enex Installation Haiti Elections Update -- Interim president Jocelerme Privert has just announced that a new electoral council (CEP) will be put in place within the next 24 hours... more »

Haiti - Installation Nouvo PM Enex Jean-Charles nan Primature a 12pm

PHOTO: Haiti - Enex Jean Charles Men Nouvel... Haiti Transition - Installation Nouvo premier Minis Enex Jean-Charles nan Primature la se ver Midi, 12pm, l ap fèt, jounen Lundi 28 Mars 2016 la... more »

Finally, Haiti has a New Prime Minister

PHOTO: Haiti - Enex Jean Charles In a transition that is supposed to last 90 to 120 days, Haitian leaders spend one third of that time trying to install a new Prime Minister... Finally the day has arrived. The Inverstiture of Enex Jean-Charles as Prime Minister to replace Evans Paul is this Monday, 9am at the National Palace. more »

FLASH: Haiti President Privert sends Enex Jean Charles, another Prime Minister to the Chopping Block

PHOTO: Haiti - Enex Jean Charles Haiti President Privert sends Enex Jean Charles, another Prime Minister to the chopping block by choosing him over 3 other names suggested by a group of deputes who met with the president Tuesday... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Prime Minister Fritz Jean REJECTED by Parliament

PHOTO: Haiti - OPL say NO to Fritz Alphonse Jean as Prime Minister of Haiti BREAKING News... Haiti Prime Minister Friz Alphonse Jean has just been REJECTED by parliament at the Lower House (la Chanbre des Deputes) -- 38 voted FOR, 36 voted AGAINST... Premier minis la TONBE... more »

Haiti Politics - Deputes Meeting Sunday 12pm for Prime Minister Fritz Jean Ratification

PHOTO: Haiti - Depute 50eme Legislature Garcia Delva, Francisque Delacruz Haiti Transition Update -- The house of Deputes will meet in a session this Sunday at 12pm for another attempt to ratify Prime Minister Fritz Jean's Politique Generale... more »

Haiti - PM Fritz Jean asks for 48 Hrs Extension from Parliament

PHOTO: Haiti - Fritz Alphonse Jean - Prime Minister of Haiti Haiti prime minister nominee asked for another 48 hours extension at the last minute so he can re format his cabinet to satisfy the demands of some of the deputes... more »