About Us

Belpolitik.com is a blog about Haitian politics. We tune in to everything that is happening in Haitian politics and share what we feel is important with Haitians online in Haiti and around the world.

There is a lot news about politics and government in Haiti everyday and our Haitian people, especially thos living in the diaspora are too busy to pay attention. This is where we come in. We listen and browse through the news about Haitian politics every day and we bring you kind of a summary of what you need to know.

If you are interested in the everyday politics of Haiti, be sure to add BelPolitik.com to your list of favorite websites.

After having created two successful political web sites, it has become obvious to us that Haitians love talking about politics.

For that reason we've decided to come up with a new website that covers all aspects of Haitian politics.

From the Haitian Palais National all the way to the last Kazek in Haiti, Bel Politik .com is there to help ou speak your mind about that is happening in Haiti politically.