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FLASH: Haiti Elections - Presidential Campaign Official Begins Wednesday 09 Sept.

PHOTO: Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President BREAKING NEWS: The Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) has just announced that the campaign season for the Presidential elections will begin officially on Wednesday 09 September 2015 until 23 October 2015... more »

Haiti - Anti-Election Manifestation Reported in Jacmel

PHOTO: Jacmel Haiti - CEP Pierre Louis Opont Tèt Anba nan yon Cerceuil - Manifestation Sud-Est There was a report of a anti-Election street protest that started in the city of Jacmel Haiti earlier Wednesday... The protest started with only a few people but one of the organizers spoke to the a radio station in Port-au-Prince, the 'revandication' is the same... more »

Haiti Manifestation - Candidates Protesting in Port-au-Prine demand Elections Cancellation

PHOTO: Haiti - LAVALAS Candidate Louis Gerald Giles protesting against elections in Haiti There is a BIG protest happening in Haiti capital Port-au-Prince this Friday, 04 Sept 2015... A long list of angry candidates are in the streets protesting and they have 3 specific demands... more »

Haiti Elections - Clarens Renois Chosen as Super Candidate for President for Protestant Sector

PHOTO: Clarens Renois Haiti elections update -- Le Nouvelliste Headline reads: "Presidential Election / Religion - Clarens Renois, The Choice of a DIVIDED Protestant sector..." There is no other way to put it... a divided protestant sector it is indeed... more »

QUESTION: Haiti - Ki Lide Politik Ki Tap Manifeste KONT President Martelly ki PA Kandida nan Elections yo?

Manifestation Anti Martelly Haiti 14 May 2014 Haitiens an nou pale... Konbyen leader politik ou konnen ki tap manifeste sou beton an kont President Michel Martelly ki PA kandida pou yon post politik (senatè, depute, prezidan, majistra, AZEK, KAZEK) nan elections yo? Kiyes li ye? Kijan li rele? more »

Haiti Elections: "I am no longer a Canadian Citizen," Expelled Presidential Candidate says

PHOTO: Haiti - Jean Chevalier Sanon Haiti Elections Update -- Jean-Chevalier SANON, the latest candidate for president to be kicked out of the race says: "I am no longer a Canadian Citizen." Mr Sanon claims he gave up his Canadian nationality before he became a candidate for president... more »

FLASH: Haiti Electoral Council - One CEP Member is about to Resign...

PHOTO: Haiti CEP - KEP BREAKING NEWS... Haiti journalis Gary Pierre Paul Charles has must announced that One of the members of the Electoral Council (CEP) is about to submit his resignation... more »

Haiti Elections - Attempt to reinstate Jacky Lumarque as Candidate for President Uncovered

PHOTO: Haiti - Jacky Lumarque, Candidat a la Presidence 2015 Haiti Elections Update - There is an attempt to reinstate VERITE candidate Jacky Lumarque back in the presidential race... This attempt has been denounced by Ayisyen pou Ayiti leader Jonas Coffy... more »

Petion Favard - Haiti Political Party Leader accused of Stealing Election Money

PHOTO: Haiti - Jean Petion Favard Haiti Elections Update -- Jean Petion Favard, the Haitian party leader under which Eric Jean Baptiste (Pere Eternel Loto) is a candidate for president, has been accused of stealing ALL of the Election money, about $2.2 million gourdes, given to him by the Haitian Government for his party candidates... more »

FLASH... Haiti CEP Kicks OUT another Presidential Candidate, Jean-Chevalier SANON is OUT...

PHOTO: Haiti - Jean Chevalier Sanon BREAKING NEWS... The Haiti Electoral Council has just EJECTED another candidate, Jean-Chevalier SANON, out of the Presidential race because, they say, Jean-Chevalier SANON is a Canadian Citizen, he has a Canadian Passport... more »