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Haiti Elections Delays - Obama Administration, frustrated, tries to break the gridlock

Barack Obama And Michel Martelly Haiti Wall Painting Haitian voters in Haiti were supposed to go to the polls on 26 October 26 to vote... That didn't happen... The Obama Administration is frustrated about this and decided to send Thomas Shannon, one of its leading experts, to Haiti to meet with government and opposition leaders in the hope of breaking the political stalemate that has held up the balloting, the Miami Herald reports... Will that help? more »

Haiti - Kisa ki diferansye pouvwa Duvalierist la ak pouvwa Lavalas la?

PHOTO: Francois Duvalier Vs. Jean Bertrand Aristide Banm pose-w yon Question: Kisa, dapre ou menm, ki diferensye pouvwa Duvalierist la ak pouvwa Lavalas la nan peyi d'Haiti? more »

Haiti - "Gouvenman lakay ou" goes to Cotes-de-Fer Saturday...

Haiti - Gouvenman Lakay Ou The Government of Haiti will hold the 11th edition of "Gouvenman lakay ou," in Côtes-de-Fer Haiti, the city where President Martelly was born... Côtes-de-Fer was chosen by president Martelly himself, according to Abel Nazaire, coordinator of the event. The president wants do know the necessities of the citizens where he was born, Nazaire said... more »

Eske Constitution Haiti di moun ki ap Manifeste gen dwa pou anpeche moun ki pap manifeste yo viv?

Manifestation Anti Martelly Haiti 14 May 2014 Depi-m ti moun an Haiti, jou ki genyen manifestation pou nempot ki bagay, se manman pitit mare senti, lekol fèmen, circulation bloke, ti mari pa monte, ti mari pa desann... Sa fè-m panse anpil... Eske se constitution peyi a ki bay moun ki ap manifeste yo tout dwa saa... Epi, si se tout bon vre manifestan gen dwa pou rann lavi citoyen ki PA nan manifestation emposib, kote dwa pa nou menm citoyen yo ki bezwen lari leta a, menm jan ak zòt, pou nou antreprann aktivite chak jou nou yo??? more »

Haiti President Michel Martelly meets with Former president Preval at the National Palace

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly meets President Rene Preval at the Palace Did you know? Former Haitian president Rene Preval was flown in by Helicopter from the town of Marmelade where he resides to a meeting with president Michel Martelly Tuesday, 14 October 2014... more »

Haiti Police Order: Extract Aristide out of his house in Tabarre and bring him to the Judge Friday

PHOTO: Haiti - Former President Aristide escorted by Security BREAKING NEWS - Bring Aristide to Me... That's an ORDER! --- This Friday, Former Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide is to be EXTRACTED out of his house in Tabarre and brought to court... This is an order issued directly to Haiti's police Chief, Godson Orelus, from Haitian Judge Lamarre Belizaire... more »

Haiti - NO state funeral Jean Claude Duvalier, Ni funerailles officielles, ni funerailles nationales, 11 October 2014

Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier nan Funérailles papa li, President Francois Duvalier Former Haiti dictator Jean Claude Duvalier's funeral will be "Ni officielle, ni nationale," but it till take place this Saturday 11 October 2014 at Institution St Louis de Gonzague in Delmas, Port-au-Prince Haiti... more »

Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier has the rights to a State Funeral says Rony Timothee of FOPARC

Rony Thimothee - FOPARK Just when you thought the opposition was getting ready to blast president Michel Martelly should he judge necessary to give former Haitian president Jean Claude Duvalier a state funeral, Rony Timothée of the Force patriotique pour le Respect de la Constitution (FOPARC) came out to said that Baby Doc has the rights to state funeral as a former head of state of the country... more »

Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier Funeral - How, when, where will Duvalier be buried?

Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier nan Funérailles papa li, President Francois Duvalier There is a very big question being raised in Haiti regarding the funeral arrangements for Jean Claude Duvalier... Many wonder how, when, but also where will former Haitian Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier be buried? Recall that on the day of the fall of the Duvalier regime in 1986, the tomb of "Papa Doc" Francois Duvalier, was vandalized, completely demolished by a mob of anti-duvalierists, at the cemetery of Port-au-Pince... more »

Will former Haiti President Jean Claude Duvalier receive a State Funeral (funerailles nationales)???

PHOTO: Haiti - Ex-President Jean Claude Duvalier kanpe devan Cercueil ex-President Lesly Manigat pou ba li dènye respè li... Since the death of former Haitian dictator Jean Claude 'BabyDoc' Duvalier Saturday, many people have been wondering whether or not Duvalier will receive a State funeral or funérailles nationales as they say in French... Guess what? Reynold Georges, a lawyer for Jean-Claude Duvalier, told Radio France Internationale (RFI) by telephone that "It is concluded," a state funeral was being held with the government... more »