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Haiti Senator Andris Riche says Moise Jean-Charles is JUST a SHOW OFF - He surrenders ALL but collects his Pay Check

Haiti Senateur Andris Riche HOT Haitian Politics - Regarding Senator Moise Jean-Charles surrendering all parliament materials given to him by the Senate, Senator Andris Riche says Moise Jean Charles is only SHOWING OFF. Although Senator Moise surrendered everything, Andris Riche continues, he still collects his paycheck... more »

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles surrenders his Senate office keys, equipments, and materials to the Senate

Haiti Senator Moise Jean- Charles Haitian Senator Moise Jean-Charles has surrendered, Wednesday, 01 October, 2014, all senate materials in his possession, office keys, senate materials, official automobile (Machine Leta), ALL EXCEPT his weapon to the Senate of the Republic... more »

Haiti Elections - For the 3rd time G6 Senators reject Meeting with President Martelly at the National Palace

Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles Haitian Politics is heading SOUTH (tèt anba)... The group of 6 opposition Senators in Haiti seem to want ONLY ONE thing: for President Michel Martelly to "Rache Manyòk li" (leave office). For the third time in a row the G6 Senators have refused to meet with the president at the National Palace. more »

Haiti President Michel Martelly met with Senators Wednesday 01 October 2014

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly meeting with Haitian Senators 01 October 2014 Haitian President Michel Martelly met once again with the Haitian Senators Wenesday, 01 October 2014, to continue political consultations to find the best formula for the organization of the next elections. more »

Haiti Elections - CEP to use Technology to Fight Elections Fraud with Online Registration of Candidates

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box For the upcoming elections in Haiti, the Electoral Council (CEP) is studying the possibility of using Information Technology and Communication to prevent elections fraud and tampering... The CEP is planing to receive the voting results electronically from the Tabulation Centers after all ballots have been counted... more »

Haiti President Martelly rankontre ak Religions Pour La Paix

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly en conversation avec les membres de Religions pour la Paix Port-au-Prince Haiti - President Michel Martelly te rankontre jounen Mardi 30 Septanm 2014 la ak Religion pour la Paix nan kad conversation yo ki ap kontinye pou jwen yon solution nan problem politique peyi d'Haiti... more »

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Travels Coach on a Commercial Flight to Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - PM Laurent Lamothe Vwayaje COACH ale New York La Guardia Airport Looks like Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is really serious about the Haitian Government flying coach from now on... Lamothe traveled coach on American Airline Commercial Flight 949 to Port-au-Prince Haiti refusing a courtesy upgrade to first class... more »

Haiti - Nan OPOSITION an genyen ki te nan lari KONT Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Jean Monard Metellus - A Target? Nan Emission RAMASSE sou antenne Radio Caraibes Haiti, Jean Monard Metellus di: Nan OPOSITION an genyen ki te nan lari KONT Jean Bertrand Aristide. Konyea, si-w manyen Jean Bertrand Aristide wap manyen tout plim sou do yo... more »

Manifestation in Haiti - Aristide Partisans take to the streets to commemorate 30 September, the day of the Coup d'Etat

Demonstrator Holding President Aristide Photo There will be a Manifestation in haiti this Tuesday 30 September 2014... Fanmi Lavalas plans to comemorate this day, the day former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide stripped off all his powers in Haiti after a Coup d'Etat led by General Raoul Cedras in 1991... more »

Haiti Politics - 12 Janvier 2015 Parliament will be CADUQUE but 13 Janvier will be a day like any other day, Govt spokesperson said

Haiti Caricature - Group 6 Senatè yo pap ale nan Eleksyon ak Gouvenman Tet Kale a Haiti is about to have another 12 Janvier, a POLITICAL 12 Janvier, the second Monday of January, when the Haitian Parliament will be CADUQUE (dysfunctional)... Some people are expecting the worse to happen in Haitian politics; however, the Porte-Parole for Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe says 13 Janvier 2015 will be a day like any other day... more »