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New Delegation coming from the United Sates to attempt to solve Haiti Political Crisis

A delegation led by American diplomat Kelly Dawn Knight Craft, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is coming to Haiti to help solve the ongoing political crisis, a journalist revealed.

President Jovenel Moise is calling for Unity in Haiti, a country "more divided than ever before"

Haiti is more than divided the Haitian president Jovenel Moise said. On this November 18th 2019 day, President Jovenel Moise made a call for Unity.

Haitian opposition leaders are unloved by the people of Haiti, Le Nouvelliste said

"Even if opposition leaders lead the anti-JovenelMoise movement, they must know that they are unloved," an newspaper article from Le Nouvelliste reads.

18 Nov 2019 Haiti - President Jovenel will not go to Vertieres but there will be a celebration

Haitian President Jovenel will not go to Vertieres this November 18th 2019 to comemorate Haiti's battle for independence but there will be a celebration.

The opposition in Haiti sucks big time, frustrated Haitians are saying

In other democratic countries, the opposition keeps an eye on the missteps of the politicians in power to advance their cause. In Haiti it is different. In Haiti the opposition is more like "wete ko'w pou m mete kò m" (move aside so I can take your place).

The same people who overthrew Aristide are concocting the same plan to get rid of Jovenel Moise, Rosemond Jean said (VIDEO)

The same people who succeeded in overthrowing Jean Bertrand Aristide are now planning to overthrow president Jovenel Moise, political militant Rosemond Jean said in a video. "Same people, same plan, same promises which they did not keep back in 2002."

The opposition in Haiti: Many of them are seeking protection from the law

The opposition in Haiti consists of people who do not believe they can be president but they just need someone in power to protect them since most of them are not all clear with the law.

The Opposition in Haiti, an Eternal "Paka Pala," Journalist said.

The opposition in Haiti, for the most part, consists of people who will never win elections in the country. So they instead constitute an eternal opposition against everyone who in power so they can get a slice of the cake, says a journalist.

Haiti Anti-Government Protests Lose Momentum

From tens of thousands of protesters in the Streets of Haiti to only a few hundred Sunday November 10, 2019, It seems the anti government protests in Haiti is loosing momentum.

VIDEO: President Jovenel Moise makes a surprise visit to Police stations in Carrefour and Petionville

Watch this video... Haitian President Jovenel Moise makes a surprise visit to Police stations in Carrefour and Petionville.