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Haiti-Dominican Relationship - Hottest Topic on Haitian Radio Today

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon manifestan monte drapo Haitian nan Consulat Dominicain Port-au-Prince Pressure rises between the two nations, Haiti and the Dominican Republic... Yo fè yon voye ban nou, nou fè nou voye ba yo tou... Following the lowering and burning of the Dominican flag by a Haitian protester at their consulate in Port-au-Prince, there was a series of events that followed... more »

Desras calls Senate President Andris Riche a DEMAGOG who is receiving orders from Palais National

Haiti Senateur Andris Riche Former senate president Simon Dieuseul Desras says Andris Riche, the new Senate President, is a disgrace to the senate. Andris Riche is a DEMAGOG functioning under direct orders from the National Palace. more »

Haiti Senator Wesner Polycarpe Support Desras' claim to his Senate Seat

PHOTO: Wesner Polycarpe - Haiti Senator Haiti Senator Wesner Polycarpe says he supports Desras Simon Dieuseul's claim that he is still a senator of the Republic although he did not agreee with all his decisions when he was Senate president. more »

Haiti Politics - Senator Desras wants his Salary back, an Office or Else...

Dieuseul Simon Desras - Senateur De La Republique d'Haiti Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras says he will go very far if he is not provided a Salary, an office and everything else that makes him a Senator of the Repulblic during his meeting with the Haitian media at the Senate Cafeteria, not the senate floor, a radio journalist was careful to mention... more »

Haiti Politics - PDCH Christian Democratic Party Leaves MOPOD

Martelly - MOPOD di Demisyon The Haiti Democratic Opposition Movement (MOPOD) has just lost a member... The Haitian Christian Democratic Party (PDCH) is out of MOPOD because, they say, they do not like the direction the movement is taking... more »

Haiti Opposition announce a candlelight march Friday to exorcise Champs-de-Mars

PHOTO: Candles lit for the victims of the Champs-de-Mars Kanaval incident Serge Jean Louis, one of the officials of the opposition Concertation Table, announces a candlelight march Friday starting at Stade Sylvio Cator going through the Kanaval parcours "to somehow seek light and exorcise all that deserves to be..." more »

Haiti Agriculture Minister Jean Francois Thomas Resigns

PHOTO: Jean Francois Thomas - Haiti Minister of Agriculture Breaking News... Haiti agriculture Jean Francois Thomas announced his resignation Friday due the student protests in Damien... The minister was never able to go to his office since he became Minister of Agriculture... more »

Haiti - Opposition blames Government and Witchcraft for Kanaval Incident

PHOTO: Haiti - Table de Concertation de l'Opposition The political opposition in Haiti said Thursday that the Haitian government is responsible for the Kanaval accident that happened on day to of the carnival killing and injuring many... The "Table de Concertation de l'Opposition" claims WITCHCRAFT was the weapon used to make it happen... more »

Haiti Prime Minister Evans Paul visit Fantom Family - Barikad Crew

PHOTO: Haiti - Premier Minis Evans Paul visite fanmi Fantom Barikad Crew nan Rue Nicolas Haiti Prime Minister Evans Paul paid a visit to the family of Barikad Crew singer Daniel Darinus alias Fantom Thursday following the Tuesday incident in Champs-de-Mars where Fantom was electrocuted that caused many deaths and many more injuries... more »

Haiti Primature - Conference de Presse ap pare pou fet apre Incident Kanaval 2015 la

Haiti Primature - Bureau du Premier Ministre Denye nouvel... Haiti - Gen yen yon Conference pour la Presse ki ap pare pou fet laa nan La Primature apre yon incident grave ki te pase na pakou Kanaval 2015 la jounen mardi 17 Fevrier 2015 la bonè nan maten... more »