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Haiti Elections - Sophia Martelly is an 'Apatrid,' Attorney Gervais Charles

PHOTO: Sophia Martelly - PHTK se Pati Pam Maitre Gervais Charles, the attorney representing Louis Gerard Gilles, says first lady and candidate for senator Sophia Martelly is an 'apatrid,' meaning she is stateless, she is not a citizen of any country... The argument continues on whether of not Sophia Martelly has the right to run for Senator in Haiti. more »

Haiti Elections - Municipal and Local registrations begin

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Haiti Elections Update - Registration begins for municipal and local elections... Each political party has to go online to register their candidates starting this Monday, 04 May 2015, until 11 May 2015... more »

Haiti - 5.8 million registered voters expected to participate in the upcoming Elections

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What? There are a total of 5,835,295 registered voters in Haiti who will decide who wins in the upcoming elections, according to a new 2015 list released by the Haiti Electoral Council (CEP)... How many of these voters will come out to cast their votes? That's another question... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP Delay Publishing Final Candidate List for Senator and Depute...

Haiti Elections Delayed Haiti Elections Update - There is a possible delay in publishing the final list of candidates for the upcoming elections for senator and depute according to a credible source, AlterPresse reports... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Candidate Sophia Martelly Gets the Green Light to Participate in the Elections

PHOTO: Sophia Martelly - PHTK se Pati Pam Haiti Elections Update - First Lady Sophia Martelly is GO for Elections... Challenged by many for her US Nationality, candidate for Senator Sophia Martelly has passed the examination of the Bureau du Contentieux Electoral Départemental (BCED), a verdict released late Thursday night on Haiti Radio Kiskeya... more »

Haiti Immigration - Yon Avoka LAVALAS di: Yon Haitien k-ap jwi yon lot Nationalite PA Haitien...

Michel Martelly American Passport Tande sa... Haiti - Avoka dirijan LAVALAS Louis Gerald Giles, Met Gervais Charles, di: Yon moun (yon Haitien) ki ap jwi yon lòt nationalite "de fason ACTIVE" li PA Haitien... Kisa sa vle di dapre ou menm??? more »

Haiti Elections - Contestations Over, Electoral Judges decisions to be released Thursday

Haiti Elections - Ti Pati-m Kanpe The contestations are over for the potential candidates for Senator and Deputes and the electoral judges are done with their long and careful considerations... Many candidates including first lady Sophia Martelly awaits their fate... The verdict is imminent, according to news reports... more »

PROOF Sophia Martelly Gave up her American Nationality...

PHOTO: Sophia Martelly - Loss of Nationality of the United States A copy of First Lady Sophia Martelly's Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States has just surfaced on the Internet... According to that document, Sophie Martelly (Nee Saint-Remy) gave up her U.S. Citizenship voluntarily at the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince on 31 March 2014... more »

Haiti - Sophia Martelly Relinquished her U.S. Nationality

PHOTO: Haiti - Sophia Martelly Kandida pou Senateur Departement l'Ouest Haiti Election Update - The big news that Haiti first lady was born in New York and cannot run for senator may meet a huge road block. According to Haiti radio Signal FM, Sophia Martelly Relinquished her U.S. Nationality before registering as a candidate for Senator as required by law... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP pwal bay Kane 1er Mai, Kiles k-ap pase, kiles k-ap pran kane?

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Dapre dènye nouvel yo, gen anpil kandida pou senatè ak depute en Haiti, kè yo sou biskèt podyab, yo pa domi byen, y-ap tann konsey elektoral (KEP) a pou konnen si yo gen feu vert pou ale nan election oswa si y-ap pran kanè... more »