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Haiti Elections - Charlito Baker favors the application of Article 289 of the constitution

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Charlito Baker ak Himler Rebu ap Siyen When it comes to elections in Haiti, former Haiti Presidential candidate Charles Henri (Charlito) Baker, Leader of political party Respè, says that another round of discussion is useless and insists that Article 289 of the constitution be applied to form a provisional electoral council (CEP) more »

Haiti - President Aristide Security Detail Removed

President Martelly Meets Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide The latest news reports from Haiti suggest that Former Haiti president Jean-Bertrand Aristide has been stripped off his Security details... more »

Gouvenman an Lakay ou nan zile La Gonave Haiti

Haiti - Gouvenman Lakay Ou 10eme edition program gouvenman an lakay ou ap dewoule nan zile La Gonave jounen Samedi 13 Septanm 2014 la... Premier Minis Laurent Lamothe ap debake nan La Gonave ak anpil manb cabinet li pou li ale pale ak moun la Gonave yo... more »

Haiti - The Electoral council (CEP) has a new President

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box Have you heard? Marie Chantal Raymond has just been elected provisional president of the Haiti electoral council (CEP), Max Mathurin is sick and doctors say he needs some time off... more »

Haiti - Senate Jean Baptiste Bien Aime fache Senate group 5 yo pa demisyone...

Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime - Haiti Senator "Mwen achte champay mwen," Senate Jean Baptiste Bien Aime di, "M-ap tann Senate group 5 yo demisyone, jou a rive, epi mwen we yo pa demisyone..." more »

Haiti - President Aristide placed under House Arrest

Jean-Bertrand Aristide Sezi... News broke out late Tuesday in Haiti that former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide has been placed under house arrest in his private residence in Tabarre. Haitian Prison Guards (APENA) will surround Aristide's residence while the perimeter of the residence will be guarded by Judicial Police agents (DCPJ ), according to HCNN... more »

Haiti - 6 New Departments proposed by the Chamber of Deputes

New Haiti Map - 16 Departments Have you Heard? SIX of the 10 departments in Haiti are about to be split in TWO... Haiti will soon have 16 departments total and 48 Senators according to a new proposition from the Chamber of Deputes... We have the details... more »

Haiti - Parliament cost us 26 million US dollars for ONLY 4 days work, Martelly says

Haiti President Michel Martelly - Yap pale yo PA travay Parliamentarians worked only four days a year, yet they cost the Haitian people 26 million of American dollars... This is what Haiti president Michel Martelly said on Radio Signal FM, a Haiti news source reported... more »

Haiti - Deputes vote 45 to 7 in favor of implementing Article 12 of the El Rancho Accord

Haiti - Depute yo ap vote In Haiti, the deputes want Elections this year... Haitian deputes say in a loud voice: Implement Article 12 of the El Rancho Accord so that the elections can be held at the end of the year... The deputes convened and adopted a resolution Thursday recommending the implementation of Article 12... Will Martelly do it? Can Martelly do it? more »

Haiti - Senate Jean Baptiste Bien Aime di li paka pipi nan Palais National...

Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime - Haiti Senator Senate Jean Baptiste Bien Aime, yonn nan senate group 6 oposition an, eksplike ke li fe suk, lew fe suk ou pipi anpil, e li pap ka al pipi nan twalet palais national. Li di si li swaf dlo li paka bwe dlo nan palais a... more »