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PHOTO: Haiti - A Tired Looking President Martelly

PHOTO: Haiti - President Michel Martelly looks tired Take a good look at these photos... Is it me or is President Michel Martelly tired? On a recent trip to Hinche Haiti to attend the funeral of Mgr. Simon Pierre Saint-Hillien, the president looked disoriented coming out of the Cathedral... The man was just TIRED... more »

Haiti Elections - Rejected Presidential Candidate Willy Duchene denies US Citizenship

PHOTO: Haiti Election - KEP a mete deyo Kandida Willy Duchene Haiti Elections Update - Candidate for President Willy Duchene who was kicked out of the list of approved candidates on the basis of nationality says he doesn't know which Willy Duchene the CEP is talking about... According to Duchene and his political party, there are at least FOUR Willy Duchene living in Florida... more »

Haiti - President Martelly to ULCC : Fight Corruption Starting with ME

Haiti President Michel Martelly - Yap pale yo PA travay Haiti Anti-Corruption Update -- President Michel Martelly has just issued a ZERO Tolerance against corruption in Haiti... "President Martelly told me not to hesitate to take action, even if he was the one involved in corruption," says Rodiny Jean-Baptiste, Chief of ULCC, the Unit to Combat Corruption in the country... more »

Haiti Elections - Sondaj revele ZOKIKI ak Tholbert Alexis Genyen Election Senateur l'Ouest nan Premier Tour

PHOTO: Haiti Campaign Photos - Tholbert Alexis, Jean Renel Senatus Haiti Elections Update -- Candidat Jean Renel Senatus, alias ZOKIKI, ak Tholbert Alexis Genyen Elections Senateur l'Ouest nan premye tour nan yon sondaj ke Radio SCOOP FM en direct jounen Jeudi 23 Jiyè 2015 la... Don Kato 3eme a distans... LOL... more »

Haiti Elections - President Martelly has the Right to Support the Candidate of his Choice, Minister said

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly ap fe kanpay pou PHTK Haiti Elections Update -- President Michel Martelly is well within his rights to use the logistics of his position as head of state during his travels and he is free to support the candidate of his choice, says Jean-Jean Fritz Louis, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister and responsible for electoral matters... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate for President Willy Duchene KICKED OUT of the Elections, CEP said he is a US Citizen...

PHOTO: Haiti Election - KEP a mete deyo Kandida Willy Duchene Haiti Elections Update -- Another Presidential candidate bites the dust in Haiit... Willy Duchene has just been kicked out of the list of Candidates for President because, the Electoral Council (CEP) said, Mr. Duchene is a Naturalized American Citizen... more »

Haiti Elections - More Complaints about President Martelly Campaigning for PHTK Candidates

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly ap fè Kanpay pou PHTK Haiti Elections Update -- More and more candidates are complaining about the fact the Haiti President Michel Martelly is using Government money and equipments to campaign for his Tet Kale PHTK candidates... more »

Haiti Elections MONEY - How the 500 Million Gourdes will be Distributed

Haiti Money - 5 Gourdes Haiti Elections Update -- The Haitian Government has just made public its own strategy for distributing the 500 million gourdes financing money for the political parties... One third of the money will to the approved political parties... There's more... more »

Haiti Elections : PHOTOS - BOUCLIER louvri Campagne Electoral Officiel yo nan Vil Hinche, Plateau Central

PHOTO: Haiti Elections - Reseau BOUCLIER Ouverture Campagne Electoral, Hinche Haiti Haiti Elections Update --- Reseau BOUCLIER louvri campagne electoral Officiel yo nan ville Hinche, Plateau Central Haiti jounen Mardi 21 Jiye 2015 la... Nou pran kek photo pou pataje ave-w gade... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate A is my cousin but I will NOT vote for him, one voter said...

PHOTO : Haiti Elections - Carte Identification Nationale Specimen Haiti Elections Update -- "Candidate A is my cousin but I will NOT vote for him," one voter said in Plateau Central Haiti... "Li PA pwal regle anyen andedan chanm depute a..." --- He wants to be a Depute but he will do NOTHING once he get there... How many candidates like that do you know in the upcoming Legislative elections in Haiti? more »