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Haiti National Assembly to be Continued...

Haiti Senateurs et Deputés en Assemblée Nationale It is like a never ending movie at Haiti's parliament building... During the National Assembly Tuesday, Senators and Depute could not even decide on the 'Ordre du Jour'... So, it is to be continued... more »

New Haiti Election Rule: 'Mandataires' will ONLY be assigned to voting bureaus where they are registered

PHOTO: Haiti - Leopold Berlanger - CEP President Attention Haitian candidates, here is a new RULE you need to know about for the October elections: Your Mandataire MUST be legally registered to vote in the "Bureau de vote" where you intend to send him/her to watch the election for you... more »

Haiti Elections - Wyclef Jean re-endorses JUDE Celestin for president in Elections do-over

PHOTO: Haiti - Wyclef Jean Endorses Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- Haitian hip-hop star Wyclef Jean hs just re-endorsed Jude Celestin for president in the October elections do-over... more »

Haiti Politics - Mathias Pierre: I thought Henry Ceant would be on the side of "the other"

PHOTO: Haiti Elections 2015 - Mathias Pierre - Moise Jean Charles Haiti Elections Update -- Former presidential candidate Mathias Pierre, who sides with Moise Jean Charles, said he was shocked to notice that Jean Henry Ceant decided to confirm his candidacy for the presidential elections instead of siding with "the other"... more »

Haiti - There are only FOUR (4) Candidates for President out of the pile, Haitian Journalists Estimate

PHOTO: Haiti Presidentiel - Jovenel, Jude, Moise, Maryse Haiti Elections Update -- Out of the 27 candidates who re-registered to participate the presidential elecitons do-over, ONLY FOUR (4) Candidates really matter, Haitian journalists are saying... more »

Haiti National Assembly Scheduled for Tuesday June 27, Another Showdown OR...?

PHOTO: Haiti - Le Parlement Haitien en Assemble National Haitian senators and deputes have been called once again in to a National Assembly in order to decide on the fate of Interim President Jocelerme Privert whose term is expired... more »

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles says: Why waste money holding elections, Just declare me Winner

PHOTO: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles Sou Cheval nan Manifestation Port-au-Prince Haiti Elections Update -- To former Senator and candidate for president Moise Jean Charles, It is not even necessary to hold elections, just declare him the winner and save the state some money... more »

Haiti - List of 27 Candidates for President for 2016 Elections Do-Over

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box We have the list of 27 Candidates who have decided to participate in the Haiti Elections do-over in October 2016 and we wanted to share it with you.. more »

Haiti Re-Elections : 24 Candidates for President So Far, 7 Hours until Deadline!

PHOTO: Haiti Election 2015, Presidential Ballot, First Round With 7 hours left until the deadline to register, twenty four (24) of the 54 candidates for president have reconfirmed their participation in the election do-over... Who knows how many more will resgister in the last few hours??? more »

Haiti Elections - Samuel Madistin withdraws his candidacy

PHOTO: Haiti - Mirlande Manigat, Samuel Madistin Haiti Election Update - MOPOD candidate for president Samuel Madistin announced he is officially withdrawing his candidacy for the presidency... more »