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Haiti: Youri Latortue di: mal elu, bien elu, sel tribunal ka deside

PHOTO: Haiti - Senateur Youri Latortue Yon jounalis mande Senateur Latibonit la Youri Latortue opinion li sou zafè Senatè ak Depute ki MAL elu nan parlement an... Youri Latortue repon: "mal elu, bien elu, sel tribunal ka deside..." more »

FLASH: Haiti - Jean Henry Ceant LEAVES the G-8

PHOTO: Haiti G8 - Fin Mai 2016 Breaking News... Haiti candidate for president Jean Henry Ceant has decided to LEAVE the Goup of Eight (G-8)... Read this Press release where Henry Ceant explains his decision... more »

Haiti Elections - ONLY 2 Candidates confirm their participation in presidential election do-over so far

Haiti Elections - Ti Pati-m Kanpe Haiti Elections Update - Out of the 54 presidential candidates invited to reconfirm their participation in the upcoming election do-over, ONLY two, Maryse Narcisse (Fanmi LAVALAS) and Jean Herve Charles (PENH) have confirmed with the Electoral Council (CEP) their intention to participate. more »

Haiti - En Gros, Prezidan Privert di li RED kon KE MAKAK, Sak pa kontan Anbake...

PHOTO: Haiti - Privert RED Kon KE MAKAK Haiti Transition Update -- Nan yon video message a la Nation jounen mercredi 15 Juin 2016 la, Prezidan Jocelerme Privert di a clair ke li fè yon pa kita, yon pa nago, tout tan Assemble National la pa reuni pou deside kisa y ap fè avè l... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Privert to Address the Nation Later Today, Wednesday

PHOTO: Jocelerme Privert - Provisional President of Haiti Breaking news... Haiti - President (or ex-president) Jocelerme Privert to address the Nation Later Today, Wednesday, one day after his 120-day term is expired... more »

Haitian Lawmakers storm the media airwaves Wednesday to discuss PRIVERT, the hottest topic in town

Haitian senators and Deputes spent the better half of Wednesday morning speaking out one whether or not Jocelerme Privert is still the President of Haiti... There were many heated interventions FOR and AGAINST Privert... more »

Haiti Politics : Senate Vice-President Lareche Refuses to Admit his Signature in Privert Term-Ending Document

PHOTO: Haiti Senateur Ronald Lareche Haiti Politics : Senate Vice-President Lareche Refuses to Admit his Signature in Privert Term-Ending Document... A note Senator Lareche supposedly signed jointly with Depute Cholzer Chancy, hours later, he denied signing it... LOOK... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Privert is NO Longer President of Haiti, Depute Gary Bodeau says

Haiti Lettre : Corps Legislatif Communique - Fin du Mandat du President Privert "Breaking news : Le parlement constate la fin du mandat de Jocelerme Privert. Il n'est plus président. Les deux branches du Parlement en ont fait le constat il y a quelques instant," Depute Gary Bodeay writes on his Facebook page along with a copy of this letter... more »

Haiti Parliament Letter to the Nation regarding President Privert's Fate, Read this...

Haiti Lettre : Corps Legislatif Note a la Nation - Fin du Mandat du President Privert Here is the letter released by the legislative corps, addressed to the Haitian nation regarding consultation they are having with the executive branch with regards to the end date of president Jocelerme Privert's mandate. more »

SCOOP: Haiti - NO apparent sign there will be a National Assembly to decide President Privert's Fate

Haiti - 14 Juin 2016 - Eske President Privert dwe RETE oswa ALE? News FLASH from the Haitian Parliament -- There is supposed to be a national assembly today, Tuesday June 14, to decide whether President Jocelerme Privert will remain in power or not... So far, it's 2:54pm and there is no sign of that happening... more »