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FLASH: Ex Haiti President General Henri Namphy is dying

Former Haitian president and army general Henri Namphy is dying... Doctors in the Dominican Republic where he resides say General Nampny doesn't have much time to live, according to journalist Louko Desir.

Haitian Deputes go on vacation and a Haitian journalist gets sarcastic

Haitian journalist Robenson Geffrard couldn't hide his sarcasm about the Haitian Deputes going on vacation until June 2018. Makes you think... What does the media think about our Senators and Deputes and the job they are doing?

Arcahaie Haiti mayor attempting to block Govt stand construction for May 18 Haitian Flag Day

Will Haitian Flag Day be celebrated in Arcahaie this year? The mayor of Arcahaie, Rosemila Petit-Frère has blocked this Saturday the construction of a stand that should be erected to host the festivities related to the celebration of Haitian Flag Day.

Haiti Senator Ralph Fethiere nearly lost his life at Morne Puilboreau in a traffic accident

Haitian Senator Jean Marie Ralph Féthière was involved in a car accident Sunday at morne Puilboreau in Northern Haiti.

Haiti Etats generaux sectoriels : Evans Paul se retire du Comite de pilotage

Dans une correspondance adressée, le vendredi 4 mai 2018, au vice-président du Comité de pilotage des États généraux sectoriels, Evans Paul a annoncé qu'il se retire de cette structure présidentielle.

AUDIO: Haiti - Ancien President Martelly Joure Magistra Jacmel la bien Joure... Tande...

Tande Audio saa... Atis Sweet Micky, ancien President Michel Martelly, kase met nan men Magistrat Jacmel la jounen 1er Mai 2018 la. Jounalis Gerrier Henry pa kontan... Tande...

Haiti Interpellation - 16 Deputes call on the Prime Minister

Haiti Politics - A group of 16 deputies wrote to the president of the chamber of Deputes president, Gary Bodeau, to inform him of their intention to call on Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant.

Haiti's decision to maintain relations with Taiwan raises questions about possible missed development opportunities

Read this... The Dominican Republic abandons Taiwan because China reportedly offered investments and loans to the tune of $3 billion while Taiwan offered Haiti $150 million loan to develop rural power grids... Haiti maintains ties with Taiwan at Beijing's expense. So... Who made the right decision here?

Two Haitian Senators missing in action!

The Haitian senate is operating with two Haitian Senators missing in action. Can you guess you know who they are?

Haiti Government - 5 new ministers join the Jovenel-Lafontant administration

There has new government shuffle within the Haitian government. Five (5) new ministers join the Jovenel-Lafontant administration. Here are their names and who they are replacing