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Fight against banditry in Haiti, Police can now search vehicles with OF and SE license plates

It is no secret in Haiti that gang leaders and bandits are circulating in official vehicles of politicians and high ranking officials which cannot be stopped by police. Well, not anymore!

Haiti Senator Garcia Delva kicked out of Youri Latortue's Political Party AAA

Haitian Singer/Senator Garcia Delva,elected under the banner of the political party Ayiti an aksyon (AAA), has been kicked out of that party led by Youri Latortue.

I am ready to go to the National Penitentiary, Haitian Senator Garcia Delva said

Concerning his alleged connection with gang leader Arnel Joseph, Haitian Senator said he is ready to go to prison at the National Penitentiary if there is any proof he plotted with the gangster to disturb public peace.

Singer/Senator Garcia Delva accused of being in constant communication with gang leader Arnel Joseph

Famous Haitian singer and senator Garcia Delva is in the middle of huge controversy right now. He has been accused by his colleagues of being in constant contact via telephone with gang leader Arnel Joseph.

Haitian President Jovenel Moise clear of all money laundering charges

Jovenel Moise can finally breath some fresh air in regards to a money laundering case that has been following him ever since he was candidate for president.

What is President Jovenel Moise doing to stop banditry in Haiti?

Haitian President Jovenel Moise said has given formal instructions to take urgent measures to counter armed bandits that threaten home peace and public security.

New Haiti PM classify gang activities in the capital as "armed guerilla"

Haiti, since 1986, has been developing banditry, Haitian prime minister Jean Michel Lapin said speaking to the media Tuesday, It's something is done about it, he said

Insecurity : Haitian Prime Minister leaves parliament building under heavy gunfire Tuesday

While Haitian prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin was inside the parliament building ready to leave, armed bandits were in the perimeter discharging their heavy weapons.

New Haiti Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin submits his legal documents to Parliament for ratification

Newly nominated Haitian Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin has officially submitted all his documents to parliament for ratification.

President Jovenel Moise plans to offer 7 ministerial positions to opposition in new government

Read this... Haitian President Jovenel Moise plans to create a grand opening in the new Haitian government by offering 7 ministerial positions to the opposition, Journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles said in a tweet.