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FLASH: La Police Mirebalais ale sou route national la ap fe wout pou President Jovenel Moise pase ale Marchand Dessalines

Denye Nouvel... Haiti 17 Octobre 2018, 10:40am, La Police nan Mirebalais kite manifestan yo pou konte yo, y ale sou route national la pou al fè wout pou President Jovenel Moise pase pou li ale Marchand Dessalines dapre yon korespondan Radio Mega ki andirek.

FLASH: Ta sanble President Jovenel Moise Bloke nan Cabaret, dapre Radio Zenith FM

Sitiyason nan Cabaret... Jovenel gen poul pase poul al Marchand, ta sanble li bloke dapre information. Yo fè apel ak MINUJUSTH pou vin fe wout pou li pou l pase. Cabaret se la misye kanpe bo sou komisaria cabaret a... li difisil pou misye pase. Ta sanble se ekikoptè y ap rele pou vin pran misye.

FLASH: Mirebalais Haiti 17 Octobre, lapolis arete 2 jenn gason k ap bare wout epi rasone mou pou yo pase

Mirebalais Haiti, 17 Octobre 2018 -- La police nan Mirebalais arete 2 jenn gason jounen manifestation 17 Octobre 2018 la. Komise polis la di yo jwenn neg sa yo en flagrant delit ap bare wout la epi y ap mande moun kob pou yo pase.

FLASH: Haiti - Anpil bal ap tire Pont-Rouge... tout moun kouche ate... Yon agent USGPN blese

FLASH: Anpil bal ap tire Pont Rouge... tout moun kouche atè... Yon agen USGPN blese... Rete branche!!!

FLASH: Haiti - One of the joint chiefs of the new Haitian army evacuated from 17 October ceremony due to health problems

Breaking news... Pont-Route Haiti, 17 Octobre 2018 - One of the joint chiefs of the new Haitian army had to fainted and had to evacuated from the ceremony due to health problems.

FLASH: Haiti - Standoff in Pont-Rouge, Protesters vs Govt Officials on this day, 17 October 2018

Haitian prime minister Jean Henri Ceant arrives in Pont-Rouge, President Jovenel Moise is on his way, However there are a group of street protesters who are singing and shouting "Bare Volè"

Manifestation: Former TNH DG Harrison Ernest attacked in downtown Port-au-Prince

The vehicle of Haitian journalist Dr. Harrison Enest was the target of an attack in downtown Port-au-Prince Tuesday afternoon, October 16 2018. The journalist was coming from a radio station when he describe an attack that was directly pointed towards his vehicle

Haiti 17 Octobre, Rony Timothee di JEZI k konnen di se pa andedan kay moun yo pwal chache kob PetroCaribe a

Haiti 17 Octobre 2018, Lidè opposition Rony Timothée di "JEZI k konnen" si se pa andedan kay moun yo pwal chache kob PetroCaribe a... Se pa DECHOUKAY sa vle di?

VIDEO: Haiti PM Henry Ceant addresses the Nation on the eve of October 17 Street Protests

Haitian prime minister Henry addressed the nation on the eve of October 17 2018 before a major street protest that is expected to hit the streets. "It is your constitutional right to protest," the prime minister said, "but at the same time, everybody has the right to not be afraid in this country this is also their constitutional right."

Senator Joseph Lambert hospitalised due to a problem in the liver and kidneys

Senator Joseph Lambert, the president of the Haitian Senate is hospitalized in the Dominican Republic due to a problem in the liver and kidneys, says Journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles of radio SCOOP FM