Haiti Anti-government Protests

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The International is totally blind to the real situation in Haiti

Revolution Revolution The Haiti system of governance must be done with Haiti is in full revolution mode. The people are screaming for change. They hate the De Facto Prime minister, Ariel Henry. They want nothing to do with current government which they hold responsible for gang violence in Haiti. Yet, the United States and the rest of world is blind and deaf to the plea of the people. more »

Political Unrest Unfolds in Petion-Ville: Activist Rosemond Jean Leads Anti-Government Protest

Rosemond Jean leading a street protest in Petion-Ville Haiti Petion-Ville witnessed anti-government demonstrations spearheaded by political activist Rosemond Jean Wednesday, 30 January 2024. The protesters fervently demand the departure of Ariel Henry from power, creating a tense atmosphere in the streets. more »

Manifestation in Port-au-Prince Haiti Friday 06 Dec in the direction of U.S. Embassy

Haiti's opposition has announces a march towards the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince Friday, 06 December, 2019, to force the United States to let go of president Jovenel Moise. more »

Haitian opposition leaders are unloved by the people of Haiti, Le Nouvelliste said

Haiti Street Protest - Moise Jean Charles en route to the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince Haiti "Even if opposition leaders lead the anti-JovenelMoise movement, they must know that they are unloved," an newspaper article from Le Nouvelliste reads. more »

The opposition in Haiti sucks big time, frustrated Haitians are saying

Opposition Day Grand Opening Inside the Haitian Government In other democratic countries, the opposition keeps an eye on the missteps of the politicians in power to advance their cause. In Haiti it is different. In Haiti the opposition is more like "wete ko'w pou m mete kò m" (move aside so I can take your place). more »

Haiti Anti-Government Protests Lose Momentum

From tens of thousands of protesters in the Streets of Haiti to only a few hundred Sunday November 10, 2019, It seems the anti government protests in Haiti is loosing momentum. more »

Haiti opposition still divided over what to do should President Jovenel resign

Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas di yo PA rekonèt Jovenel Moise kom prezidan peyi a The opposition in Haiti made an attempt to come up with a unanimuos decision over who should replace President Jovenel Moise if and when he decides to submit his resignation but that didn't happen. Fanmi Lavalas is opposed. more »

The opposition announces another week of street protests and roadblocks in Haiti

Andre Michel during Operation The opposition in Haiti, via Andre Michel, announced yet another week of barricades, roadblocks and protests to force President Jovenel Moise to resign. more »

Fact: The right to protest overrides all other rights of the people of Haiti

Red Alert... Millions of people in Haiti who are NOT protesting in the streets are taken hostage by those who are claiming their constitutional right to protest, as if the rest of us have no constitutional right to live in peace. more »

Let the Children go to back school, Haiti Education minister told the opposition

Education Minister Pierre Josue Agenor Cadet made a plea to the opposition and the people in the streets protesting to Haiti's school children a change to go back to school. more »