List of Haitian Presidents

Here is complete list of Haitian Presidents, past and president presidents of Haiti. Which Haitian president was overthrown? Which Haitian presidents were sent to exile? Which Haitian president died in power or committed suicide? Which Haitian president finished their term in office? Find out here.

Haiti presidents Aristide, Preval, Martelly and Jovenel Moise, Great presidents but...

Updated List of Haitian President:

Jean-Jacques Dessalines / Emperor Jacques I (1804 - 1806, murdered.

Henri Christophe / Emperor Henry I 1807 - 1820, suicide

President Alexandre Pétion 1807 - 1818, died in power

President Jean Pierre Boyer 1818 - 1843, overthrown

President Rivière Hérard 1843 - 1844, overthrown

President Philippe Guerrier 1844 - 1845, died in power

President Jean Louis Pierrot 1845 - 1846, overthrown

President Jean Baptiste Riché 1847 - 1847, died in power

Faustin Soulouque / Emperor Faustin I 1847 - 1859, overthrown

President Fabre Nicolas Géffrard 1859 - 1867, overthrown

President Sylvain Salnave 1867 - 1869, executed. Read this... Fearing for his life, President Salave fled to the Dominican Republic. He was betrayed by Dominican General José María Cabral, who was in sympathy with his opponents, betraying the trust he had placed in him, gave him up to the Haitians. President Sylvain Salnave was executed by firing squad on the grounds of the national palace.

President Saget Nissage 1870 - 1874, term expired

President Michel Domingue 1874 - 1876, overthrown

President Boisrond Canal 1876 - 1879, overthrown

President Lysius Félicité Salomon 1879 - 1888, overthrown

President Francois Légitime 1888 - 1889, overthrown

President Florvil Hyppolite 1889 - 1896, died in power

President Tiresias Simon Sam 1896 - 1902, term expired

President Nord Alexis 1902 - 1908, overthrown

President Antoine Simon 1908 - 1911, overthrown

President Cincinnatus Leconte 1911 - 1912, died in power

President Tancrède Auguste 1912 - 1913, died in power

President Michel Oreste 1913 - 1914, overthrown

President Oreste Zamor 1914, overthrown

President Davilmar Theodore 1914 - 1915, overthrown

President Vilbrun Guillaume Sam 1915, murdered. Read this... Fearing for his life, President Sam fled to the French embassy, where he received asylum. The rebels' mulatto leaders broke into the embassy and found Sam. They dragged him out and beat him senseless then threw his limp body over the embassy's iron fence to the waiting populace, who then ripped his body to pieces and paraded the parts through the capital's neighborhoods.

President Sudre Dartiguevave 1915 - 1922, term expired under the First American Occupation.

President Louis Borno 1922 - 1930, term expired under the American occupation.

President Eugène Roy 1930, term expired.

President Sténio Vincent 1930 - 1941 1934, term expired.

President Elie Lescot 1941 - 1946, overthrown.

President Franck Lavaud 1946.

President Dumarsais Estimate 1946 - 1950, overthrown.

President Paul Eugène Magloire 1950 - 1956, overthrown.

President Joseph Nemours Pierre-Louis, overthrown

President Franck Sylvain 1957, overthrown

President Daniel Fignolé 1957, overthrown

Antonio Thrasybule Kebreau, Executive Government Council 1957, (Chief of the Military Junta)

President François Duvalier 1957 - 1971, President for life, died in power

President Jean-Claude Duvalier 1971 - 1986, President for life, overthrown

President Henri Namphy 1986 - 1987, President of Haiti's interim ruling body, the National Council of Government, term expired

President Leslie Manigat 1988, overthrown

President Henri Namphy 1988 - 1989, overthrown

President Prosper April 1989 - 1990, overthrown

Hérard Abraham, March 10, 1990 - March 13, 1990, Acting president of Haiti. Gave up power after 3 days, becoming the only military leader in Haiti during the twentieth century to give up power voluntarily.

President Ertha Pascal-Trouillot 1990 - 1991, term expired. First woman president in Haitian history

President Jean-Bertrand Aristide 1991, overthrown

President Joseph Nerette 1991 - 1992

Prime Minister Marc Louis Bazin 1992 - 1993 ??, overthrown.

President Jean-Bertrand Aristide 1993 - 1994, in exile (first exile).

President Emile Jonassaint 1994?

President Jean-Bertrand Aristide 1994 - 1996, return from exile and term of office.

President René Preval 1996 - 2000, term expired.

President Jean-Bertrand Aristide 2000 - 2004, overthrown

President Boniface Alexandre 2004 - 2006, term expired

President René Garcia Préval 2006 - 2011, term expired

President Joseph Michel Martelly 2011 - 2016, term expired

President Jocelerme Privert 2016 - 2017, term expired

President Jovenel Moise 2017 - 2022, assasinated

A people without memory is a people without history, today comes the time to forge the memory for a common future.

That history repeats itself in a different way, because great men make history while little men make stories with spin-offs and harmful consequences for generations to come!

It should be noted that North Alexis was the oldest Haitian President, until he reached the National Palace. He was almost eighty (80) years old when he came to power.

Jean-Claude Duvalier, for his part, broke the record for the youngest leader Haiti has ever known.

The Haitian rulers from 1804 to 1908 were almost all old heroes of the War of Independence.

Haiti experienced its first period of political stability after 1915. Once, the occupant left, instability settled and the army took taste in power until its dissolution, in the late twentieth century by former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, democratically elected in 1990.

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