Haiti Opposition

Haiti wakes up at its normal speed despite announcement of street protests

The radical opposition in Haiti has announced once again street protests in the Port-au-Prince area but many tap-tap drivers came out to help the general public get to where they want to go in the early morning hours Thursday.

Haiti - Moise Jn Charles announced the country will be locked once again Thursday

Haitian opposition leader Moise Jn Charles has announced that they will once again restart the protests in the streets putting Haiti on lockdown in another attempt to force president Jovenel Moise to resign.

Haiti's Opposition announces street protest Monday despite effort by gov to restart the country

While the Haitian government is trying to bring things back to normal this Monday morning, Opposition leader Andre Michel announces street protest accross the country at 10 am on the same day.

Time to TAKE the resignation of President Jovenel Moise, opposition leader said said

Haitian opposition leader Andre Michel asks street protesters to TAKE the resignation of President Jovenel Moise. What exactly does he mean by that?

Haiti - Senators and Deputes of the Opposition demand the Resignation of President Jovenel Moise

In a joint note signed by Haitian senators and Deputes of the opposition, these members of parliament demand the unconditional resignation of president Jovenel Moise.

Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux says: People who lost in elections are obsessed with power in this country

When a person takes his desires for reality, he loses all his lucidity, says former Haitian Senator and PHTK leader Rudy Heriveaux. Those who lost in elections are obsessed with power in this country, he continued.

Andre Michel says the Haitian Government is offering jobs to the Opposition

Outspoken Haitian opposition lawyer Andre Michel says President Jovenel Moise and his government are offering jobs to members of the opposition.

The Haitian opposition getting ready to ruin 18 Novembre, a significant holiday in the country

18 Novembre in Haiti is the anniversary date of the battle of Vertieres but it is about to become another day of manifestation in Haiti and a day where Haitians who oppose the current government will attempt to overthrow sitting president Jovenel Moise.

PetroTransition - The Haitian Opposition is fighting to put another transitional government in place in Haiti

Some of the leaders and organizations who oppose president Jovenel Moise argue that the president is not fit to continue leading the country, a transitional is the best option.

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles wants Jovenel Moise to resign as president BEFORE October 17 2018 or else!

Haiti opposition leader Moise Jean Charles wants president Jovenel Moise to pack his bags and resign from office before October 17 2018 "to prevent country from collapsing in his hands," the opposition leader said.