Haiti Opposition

Street Protests will resume in Haiti on August 14, Moise Jean Charles said

The Haitian opposition will get back to the streets starting August 14, 2019, for yet another attempt to force president Jovenel Moise to step down, says Moise Jean Charles, Leader of Pitit Desalin.

Haitian Senator slams both President Jovenel Moise and the Opposition

President Jovenel Moise is the leader of "nothing" and the opposition wants to burn everything down just to oust a president and take his place. This is the state of Haiti right now according to Senator Jean Renel 'Zokiki' Senatus.

"Consensual alternative for the re-foundation of Haiti", the opposition plan for after Jovenel Moise is ready

The opposition in Haiti has a set plan for after Jovenel Moise resigns as president of the Republic. And here it is. Read this...

Moise Jn Charles grabbed some protesters and headed President Jovenel's Residence in Pelerin 5 Sunday

Upon arrival in Petion-Ville in a street protest Sunday, June 09, 2019, former senator and opposition leader Moise Jn Charles was at the head of protesters who were heading to Pelerin 5 towards the residence of President Jovenel Moise.

Protest erupts in Haiti Sunday, Petro Challengers and the Opposition demand President Jovenel to step down

Sunday 09 Jun 2019 was a majof day of protest erupts in Port-au-Prince Haiti and various other cities in the country as petro challengers and the opposition demand President Jovenel Moise to step down.

Core Group condemns the actions of Haitian opposition senators and calls for dialogue

The Core Group expressed its deep concerns regarding the serious political, economic, social and security crisis in Haiti. The Core Group condemns the actions of the 4 opposition senators who literally trashed the Haitian Senate and calls for dialogue.

Senator Lambert: The 4 opposition Senators brought in armed and unknown individuals to the parliament building

Haitian Senator Joseph Lambers complained about his safety and that of other senators at the Haitian Senate after he witnessed armed and unknown indivisuals he said the 4 sentors of the opposition brought in to the grounds of the parliemane building.

Haiti Politics - Senator Zokiki blames President Jovenel Moise for what happened at the Senate Thursday

4 opposition senators walking into the Haitian Senate and ransack the place, senator Jean Renel Senatus gives them two thumbs up and blames President Jovenel Moise for what happened.

Haiti opposition senators want all Ceant Ministres out of Jovenel-Lapin Government

In a letter addressed to the Senater president, the group of 4 opposition senators made it clear, they want all Ceant Ministres out of the Jovenel-Lapin government. But wait... Appointed Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin is is a former Ceant Minister!

Haiti wakes up at its normal speed despite announcement of street protests

The radical opposition in Haiti has announced once again street protests in the Port-au-Prince area but many tap-tap drivers came out to help the general public get to where they want to go in the early morning hours Thursday.