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Haiti Opposition REJECTS Martelly's Plan for a Government to Replace him after 07 Fevrier

Haiti Caricature - President Martelly sou Train li, Mirlande Manigat ak Moise Jean Charles kanpe nan mitan wout li... Haiti Transition 2016 Update --- Opposition leaders are opposed to a plan by President Michel Martelly and Haitian lawmakers to establish a new Prime-Minister-only government to replace him after he leaves 07 Fevrier, Sunday... According to some opposition leaders, any plan that does not include the opposition is NO plan at all... more »

Haiti Transition - Andre Michel says All Hell Will Break Loose After 07 Fevrier IF...

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti Transition 2016 Update - Opposition leader Andre Michel says it is impossible for a transitional government to be installed after Martelly without the main actors in the opposition who fought in the streets to have a say in it otherwise all hell will break loose starting February 08... more »

Haiti Elections - Manifestation CLASH with MINUSTAH, Rocks Thrown, Tear Gas

Tear Gas Anti Election Demonstration In Haiti Haiti Elections Update -- An opposition anti-election protest Wednesday ended up in a clash with MINUSTAH according to news reports... Protesters thew lots of rocks at the UN peacekeeping soldiers who in turn retaliated with lots of tear gas... more »

Haiti - Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime Announces Operation BARE Vole, a LAVALAS Movement

Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime - Haiti Senator Haiti Elections Update -- Fanmi LAVALAS Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime has announced the launch of a new operation called "Operation BARE Vòlè" following the release of the definitive presidential elections results that kept Lavalas Candidate Maryse Narcisse in 4th position as before... more »

FLASH: Haiti Opposition Announce BIG GIGANTIC Manifestation 18 Novembre, Vertieres Day

Jacmel CEP Pierre Louis Opont Tèt Anba nan yon Cerceuil - Manifestation Sud-Est Haitian opposition leaders announced that they will united for one BIG street protest to commemorate the battle of Vertieres this 18 November 2015... "It will be GIGANTIC," Espace the Resistance leader Mirlande Manigat said Tuesday. more »

Haiti - Opposition blames Government and Witchcraft for Kanaval Incident

Table de Concertation de l'Opposition The political opposition in Haiti said Thursday that the Haitian government is responsible for the Kanaval accident that happened on day to of the carnival killing and injuring many... The "Table de Concertation de l'Opposition" claims WITCHCRAFT was the weapon used to make it happen... more »

Senate Moise Jean Charles anonse Manifestation 12 Janvier au Cap Haitien

Haiti Senator Moise Jean- Charles Denye Nouvel... Ancien Senatè Moise Jean Charles anonse ke pwal gen yon gwo manifestation jounen 12 Janvier 2015 la nan ville Cap Haitien pou mande depa president Michel Martelly... more »

Haiti Manifestation - Assad Volcy di: Si Martelly pa prese bay demision li, pita ap pi tris pou li

Assad Volcy "Jodi a si Martelly pa prese fè yon diskou pou li kite pouvwa a, jan-m wè kolè pep la ap monte la a, pita ap pi tris pou li." Men ki deklaration activist politik Assad Volcy fè jounen manifestation 16 Desanm 2014 la sou antenn radio Caraibes... more »

Haiti - Sauveur Pierre Etienne: Opposition an pa vle moun di "Yo kanpe an ZOE BLOOD"

Sauveur Pierre Etienne - OPL 2 Sauveur Pierre Etienne di opposition an deklare tèt yo "Juskoboutis" mem depi ou di yo kanpe an "Zo Blood" yo fache... LOL... more »

Haiti - Lamothe Resignation: Too Little Too Late for President Martelly, says Andre Michel

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Following the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, political Activist attorney Andre Michel says "Too little Too late... President Michel Martelly MUST GO... This is the WILL of the people..." more »