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Edmonde Supplice Beauzile has the perfect plan for the "ordered departure" of Jovenel Moise

Edmonde Suplice Beauzile is for the ordered departure of President Jovenel Moise "It would be best if we could put together a transitory council this week, a council that will work on a plan for the ordered departure of Jovenel Moise as president of Haiti," Edmonde Supplice Beauzile said following a meeting with the Core Group Monday. more »

Senator Nenel Cassy to CORE Group: "Go start a dialogue in your own country, we want Jovenel Moise out"

Haiti Opposition senators stand guard inside the parliament building After a meeting with The Core Group that did not go his way, Haitian Senator Nenel Cassy said if "Core group wants a dialogue, they need to go start that dialogue in their own country." The opposition wants Jovenel Moise out of the National Palace. more »

The fate of Jovenel Moise: Haiti Opposition planning to hunt down a president "On The Run"

President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target) "We believe between today (Sunday 29 Sept) and tomorrow, we should no longer have (president) Jovenel Moise 'en Cavale' (on the run) any longer," Opposition Senator Ricard Pierre said in a press conference. "We will catch him by then." more »

Andre Michel's orders: Not even a cat to cross a Haiti street until we install a new government

Andre Michel during Operation By order of the opposition in Haiti, the country is on lock down mode as of this Monday. "Not even a cat is to cross the street until we install the new provisional government." Andre Michel said. more »

Opposition: Senator Ricard Pierre talks about Haiti Transfer of Power in the Coming Days

Haiti Opposition senators stand guard inside the parliament building In the coming days a new commission will be announces that will be in charge of the transfer of power in Haiti, opposition Senator Ricard Pierre announced. "We will soon communicate to you the length of their mandate and the personalities who will be a part of the commission," Ricard Pierre said. more »

FLASH: Opposition planning to put in place a Provisional President in Haiti, but Jovenel has not yet resigned!

Haiti Moun OKAP di Booooo, Aba President Jovenel Moise! The opposition in Haiti is concocting a plan to put in place a provisional president to replace President Jovenel Moise who has not yet resigned since, in their mind, Jovenel Moise is no longer president of Haiti. more »

Haiti Opposition: Beware of Reginald Boulos and Youri Latortue, Moise Jn-Charles said, they have ulterior motives

Haiti's Divided Opposition: Moise Jn-Charles vs. Youri Latortue vs. Reginald Boulos "I am going to say it like it is," Haitian opposition leader Moise Jn-Charles said as he lashed out at rich man Reginald Boulos and ally turned opposition leader Senator Youri Latortue. more »

Major street protest across Haiti Friday Sept 27, Opposition leader announced

Haitian protesters in the street setting a lot of tires on fire The the nth time, the Haitian opposition is announcing the street protest that will force president Jovenel Moise to resign. This time. a major street protest is announced for Friday, September 27th 2019. more »

Andre Michel says There's no negotiating with President Jovenel Moise, he has to go!

Andre Michel during Operation Haitian opposition leader Andre Michel spoke out against the address to the nation of Haitian President Jovenel Moise. There is no negotiating with Jovenel Moise, Michel said. more »

Street Protests will resume in Haiti on August 14, Moise Jean Charles said

Moise Jean Charles vs Jovenel Moise The Haitian opposition will get back to the streets starting August 14, 2019, for yet another attempt to force president Jovenel Moise to step down, says Moise Jean Charles, Leader of Pitit Desalin. more »