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Recent Articles:

Haiti National Palace Reconstruction to Begin Soon

Palais National Haiti Good News... Haiti will soon have a newly reconstructed National Palace... Haiti president Jovenel Moise says a new Presidential palace will be constructed and will look identical to the one destroyed in the January 2010 Haiti earthquake before his term expires. more »

Haiti Trying to Revive the Military as MINUSTAH Prepares to leave

The Haitian Armed Forces Haitian people are talking.. Should the Haitian military (l'Armée d'Haiti) return to replace MINUSTAH peacekeeping soldiers who are getting to leave the country for good or should Haiti stick with only the national police force to provide security? more »

Haiti - From MINUSTAH to MINUJUSTH, a new Mission for Justice Support

PHOTO: Jose Luiz Jaborandy - Haiti MINUSTAH Lieutenant Commander The UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti is ending but NOT everyone is going home... The UN Security council authorities a new Mission in Haiti, this time it is for justice support. more »

MINUSTAH Finally Leaving Haiti - UN Security Council votes to end Haiti peacekeeping operation

MINUSTAH Soldier In Front of Haiti White House The United Nations Security Council voted Thursday to end a 13-year-long peacekeeping operation in Haiti. MINUSTAH is finally leaving Haiti... more »

Haiti :: Martelly Vs Preval - Who was a Better President?

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly meets President Rene Preval at the Palace I your opinion, who was a better Haitian president, Michel Martelly or Rene Preval? more »

Haiti New Government Ministers Installed - Administration Jovenel Moise-Lafontant is in Gear

PHOTO: Haiti - Ministre Administration Moise-Lafontant There were lots of speeches (discours) all over Port-au-Prince Haiti Wednesday, as Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant went around installing his new ministers... Anpil Francais parler... more »

FLASH: Haiti Justice - Jean Danton Leger resigns as Commissaire du Gouvernement

PHOTO: Haiti Depute Jean Danton Léger Haiti Justice Update -- Jean Danton Leger has resigned from his post as Commissaire du Gouvernement pres le Tribunal de Premiere Instance de Port-au-Prince... more »

Haiti - Horaire des Ceremonies d'installation des Membres du Gouvernement Moise/Lafontant

PHOTO: Haiti - President Jovenel Moise, Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant Voici l'horaire des Cérémonies d'installation des Membres du Gouvernement Jovenel Moise/ Jack Guy Lafontant. more »

Haiti Prime Minister Jack Lafontant replaces Enex Jean-Charles at La Primature

PHOTO: Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, Enex Jean-Charles, and President Jovenel Moise Port-au-Prince Haiti -- Following the investiture of Haitian Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant at the national palace Tuedsay afternoon, he was immediately installed at the Primature hours later... more »

FLASH: Installation of Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant Happening NOW...

PHOTO: Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant Installation Ceremony Breaking News... Haiti president Jovenel Moise wasted to time to install new new Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant. The investiture is happening as we speak, Tuesday afternoon, 21 Mar 2017, at the national palace... more »