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Haiti Immigration - Arret de travail a la Direction de l'Immigration et de l'Emigration

Haitian Passport Repiblik D Haiti Paspo Le Ministère de l'Intérieur et des Collectivités Territoriales déplore l'arrêt de travail enregistré à la Direction de l'Immigration et de l'Emigration, au niveau central, à Lalue. more »

TPS for Haitians - President Jovenel Moise : I Wrote to President Donald TRUMP Personally to ask...

PHOTO: President Jovenel Moise - President Donald Trump In the matter of TPS for Haitians, Haiti president Jovenel Moise says: "I wrote personally to president Donald Trump to ask him to take a second look, to revisit this issue for me..." more »

SCOOP: Haiti - ONA Director General will published the names of everyone who owes ONA PAM

ONA Haiti - Office National d'Assurance Vieillesse (English/Creole) -- Haiti's Director General of the Office National d'Assurance-Vieillesse (ONA) gathered Tuesday with several people at Delmas 17 and took a decision to publish the names of everyone who money to ONA PAM. more »

Haiti Money Problems - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs BROKE

Money - Foreign aid to Haiti The Haiti ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministère des Affaires Étrangères) is going broke. Soon it will be unable to pay its Haitian diplomats and employees overseas... more »

FLASH : Haiti - Godson Orelus Just Nominated Secretaire d'Etat a la Securite Publique

Godson Orelus - Directeur General - Police National d'Haiti Breaking News from Haiti... Former Haiti police chief Godon Orelus has just been nominated Secretary of State of Public Security (Secrétaire d'Etat à la Securite Publique) more »

Haiti President Jovenel Moise to confront Donald Trump on TPS for Haitians

PHOTO: President Jovenel Moise - President Donald Trump Haitian President Jovenel Moise will personally ask President Donald Trump to prolong Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians, the Miami Herald reports... more »

Haiti opposition leaders resurfacing as president 100 day deadline approaches

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Posters - Moise Jean Charles, Moise Jovenel, KI MOISE w ap Vote??? There was complete silence among Haitian opposition leaders since president Jovenel Moise sworn in but that silence seems to be coming to an end as his 100-day deadline in power approaches. more »

Haiti National Palace Reconstruction to Begin Soon

Palais National Haiti Good News... Haiti will soon have a newly reconstructed National Palace... Haiti president Jovenel Moise says a new Presidential palace will be constructed and will look identical to the one destroyed in the January 2010 Haiti earthquake before his term expires. more »

Haiti Trying to Revive the Military as MINUSTAH Prepares to leave

The Haitian Armed Forces Haitian people are talking.. Should the Haitian military (l'Armée d'Haiti) return to replace MINUSTAH peacekeeping soldiers who are getting to leave the country for good or should Haiti stick with only the national police force to provide security? more »

Haiti - From MINUSTAH to MINUJUSTH, a new Mission for Justice Support

PHOTO: Jose Luiz Jaborandy - Haiti MINUSTAH Lieutenant Commander The UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti is ending but NOT everyone is going home... The UN Security council authorities a new Mission in Haiti, this time it is for justice support. more »