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I am ready to go to the National Penitentiary, Haitian Senator Garcia Delva said

Concerning his alleged connection with gang leader Arnel Joseph, Haitian Senator said he is ready to go to prison at the National Penitentiary if there is any proof he plotted with the gangster to disturb public peace.

Singer/Senator Garcia Delva accused of being in constant communication with gang leader Arnel Joseph

Famous Haitian singer and senator Garcia Delva is in the middle of huge controversy right now. He has been accused by his colleagues of being in constant contact via telephone with gang leader Arnel Joseph.

What is President Jovenel Moise doing to stop banditry in Haiti?

Haitian President Jovenel Moise said has given formal instructions to take urgent measures to counter armed bandits that threaten home peace and public security.

Insecurity : Haitian Prime Minister leaves parliament building under heavy gunfire Tuesday

While Haitian prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin was inside the parliament building ready to leave, armed bandits were in the perimeter discharging their heavy weapons.

New Haiti Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin submits his legal documents to Parliament for ratification

Newly nominated Haitian Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin has officially submitted all his documents to parliament for ratification.

UN Mission to Haiti MINUJUSTH officially ends on October 15 2019

The United Nations Security Council announced it is putting an end to its Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) as of October 15 2019.

Official: Haiti has a New Prime Minister, Jovenel Moise picks Jean Michel Lapin

It came down to 3 possible picks for Prime Minister of Haiti to replace Jean Henry Ceant. Haitian president Jovenel Moise made his choice: Jean Michel Lapin is the new Prime Minister of Haiti.

Haiti: President Jovenel Moise will have to chose one of these 3 for Prime Minister

Haiti's choise for Prime Minister has narrowed down to 3 names: Jean Michel Lapin, Gabriel Fortuné or Majorie Alexandre Brunache. President Jovenel Moise will have to chose one of these 3 individuals as the next Prime Minister

Haiti Dialogue - Ex president Aristide refuses invitation to meet with President Jovenel Moise

Former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide categorically refused an invitation by President Jovenel Moise to meet for a dialogue to get Haiti out of the political situation it is in right now.

Haiti - Henry Ceant Resigns but only after he learned he's been replaced

Haitian prime minister Jean Henry Ceant submitted his resignation to president Jovenel Moise but only after he learned that a new interim prime minister was chosen to replace him