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Haiti - USA want more than NOT financing Haiti elections, they want a REFUND...

PHOTO: Money in Hand - Dollar Bills READ THIS... Haiti Elections Problems - Beside the United States decision NOT to finance the Haiti elecitons, they want a REFUND of all the unspent Dollars from the first Elections. more »

Haiti CEP President Shocked USA don't want to Support Elections in Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - Leopold Berlanger - CEP President Leopold Berlanger, the president of the Electoral Council (CEP) is very surprised that the United States refuses to finance the Haiti elections do-over... Berlanger says: "We find it bizarre that they -- The United States -- don't want to support the democratic process." more »

Haiti - Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime : Give me your VOTE, I will give you 24hr Electricity!

Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime - Haiti Senator Haitian Nord-Est Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime who is up for re-election is promie 24-hour ELECTRICITY to his constituents if they only VOTE him back into the Senate... more »

Haiti Elections - Ex Senator Jean William Jeanty: Why should the people to dish out 55 Millions for another election?

PHOTO: Haiti - Groupe 6 Senateur - Jean William Jeanty Former Senator Jean William Jeanty thinks Haitian politicians are CRAZY to think the people of Haiti will dish out 55 Million US dollars for another elections with NO guaranty of results... more »

FLASH: Haiti Politics - Singer TOP Adlerman Candidate for Senator

PHOTO: Haiti - Top Adlerman - Candidate for Senator Watcha Kraze m... TOP Adlerman candidat au Senat de la Republique pour le department de l"ouest... That's right... Haitian Rap star Jean Adler Gaston alias Top Adlerman, is a candidate for senator of Haiti... more »

Haiti - 12 Senators donate their paychecks to help finance the elections

PHOTO: Haiti - Les Senateurs du Nord Est, Jacques Sauveur Jean, Ronald Lareche, Jn Baptiste Bien Aime Haiti Elections Update -- 12 Haitian Senators, supporters of president Jocelerme Privert, have decided to offer 2 months of their salary to help fund the upcoming elections... It's a DROP in the bucket!!! Millions more US dollars needed... LOL... more »

The people of Haiti have already chosen their president, some candidates just don't know it yet

PHOTO: Haiti Election 2015, Presidential Ballot, First Round Talk to a few Haitian voters in your community and you will realize that they have already made their decision which candidate they want as the next president of Haiti... The other presidential candidates just don't know it or they simply to refuse to believe it... more »

Haiti Elections - Andre Michel Tells Govt Open a Bank Account so Haitians can Pour Money in to Finance Elections...

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti Elections Update -- Opposition leader Andre Michel has a Genius idea: The Government should open a bank account at BNC and the People Haiti should pour money in to finance the elections... COOL... more »

FLASH: Haiti - USA will NOT give a dime for Haitian Elections

Uncle Sam - The U.S. Government The United States of America announced they will not give a dime to help Haiti in the coming elections... No way the USA will give money for elections simply because Haitians want to do it over... more »

Haiti Politics - Senators and Deputes AGREE to Keep Privert as President

Haiti - 14 Juin 2016 - Eske President Privert dwe RETE oswa ALE? Following a political standoff between pro-Privert Senators and Deputes and the opposition, an agreement has been reached to KEEP Jocelerme Privert as Interim President of Haiti. more »