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Haiti's Parliament Building was attacked. Explosive Device or Gunfire?

The Haitian parliament building was attacked Monday by what some people say is an explosive device while others say it was gun shots... Regardless, The parliament building was attacked.

FLASH: Six Haitians shot by Dominican soldiers at the border with Belladere

Bad news from the Haiti-Dominican Border at Belladere... There were exchanges of gunfire between Haitian civilians and Dominican soldiers on the Haitian side of the border where six Haitian were wounded...

FLASH: Haiti - Eric Jn Baptiste elected Secretary General of Manigat's RDNP Political Party

Former presidential candidate Eric Jn-Baptiste has just been elected Secretary General of RDNP, Mirlande Manigat's Political Party.

Has Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant been imposed on President Jovenel? Depute Francisque Delacruz thinks so

Thomassique Haiti Depute Francisque 'Tit' Delacruz has a feeling that the choice of Jean Henry Ceant for prime minister was imposed on President Jovenel Moise. According to the depute Jovenel is no Nelson Mandela, he can't understand why the president chose his opponent to be prime minister.

SCOOP: People in Cap Haitien shouting ABA President Jovenel Moise in his presence

Breaking news from Cap-Haitien - President Jovenel Moise was poorly received in Cap-Haïtien on Wednesday August 15 2018. People were shouting VIVE Senateur Dieudone Louima, ABA president Jovenel Moise.

Haiti and Rwanda, the start of a new Diplomatic Relationship

Haiti's ambassador to the United Nations, Denis Régis and Rwanda UN ambassador Valetina Sendanyoye Rugwabiza signed a joint communiqué Wednesday establishing diplomatic relations between Rwanda Haiti.

Haiti Depute Francisque Delacruz issues a warning to Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant

The depute of Thomassique, Fransisque 'Tit' Delacruz issued a warning to nominated Prime Minsiter Jean Henry Ceant. Depute Delacruz told Ceant not go to the chamber of Deputes for ratification unless he first sits down with all the different political blocks.

Haitian Politics - Team Jovenel Moise really afraid of Jean Henry Ceant as head of Government

Team Jovenel Moise is really afraid of Henry Ceant becoming the next head of government in Haiti. If Ceant becomes the next prime minister of Haiti, it will be over for president Jovenel Moise, Journalist Louko Desir.

Haiti Politics - What happened to the Majority Depute group APH? Eske APH Kraze?

Here is what's making headline news today... Haitian deputes are running around the media to confirm or deny that the majority group Alliance Parlementaire pour Haiti (APH) has been dissolved.

Jovenel Moise destroyed his own majority inside Haiti Parliament, Depute Jean Marie Florestal said

After nominating Jean Henry Ceant prime minister of Haiti, President Jovenel Moise now does not have the majority required at the Chamber of Deputes to make sure Ceant is ratified, nor does he want to, says Port-de-Paix Depute Jean Marie Florestal.