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Haiti Opposition : Andre Michel and his 'secteur democratique' make a comeback after the gas price riots

Haitian lawyer turned political activist Andre Michel and his 'secteur démocratique et populaire' are making a comeback after the violent protests that erupted in the country following the increase in gas prices.

FLASH : US warns of possible departure of President Jovenel Moise due to instability in Haiti

BREAKING NEWS... The southern command of the United States is on high alert in case they have to evacuate President Jovenel Moise to safeguard their physical integrity (as posted on

Pro-Government Deputes in Haiti demand the resignation of the Prime Minister

The future of Jack Guy Lafontant a Prime Minister of Haiti hangs in a thread because deputes who are pro-government are now demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister after Haitian protesters took to the street to protest violently against the rise in gas prices.

After the Gas Protests : Some Haitian Journalists criticize president Jovenel Moise for addressing the nation sitting down

Listening to Haitain radio Sunday after the violent street protests following a sharp increase in gas prices, some journalist are upset because President Jovenel was too confortable during his national address.

Haiti Government Minister confirms cancellation of decision to raise gas prices

Haitian communication minister, Guyler C. Delva, confirms a government note release to suspend the decision to raise gas prices in Haiti following violent protest in Haiti days after the decision.

FLASH: President Jovenel Moise to address the Nation following Haiti gas price hike street protests

Breaking News... Haitian President Jovenel Moise will address the the Nation after the country erupted in protest after the government decided to raise gas prices.

FLASH: Haiti - Negotiation ap fet pou President Jovenel Moise Demisyone

Nouvel SHO... Haiti - Negotiation ap fèt pou President Jovenel Moise Demisyone pou Joseph Lambert president Senat Repiblik la, ta vinn president provisoire, dapre Jounalis Guerrier Henri, Radio Mega.

NOTICE : Haiti - New Prices for Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene effective July 07 2018

Here is the the official Government notice fixing the new prices of Gasoline, Diesel, and Kerozene in Haiti starting 07 July 2018... Read them and weep...

False rumor that Gas Prices went up at the pump in Haiti creates panic in Port-au-Prince (AUDIO)

According to Haitian Journalist Esau César, some ill-intentioned individual who wants nothing more than to create chaos in Haiti released false information that gas prices went up at the pump Thursday, "epi sa w tande a, DEBLOZAY," the journalist said.

Haiti Manifestation : Big conflict in Pelerin 5 where President Jovenel Moise lives

Haitian President Jovenel Moise is loosing the love of his neighbors in Pelerin 5 where he lives after authorities decide to demolish the homes of these residents, some say it is for the security of the president, others say it its to ease up the coming and going of the president.