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Haiti - The general policy of PM Jean-Henry Ceant ratified in the Senate

The declaration of general policy of the Prime Minister named Jean-Henry Ceant was ratified in the the Senate of the Republic early Saturday morning, September 16, 2018. One more step remains.

Haiti - Ratification session of PM Henry Ceant's general policy statement scheduled for Friday

Finally the wait is over, Ratification session of Haitian prime minister Jean Henry Céant's general policy statement (énoncé de politique générale in French) is scheduled for Friday, September 14 2018.

Residence of former Haiti Prime Minister Fritz Jean attacked by individuals

Sainte-Suzanne, Nord-Est, Haiti -- The residence of former Haitian prime minister Fritz Jean was attacked by unidentified individuals Tuesday night, September 4 2018, in Saint-Suzane Haiti.

Haiti PM Jean Henri Ceant changes his mind about resigning

It's been reported that Haitian Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant has withdrawn his threat to resign after a group of Deputes put preassure on him to re-appoint the outgoing Ministre de la Pacification Aviol Fleurant in return for their vote to aprove him.

Haitian deputes go on vacation until January, Haiti is still without a government

On Monday September 11 2018, the Haitian deputes have gone on their vacation long vacation until January leaving behind a nominated prime minister, Jean Henry Ceant, who is not yet ratified, a republic without a government.

Did New Haiti Prime Minister Henry Ceant Resign before he even got started?

Two respected Haitian journalist confirm this news: New Haitian Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant has verbally submitted his resignation to president Jovenel Moise after a meeting some deputes who demand the return of Aviol Fleurant as Ministre de la Plannification or else.

Haiti - Depute Jerry Tardieu responds to President Martelly's comment about his work to amend the Constitution

"I took an engagement in front of the people and only the people can judge my performance, no one else," Depute Jerry Tardieu told ex President Michel Martelly who criticized him openly in an interview in New York on Labor day Weekend last week

Haiti Prime Minister Henry Ceant could be ratified this weekend, Senate Vice President said

The wait for a new Haitian Prime Minister is almost over... There is a great possibility for the ratification of Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant to take place this weekend, Senate vice president Pierre Francois Sildor told the media Thursday.

King Kino: PetroCaribe Challenge is a Joke, some are using PetroCaribe for their own political interest

Haitian artist King Kino believes all that commotion about PetroCaribe in Haiti is just a big joke. It's jut Politics. Kino says what is happening now in Haiti, it's a political fight for the 2022 elections and everyone is using PetroCaribe for their own interest.

President Michel Martelly - Clarification Note (English Translation)

Here is a BelPolitik translation of a note released by former Haitian President Michel Martelly in regards to comments he made while performing as the artist "Sweet Micky" about stolen PetroCaribe money he invested in Haiti's respected hotel chains.