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Haiti - Senator Rony Celestin urges fellow Senators to do the people's job so they can get out of dire poverty

In a senate session Wednesday, Haitian Senator Rony Celestin (PHTK Centre) urged his fellow senators to do the people's job, the job they were sent in the Senate to do so the people of Haiti can move up at least step up in the ladder.

Jovenel Moise in a race to appoint the next Prime Minister of Haiti. Who will it be?

Haitian president Jovenel Moise is in a race against time to find the next prime minister of Haiti to replace Jack Guy Lafontant. Who will be the next prime minister of Haiti everyone's guess right now.

VIDEO: Haiti - Depute Jerry Tardieu says former PM Jack Guy Lafontant is a racist

Although very satisfied that Jack Guy Lafontant is no longer the prime minister of Haiti, Petion-Ville depute Jerry Tardieu says he was very shocked to hear how the former prime minister spoke about the residents of Petionville and Kenscoff.

Embezzlement - Haitian Senate President Lambert accused of renting his own home for $8 million with taxpayers money

Former Haitian senator Ricard Pierre accused of Senate president Joseph Lambert of embezzling taxpayers money by renting his own home to the State for 8 million gourdes so he himself can live in it.

Haiti - $6 Million US spent to overthrow Prime Minister Lafontant - Fact of conspiracy theory?

Read this... A total of 6 million U.S. Dollars was spent to overthrow Haitian prime minister Jack Guy Lafontant," Haitian Journalist Louko Desir says live on radio program Matin Debat, and a strategy known as the "3 S Strategy" was used to make it happen.

What do you think is BEST for Haiti: A Prime Minister OR a Vice-President?

Let me ask you a question... What do you think would be best for Haiti: A president and a vice President OR a President and a Prime Minister the way it is today?

Haiti - President Jovenel confirms he received Prime Minister Lafontant's resignation

Haitian President Jovenel has confirmed via his twitter account that he received Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant's Resignation.

FLASH : Haiti - Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant has resigned

"I submitted my resignation to president Jovenel Moise before I came here," now former Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant said during his interpolation session inside the Chamber of Deputies, "and the president accepted my resignation."

Haiti Senateur Desras : New government to replace Jovenel in 21 days maximum (VIDEO)

Read this... Ex senator Simon Dieuseul Desras announced "in 21 days or less we will install a new government in Haiti" to replace Jovenel Moise." Watch the video...

Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant prepares to face the deputes this Saturday

His back is against the wall but Haitian prime minister Jack Guy Lafontant has no intention to resign, although every sector of Haitian society wants him to. Nope! PM Lafontant says he is ready to face the deputes this Saturday during his interpellation session.