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Haiti USA - Florida Congressman wants Obama to Visit Haiti BEFORE October Elections

PHOTO: Congressman Alcee Hastings tell Obama go to Haiti Haiti USA Update -- Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings writes to President Barack Obama asking him to visit Haiti BEFORE the scheduled October 9th Elections... more »

Haiti - Evans Paul : 5 Reasons Why I endorsed JOVENEL MOISE?

PHOTO: Haiti - Evans Paul Endorses Jovenel Moise for President Haiti Elections Update - Former Prime Minister Evans Paul explains in details why he chose Jovenel Moise for president over the rest in a Facebook message. Read what Evans Paul said... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Former PM Evans Paul Endorses Jovenel Moise for President

Haiti - Evans Paul : J'ai Endossé Jovenel Moise a la Presidence Haiti Elections Update - Former Prime Minister Evans Paul officially endorses PHTK Candidate Jovenel Moise for President... more »

Haiti Elections - Team Jean Junior Jiha ready to hit the Campaign Trail

PHOTO: Haiti Election - Ekip Jean Junior Jiha pare pou Kanpay la Haiti Elections Update - Plateau Central candidate for Senator Jean Junior Jiha and his team are ready to hit the campaign trail one more time to elect Jiha Senator... more »

Haiti Politics - Kelly Bastien resigns from President Privert Cabinet

PHOTO: Haiti - Kelly Bastien Former senator Kelly Bastien has resigned from the cabinet of interim president Jocelerme Privert... Kelly Bastien is a candidate for Senator and campaigning has begun, so he resigned to focus on his post to focus on his campaign. more »

Haiti - Senator Don KATO Against Privert Decision to Raise Gas Prices

PHOTO: Haiti - Senateur Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy Haitian Senator Antonio 'Don KATO' Cheramy came out against president Jocelerme Privert's government decision to raise gas prices in the country... Senator Kato says: "While I support President Privert, I do not support this decision." more »

Haiti Elections - New BRIDES Poll places Jovenel Moise on Top with 41 percent

Jovenel Moise, PHTK Candidate for President - Pre-Campaign Meeting - Hinche Haiti Haiti Elections Update -- PHTK Candidate for president Jovenel Moise is more popular than ever according to a new BRIDES poll which places him on top of the list with 41 percent of the vote... more »

Haiti Elections - Mandataires Cannot Vote Anywhere They Want in October Elections

PHOTO: Haiti Elections - Pierre Louis Opont ap VOTE Haiti elections update -- Things have changed for the upcoming October elections, If you are a Mandataire, you will only be able to vote in the voting center where your name is listed. This is according to CEP president Leopold Berlanger... more »

Haiti former Ministers Accused of Corruption in Petro Caribe Fund

11th PETROCARIBE Ministers Council - Hosted in Haiti Haiti's Senate ethics and anti-corruption committee accused 15 former ministers of corruption in the Petro Caribe Fund... Former prime minister Laurent Lamothe and Jean-Max Bellerive are among the people in the list... more »

75 PHOTOS - Haiti - Depute Rony Celestin Meeting Youth Organizations in Hinche, Look...

PHOTO: Haiti - Rony Celestin Meeting Youth Organisations in Village Kiskeya Hinche Look at these photos... Haiti pre-campaign - Depute candidate for senator Rony Celestin met with some organizations leaders in the Village Kiskeya, Hinche, so we took some photos to share with you... Look at 75 Photos from the Meeting more »