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Jovenel Moise destroyed his own majority inside Haiti Parliament, Depute Jean Marie Florestal said

After nominating Jean Henry Ceant prime minister of Haiti, President Jovenel Moise now does not have the majority required at the Chamber of Deputes to make sure Ceant is ratified, nor does he want to, says Port-de-Paix Depute Jean Marie Florestal.

Did the Haitian Media misinterpret Depute Gary Bodeau's statement regarding PM Henry Ceant's ratification?

Haitian Depute Gary Bodeau was trying to let it be known that the same people telling the Senators and Deputes to stay out and NOT make any deals in choosing ministers and director generals in the new government are the same people who are trying to overrun the new government with their own choice of ministers, It seems the Haitian media is telling a different story.

New Haiti Prime Minister Henry Ceant spoke to the Media for the first time (AUDIO)

After submitting his documents to parliament Friday, newly nominated prime minister Jean Henry Ceant spoke to media briefly. Listen to what he had to say...

Official: Haiti Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant formally submits his documents to Parliament

Haitian Nominated Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant formally made his "Depot de Pièces" (filed his documents) to the Senate of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputes Friday.

Senator Youri Latortue is a corrupt man pretending to be fighting against corruption, ex PM Jacques Edouard Alexis says

Former Haitian prime minister Jacques Edouard Alexis accuses Senator Youri Latortue of being a corrupt man pretending to be fighting against corruption.

Haiti - Senator Rony Celestin says NO Deals with the new government, Let President Jovenel and his PM decide

Haitian Senator Rony Celestin calls on all members of parliament, Senators and Deputes alike, to let President Jovenel Moise and his Prime Minister decide who will be in their cabinet, Ministres, Secretaires d'Etat, etc... Senator Rony Celestin wants no deals between parliament in this government.

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles doesn't care who is Prime Minister, he wants Jovenel out of the National Palace

After the announcement that Jean Henry Ceant was chosen to be the next Prime Minister of Haiti, His former G-8 buddy Moise Jean Charles said he doesn't care who is Prime Minister of Haiti, he wants Haitian Jovenel Moise out of the National Palace.

Official: I have Chosen Jean-Henry Ceant as Prime Minister, Haitian President Jovenel Moise says

The suspense for the choice of prime minister is over, President Jovenel Moise posts on his twitter page: Following consultations with the Presidents of the two branches of Parliament, I have chosen citizen Jean-Henry Ceant as the new Prime Minister of Haiti.

Fact or Rumor : Jean Henry Ceant chosen as the Next Prime Minister of Haiti?

There is a rumor starting to spread on social media Sunday that Jean Henry Ceant was chosen as the next prime minister of Haiti out of a list of 4 candidates.

Haiti's next Prime Minister will be one of these four people

After long talks and discussions the list of who will be his next prime minister has narrowed down to these four people. Here are their names: