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Recent Articles:

FLASH : Street protests in various parts of the capital and other cities in Haiti Sunday

There are street protests in various parts of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince and other cities in Around the country according to news reports.

PetroCaribe : Haiti Court of Auditors submits its report to the Senate

Haiti's Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation (CSCCA) promised to submit their PetroCaribe report to the senate in January 2019 and they kept their promise.

Haiti in the list of the Most Corrupt Counties in the World

When it comes to corruption, Haiti is listed as one of the worst, most corrupt counties in the world next to Venezuela and Nicaragua, according to the latest report from Transparency International.

Is Henry Ceant on his way out as Prime Minister of Haiti?

Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant who walked into La Primature as the savior of Jovenel Moise's Presidency may be on his way out if I read a Le Nouvlliste article correctly...

President Jovenel Moise wishes New Senate President Cantave the best of luck

Haitian president Jovenel Moise wishes newly elected Senate president Carl Murat Cantave the best of luck after being elected to lead the Senate of the Republic Thursday.

Haiti - List of the members of the Office of the Senate for 2019

A new office was elected at the head of the Senate of the Republic of Haiti this Thursday, January 17, 2019. This office is composed of 6 members. Here is the list...

Haiti : Carl Murat Cantave elected President of the Senate for 2019 Legislative year

Haiti Artibonite Senator Carl Murat Cantave is the new President of Senate following elections held Thursday. Cantave received 16 votes against his oponent Senator Pierre Francois Sildor who received only 12.

MINUJUSTH leaving Haiti in October 2019

The United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) is leaving the country on October 15 2019, presisdent Jovenel Moise announced in a message on social media.

Haiti Parliament: Gary Bodeau re-elected President of the Chamber of Deputes

Haiti lower house of Parliament re-elects Depute Gary Bodeau as President of the Chamber of Deputes Tuesday in a slightly controversial election.

Haitian lawmakers hold the First National Assembly for 2019

Assemblée National in Haiti - Haitian Senators and Deputes have officially closed the extraordinary Session and oppened officially the first ordinary cession for the year 2019.