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Haiti - Moise Jean Charles says: Why waste money holding elections, Just declare me Winner

PHOTO: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles Sou Cheval nan Manifestation Port-au-Prince Haiti Elections Update -- To former Senator and candidate for president Moise Jean Charles, It is not even necessary to hold elections, just declare him the winner and save the state some money... more »

Haiti - List of 27 Candidates for President for 2016 Elections Do-Over

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box We have the list of 27 Candidates who have decided to participate in the Haiti Elections do-over in October 2016 and we wanted to share it with you.. more »

Haiti Re-Elections : 24 Candidates for President So Far, 7 Hours until Deadline!

PHOTO: Haiti Election 2015, Presidential Ballot, First Round With 7 hours left until the deadline to register, twenty four (24) of the 54 candidates for president have reconfirmed their participation in the election do-over... Who knows how many more will resgister in the last few hours??? more »

Haiti Elections - Samuel Madistin withdraws his candidacy

PHOTO: Haiti - Mirlande Manigat, Samuel Madistin Haiti Election Update - MOPOD candidate for president Samuel Madistin announced he is officially withdrawing his candidacy for the presidency... more »

UPDATE: Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux konfirme Jovenel Moise ap prezante li nan KEP a Jodi a

PHOTO: Haiti - PHTK Conference de Presse Haiti News Flash... Politics -- Porte Parole PHTK a, Rudy Heriveaux konfirme Candidat a la presidence yo a Jovenel Moise ap prezante li nan local KEP a Jodi menm pou li konfirme patisipation li nan reprise elections presidentiel la... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - PHTK Launches "Operation 2eme Tour"

PHOTO: Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux Haiti Elections Update -- In a press conference Wednesday, PHTK Launches its new "Operation 2eme Tour..." Same mobilization, same determination, same solidarity to get Jovenel Moise to the National Palace, says porte-parole Rudy Heriveaux... more »

FLASH: Haiti - JOVENEL Moise will confirm his paticipation in the elections do-over Today

PHOTO: Haiti - Poster Campagne Jovenel Moise President Breaking News... Haiti candidate for president JOVENEL Moise will be confirming his paticipation in the elections do-over Today, Wednesday... more »

FLASH: Haiti National Assembly Postponed Following Protestors Attack on Parliament Building

PHOTO: Haiti - Le Parlement Haitien en Assemble National Breaking News... The National Assembly scheduled for today has been postponed due to an incident where pro-Privert street protesters thew rocks at the Parliament building... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Lavalas and Pitit Dessalin Protesters Attack Parliament Building Hours before National Assembly

Breaking News From Haiti Breaking News... Haitian Fanmi Lavalas and Platfom Pitit Dessalin street protesters has just showered the parliament building with rocks and stones while Senators and Deputes are getting ready to hold a National Assembly to decide the fate or President Jocelerme Privert... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Candidate Jude Celestin has just confirmed his participation in the elections

PHOTO: Haiti Caricature - Jude Celestin Confusion Total Breaking News... Haiti candidate for president Jude Celestin has just finished confirming with the electoral council (CEP) his participation for the upcoming presidential elections... more »