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Haiti Military: Presidential decree to re-mobilize the Haitian Army to be released later today,

Two presidential decrees (arrêté présidentiel) are expected to be released in regards to the re-mobilization of the Haitian armed forces. The first decree, to officially re-mobilize the army, is due to be released later today, Thursday, 16 November 2017.

New Haiti Military: The 3 branches of government met discuss the re-mobilization of the Haitian Army

Haitian president Jovenel Moise and Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant met with the other two branches of government Monday to finalize talks about the re-mobilization of the Haitian army.

Haiti: Wilson Laleau, ex Ministre des Finances, appelle le rapport PetroCaribe du senateur Beauplan partial, partiel, partisan, un acte irresponsable

Wilson Laleau écrit au président du Sénat. L'ex Ministre des Finances appelle le rapport PetroCaribe du sénateur Beauplan partial, partiel, partisan, un acte irresponsable... lire la lettre ci-dessous...

Haiti: Madame Stephanie BALMIR VILLEDROUIN constate 13 erreurs graves dans le Rapport PetroCaribe de Beauplan

Haiti Rapport PetroCaribe - L'ancienne Ministre haitienne du Tourisme et des Industries Créatives, Madame Stéphanie BALMIR VILLEDROUIN, constate 13 erreurs graves, mensongères et diffamatoires dans le Rapport de Beauplan. Elle adresse une lettre de protestation au Président du Sénat et fournit des explications crédibles et des preuves.

The Haitian Military will keep its name: Forces Armes d'Haiti (FAD'H)

The new Haitian armed forces will not change its name. She will keep her legendary acronym FAD'H. Les Forces Armées d'Haiti...

Ex Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe calls Senator Beauplan PetroCaribe report "Truly Scandalous"

The PetroCaribe "report" of senators Evaliere Beauplan and Nenel Cassy is "truly scandalous", ex Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe said...

Haiti Military - President Jovenel Moise announces the return of the army in less than a week

In front of a large Crowd in the city of Cap-Haitien Saturday, President Jovenel Moise announced the return of the Haitian army in less than a week.

PetroCaribe : la commission recommande la mise en mouvement de l'action publique contre deux ex-Premiers ministres, une kyrielle de ministres et...

La Commission sénatoriale spéciale d'Enquête (CSSE) présidée par le sénateur Evalière Beauplan a recommandé que l'action publique soit mise en mouvement contre deux ex-Premiers ministres, une kyrielle de ministres et des responsables de firmes privées

Haiti Diplomacy: Half of the employees and contractors in Haiti's embassies and consulates abroad have been fired!

When President Jovenel Moise came to power, he complained about the "obesity" in the diplomatic missions of Haiti aboard. Haitian consulates which were supposed to have 7 employees, have 70 employed, the president said. "We must degrease the diplomacy and make it more effective", he said. And degrease it, he did...

Haiti Politics: Moise Jean Charles Announces a Comeback

Former Haitian senator Moise Jean Charles announces his comeback. Moise plans to hit the streets to continue his battle to get rid of Haitian president Jovenel Moise.