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20 PHOTOS: Haiti Elections - Rony Celestin, Candidate for Senator meeting voters in Hinche

PHOTO: Haiti - Depute Rony Celestin, Candidat au Senat, Hinche apre li te finn depoze pyes li. Look at these photos... Haitian Depute Rony Celestin (Cerca-La-Source) met with some voters outside Eben-Ezer Resaurant in Hinche Haiti after he submitted his documents as a candidate for senator to the Bureau Electoral Depatemental (BED) in the city... more »

Haiti Elections - Privert reiterates: The government does NOT have a candidate!

PHOTO: Haiti - President Jocelerme Privert Making his Point "Le pouvoir exécutif n'a pas de candidat," (The executive branch has no candidate) Haitian de facto president Jocelerme Privert said Thursday. "The government will not give any special favors to any candidate," referring to the presidential elections scheduled for October 2016... Do you believe him? more »

Haiti Election Money - ALL $55 Millions ARE Available, President Privert says

PHOTO: Haiti Interim President Jocelerme Privert Don't woory be happy, the Haiti election money, all $55 millions of it, are available according to a recent statement by President Jocelerme Privert whose term expired over a month ago... more »

Ohh! By the way, The Haitian Senate has a New President

PHOTO: Haiti Senateur Ronald Lareche Politics in Haiti is such a mess these days that the news of a new president of the Senate is "Ohh! By the way!" News... I mean, did you know that the senate was going to get together to hold an election? more »

Haiti Elections Poll places Henry CEANT on Top of presidential BUT...

SONDAGE - Haiti Elections Presidentielles 2016 A presidential poll (sondage) being discussed live on the air on Haitian Radio Signal FM Friday morning places candidate Jean Henry Ceant on top of the list with 54 percent... But there is only one problem... The percentage total adds up to 201 PERCENT... more »

Haiti Special Coordinator Kenneth Merten Travel to Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - Kenneth Merten, President Jocelerme Privert Read this Press Release from the U.S. Department of State... Haiti Special Coordinator Kenneth Merten travels to Haiti, July 21, to further U.S. Government support for credible and fair elections in Haiti and to discuss the urgent need for elected representatives at all levels of government. more »

Haiti - President Privert wants Private Sector to Contribute $$$ towards Elections

PHOTO: Haiti President Jocelerme Privert meeting economic and financial sector - National Palace Haiti Elections Update -- President Jocemere Privert met with key players of the private sector to discuss how they can help in funding the October elections... more »

Haiti Senator Steven Benoit announced he will NOT run for re-election

Haiti Senator Steven Benoit Haitian West department Senator Steven Benoit announced he will NOT run for re-election as Senator of the Republic. Steven Benoit wants to take a step back from politics for a while... more »

FLASH: Haiti - President Privert summons Voters to Participate in October Elections

PHOTO: Haiti Interim President Jocelerme Privert Haiti Elections Update - Interim president Jocelerme Privert, whose mandate expired since 14 June 2016, has called upon Haitian voters to go out and vote in the Elections scheduled for 09 October 2016... more »

Haiti Elections - Tiers Senat - Liste des Candidats, 149 Candidats pour 10 sieges

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Here is the list of 149 candidates who signed up online for 10 vacant senate seats in Haiti -- Voici la liste de 149 candidats pour 10 sièges vacants du Sénat en Haiti... more »