Haiti Senate: Carl Murat Cantave, Message à la Nation, October 10 2019 (VIDEO)

Wach to the national address of Haiti Senate president Carl Murat Cantave in the midst of a national political crisis, October 08, 2019 --- (Ecoutez le message a la nation du président du Sénat haïtien, Carl Murat Cantave, en pleine crise politique nationale, le 08 octobre 2019.)

Carl Murat Cantave
Carl Murat Cantave

Below the video is a brief English translation of what Senator Carl Murat Cantave said in his speech for those of you who do not understand French.

President Cantave described in details what the Senate is supposed to be, then said: "If it is otherwise, then the Senate has moved away from his noble mission."

"President Jovenel, fellow senators and the people of Haiti, somewhere, something is not working right. somewhere, something is disrupting the functioning of this country. We cannot continue blindfolded."

"The country is in bad shape, it is on the verge of an explosion."

"Guys listen, The people are hungry, they don't need nice words any more, they are waiting for help."

"Tthe people are tired, the people are out of breath, they do not need to be manipulated by one side or the other an be taken to the streets for selfish reasons."

"We have all sinned, we have used the people of Haiti."

"Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

"It seems all the sinners of yesterday have converted to lesson givers and the accusers of today.:

"The the cycle restarts all over again but it is the people who will pay the consequences."

"Many of you, yesterday you were in command. Many of you, yesterday you were the captain of the ship. So how come she has not arrived at the right port?"

"I will tell you why: Because we are all incompetents, we are all bad, we are all suckers, hypocrites and selfish."

"We need to all stop it."

"We need to work together for the good of the people. If we don't it will take the next generation to wash our wrongdoings."

Senator Carl Murat Cantave calls for a sincere dialogue between the actors and that everything is put on the table. Only a sincere dialogue can get us out of this situation, he said, otherwise Haiti smells like an occupation or a protectorate or some sort.

We will all lose, he said.

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