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Haitian Senators whose terms expire January 2020 are not willing to depart without a fight

Some of the Haitian Senators whose term will expire on the second Monday of January, 2020, are not willing leave the Senate without a fight. They want to stay in power for six full years!

Gracia Delva says: By becoming Senator in Haiti, it's like joining the Mafia (AUDIO)

Haitian Senator Gracia Delva made a bombshell declaration on Radio claiming that by becoming Senator in Haiti, it's like he joined the Mafia.

Haiti Gang Leader swears to kill the lawmaker who put him in the life of crime

Artibonite Haiti -- Haitian Depute Prophane Victor is in trouble after a gang leader in the Artibonite known as Odma promise on live radio he will terminate the life the depute he says put him the life of crime he is in.

Haiti Deputes go on their last vacation before their term expires

Haitian deputes depart for their very last vacation until the end of their mandate in January 2020.

Senator Gracia Delva accuses Youri Latortue of embezzling PetroCaribe Funds (AUDIO)

Listen to this audio, Senator Gracia Delva says Senator Youri Latortue is more of a political mafia than a political patron.

Ratification session of Haiti Prime Minister Fritz William Michel Wednesday

The ratification session of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel's general policy statement is scheduled for Wednesday, September 11 2019, at 11 a.m. in the Senate of the Republic.

FLASH: Senator Gracia Delva blocked from boarding a JetBlue Flight to The United States (AUDIO)

Haitian Senator Gracia Delva was blocked trying to board a JetBlue flight in the Dominican Republic en route to Florida, journalist said.

Haiti National Police ready for the opening of school

Haiti's national police force are mobilized. They are ready for the opening of school in Haiti this Monday.

Haiti Senator Onondieu Louis sidelined by the Senate for corruption

Haitian Senator Onondieu Louis to leave his seat in the Senate Office after he was accused in a vast scandal of corruption and money laundering.

Do Haitian authorities lack foresight and vision?

For the same problem to happen in the same country time after time, a Haitian journalist question for ability of Haitian authorities ability to foresee these difficulties before they happen.