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Claude Joseph did nothing wrong, the Dominican Republic is just better at hiding their criminal side than we are

The Tweet by Haiti Ministre Claude Joseph that pissed off the Dominican Republic Haiti is in reality TV mode, all our problems are right out front for everyone to see. Can we compare ourselves to the Dominican Republic who is promoting tourism and hiding the fact that their country is infested with crime and corruption? more »

Office of Judge investigating the assassination of President Jovenel Moise vandalized Wednesday, key documents stolen

Judge Gary Orelien is in charge of the investigation on the assassination of President Jovenel Moise This just in... The office of Judge Gary Orelien, the judge in charge of investigating the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, has been vandalized. Some very important documents related to the investigation has been stolen according to news reports. more »

USA has political control of Haiti but they refused to assume administrative control

Uncle Sam - The U.S. Government A journalist in Haiti said the United States has full control of Haiti politically; however, they refused to assume their responsibility by taking control of the country administratively. more »

Today one has the impression that Barbecue (Jimmy Cherisier) is in charge and not Ariel Henry, Senator Lambert said.

On October 17th 2021 in Haiti, there was a showdown between the gang of Ariel Henry the Gang of Jimmy Cherisier alias Barbecue The G-9 gang leader Jimmy Cherisier, alias Barbecue seems to be more in charge of the Republic of Haiti then it's prime minister Ariel Henry, according to the president of the remainder all the Senate mr. Joseph Lambert. more »

Two things needs to be done rapidly in Haiti, Joseph Lambert said

Senateur Joseph Lambert - President du Senat Senator Lambert spoke about two major issue that needs to be addressed rapidly: more »

Senator Joe Lambert wants Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry to resign

Haiti Senate President Joseph Lambert shaking hands with prime minister Ariel Henry in one of their meetings Jimmy Cherisier and the G-9 gang are not the only ones asking Haitian prime minister Ariel Henry to resign. Senate President Joseph Lambert also wants the prime minister to resign as well because, he says, Ariel has simply not delivered. more »

G-9 Jimmy Cherisier halts delivery of gasoline products across Haiti and demands resignation of prime minister Ariel Henry

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Call him a gang leader, call him whatever you want, Jimmy Cherisier, alias Barbecue, is in power, the people in Haiti are in need of gasoline and Diese. Barbecue says no delivery until the Prime Minister resigns. more »

Gangs in Haiti are controlled by politicians supported by the United States, former US ambassador with Haitian roots said

Patrick Gaspard is a prominent Haitian-African-American politician who helped Obama become president but he was neither born in Haiti nor the United S Patrick Gaspard, a former US ambassador to South Africa with Haitian roots, stated in a recent tweet that the gangs in Haiti are controlled by politicians supported by the United States. more »

Moise Jn Charles is officially a diplomat in Haiti because he has just been issued a diplomatic passport

Haiti Diplomatic passport issued to Moise Jn Charles Why does Senator Moise Jean Charles need a diplomatic passport? Well he just got one! more »

A pastor is kidnapping Haiti, some are saying it is an act of vengeance by the Justice Minister of the country

Haiti government : A prime minister is linked to the assassination of the president, a Justice minister is linked to the kidnapping of a pastor What is going on in Haiti? The prime minister's name is mentioned in the murder of the president. Now the Justice minister's name is mentioned in the kidnapping of a pastor. more »