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Guy Philippe's Senate Seat up for grabs in next Haiti Elections

Besides the mandate of 10 Senators (one third of the Senater / tier Senat), Guy Philippe's six-year Senate seat will be up for grabs in next Haiti Elections in October 2019 bringing the number of senators to be elected to eleven.

Guy Philippe won't be getting out of prison anytime soon, Miami Herald Reports

Haitian Senator and Coup leader Guy Philippe won't be getting out of the U.S. prison system anytime soon, the Miami Herald said. Convicted of money laundering, Guy Philippe lost another bid for freedom in a Miami federal court.

Haiti Elections Scheduled for October 2019

Haiti's Electoral Council (CEP) has just announced elections in 9 months in Haiti. October 2019, elections will be held for 11 senators, the Chamber of Deputies and the municipalities.

Haiti signs 150 million dollars deal with Taiwan for Electricity 24/7 president Jovenel Moise Promised

In case you wondered if President Jovenel Moise will keep his promise to provide electricity in Haiti 24/7, read this...

Haiti Politics: Aristide secretly wanted Jovenel Moise to be president (VIDEO)

Can you believe this? Ex Lavalas president Jean Bertrand Aristide secretly wanted Jovenel Moise to become the next president of Haiti, NOT Moise Jean Charles, not even Maryse Narcisse, the Lavalas candidate in the past elections. This may come as a surprise to you but it is straight from the mouth Assad Volcy. Watch the video...

Did Moise Jean Charles lie to Radio Caraibes about Unibank selling the U.S. Dollar for 88.5 gourdes

Did Haiti opposition leader Moise Jean Charles lie to Radio Caraibes FM about Unibank selling the U.S. Dollar at the exchange rate of 88.5 gourdes for one dollar at a time when they post their rate of exchange online at 77.75?

Haiti - Jovenel Moise's Karavan Chanjman lands in Cite Soley

Haitian president Jovenel Moise brings his Caravan Changement to Cite Soley but the only people talking about it are a few government officials.

Haitian Prime Minister Henry Ceant travels to Canada for the Toronto Global Forum

Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant left Haiti on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 for Canada for a short stay.

Haiti Justice: Clame-Ocnam Dameus resigns as head of Parquet de Port-au-Prince

Haitian Government Commissioner Clamé-Ocnam Daméus has decided to resign from his post Friday as head of the Parquet de Port-au-Prince, the public prosecutor's office.

FLASH: 500 new Haitian Army soldiers will begin basic training in January 2019

The Haitian army was looking for a few good men, more than 4,000 registered, 500 have been recruited and begin basic training to be part of the first promotion of Haitian army soldiers of the Jovenel Moise era. Training of these 500 future young soldiers will begin in January 2019, Haiti Minister of Defense Enol Joseph said.