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Haiti Senate: Appointed PM Lapin expected Thursday for his statement of general policy

Appointed Haitian Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin is expected at the Senate Thursday, May 9th 2019 to present his "énoncé de politique générale" (statement of general policy)

Haiti: Delegue Departemental Budry Coriolan at work following heavy rainfall in his department

It was very nice to see Delegue Departemental Budry Coriolan in the streets at 10pm assessing the damages in the city of Hinche following heavy rainfall and wind that knocked out some power lines in the city of Hinche.

Mics of popular journalists and political annalists in Haiti are owned by big bosses, Senator said

Senator Jean Renel "Zokiki" Senatus criticized many journalist and political annalists in the Haitian media whom he says are paid for what they say on their microphones, or NOT.

In any organized country Senator Garcia Delva would have to resign, Edo Zenny said

Former Haitian senator Edwin 'Edo' Zenny argues that, if were living any other country on earth that is organized, Senator Garcia Delva would have to resign following a scandal erupted that he is in constant contact with Haiti's most wanted gang leader.

Senator Zokiki: I will release the list Tuesday of all authorities in contact with gang leader Arnel

Haitian Senator Jean Renel 'Zokiki' Senatus announces that Tuesday, April 30, 2019, he will release the the list of all officials who have been in contact with gang leader Arnel Joseph.

Fight against banditry in Haiti, Police can now search vehicles with OF and SE license plates

It is no secret in Haiti that gang leaders and bandits are circulating in official vehicles of politicians and high ranking officials which cannot be stopped by police. Well, not anymore!

Haiti Senator Garcia Delva kicked out of Youri Latortue's Political Party AAA

Haitian Singer/Senator Garcia Delva,elected under the banner of the political party Ayiti an aksyon (AAA), has been kicked out of that party led by Youri Latortue.

I am ready to go to the National Penitentiary, Haitian Senator Garcia Delva said

Concerning his alleged connection with gang leader Arnel Joseph, Haitian Senator said he is ready to go to prison at the National Penitentiary if there is any proof he plotted with the gangster to disturb public peace.

Singer/Senator Garcia Delva accused of being in constant communication with gang leader Arnel Joseph

Famous Haitian singer and senator Garcia Delva is in the middle of huge controversy right now. He has been accused by his colleagues of being in constant contact via telephone with gang leader Arnel Joseph.

Haitian President Jovenel Moise clear of all money laundering charges

Jovenel Moise can finally breath some fresh air in regards to a money laundering case that has been following him ever since he was candidate for president.