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Haiti Govt set up new Commisson to analyse PetroCaribe documents, PM said

The Government has set up a group of national experts to analyze all the documents received in connection with the PetroCaribe, Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant said in a Tweet Monday. "We will also use a foreign firm with accounting and auditing expertise to complement the independent commission," he said.

PetroCaribe: Laurent Lamothe faces Prosecutor Clame Ocham Dameus Tuesday

Former Haiti prime minister Laurent Lamothe is due to appear at Parguet de Port-au-Prince Tuesday to answer questions about where is the Petro Caribe money.

Palais National Haiti, Wilson Laleau is OUT of the door, 16 presidential counselors dismissed

Haitian president Jovenel Moise did a serious clean up around him by getting rid of his Chief of Staff Wilson Laleau and his Secretaire Generale Yves Germain Joseph whose names are linked to PetroCaribe. 16 other known cabinet members including Ardouin Zéphirin and Guichard Doré are dismissed.

Senator Garcia Delva sends a message to the Haitian people and the corrupted hiding behind PetroCaribe

Listen to this AUDIO... Haitian Senator ask everyone who is corrupted and hiding behind the PetroCaribe challenge movement to stop using the little people for their own benefit.

Haiti - President Jovenel Moise Launches PetroCaribe Investigation

Haitian President Jovenel Moise has reiterated his commitment to rooting out corruption.

Evaliere Beauplan: I am ready to apologize to Jovenel Moise

Haitian opposition senator Evaliere Beauplan said he is ready to apologize and cheer president Jovenel Moise should he can live to some of his promises and bring to justice some of his entourage whose hands are dirty in PetroCaribe.

Rudy Heriveaux: The biggest PetroCaribe thieves in Haiti are now screaming "bare vole"

PHTK leader Rudy Heriveaux says the same people who tried to block Jovenel Moise from becoming the next president of Haiti are now hiding behind the PetroCaribe movement to force him out of power.

Senator Evaliere Beauplan identifies one of the biggest weaknesses of President Jovenel Moise

Haitian opposition Senator Evalliere Beauplan says president Jovenel Moise has a really big weakness and, if he does something about it if the population is to trust him again.

FLASH: Haiti President Jovenel Moise calls on State officials accused of PetroCaribe wrongdoing to face Justice

FLASH: Haiti President Jovenel Moise calls on State officials accused of PetroCaribe wrongdoing make themselves available to the Haitian justice system.

FLASH: Haiti - Senator Evaliere Beauplan says: JOVENEL Moise has to leave the country

Haitian opposition Senator Evaliere Beuplan makes it very clear... We are not in phase two, president JOVENEL MOISE has to GO!