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Haiti Justice: Clame-Ocnam Dameus resigns as head of Parquet de Port-au-Prince

Haitian Government Commissioner Clamé-Ocnam Daméus has decided to resign from his post Friday as head of the Parquet de Port-au-Prince, the public prosecutor's office.

FLASH: 500 new Haitian Army soldiers will begin basic training in January 2019

The Haitian army was looking for a few good men, more than 4,000 registered, 500 have been recruited and begin basic training to be part of the first promotion of Haitian army soldiers of the Jovenel Moise era. Training of these 500 future young soldiers will begin in January 2019, Haiti Minister of Defense Enol Joseph said.

Haiti Senate committee proposed dismissal of Joint Chiefs of the New Haitian Army

Haiti's Senate Defense and Armed Forces Commission proposes that the Joint Chiefs of the Haitian Armed Forces be dismissed and also the dismissal of its commander-in-chief, Interim Lieutenant-General Jodel Lesage, because of his inactivity.

Political Dialogue in Haiti: For the country or for their pockets?

Everybody is talking about dialogue today when it comes to Haitian politics but what is the purpose of this dialogue? Are they thinking about the country or are some people trying to position themselves so they can milk the big fat cow called Haiti?

Haiti: First lady Martine Moise denies allegations she met with bandits in La Saline (VIDEO)

First lady of Haiti Martine Moise made it clear that she was not in La Saline, a run-down neighborhood in Port-au-Prince meeting with bandits prior to an attack on many residents of the area. Watch the VIDEO...

Haiti : Fanmi Lavalas will NOT negotiate, they want President Jovenel to resign, and more!

While Haitian prime minister Jean Henry Ceant is taking about political dialogue, Jean Bertrand Aristide's LAVALAS party makes is clear, they are not interested in a negotiation. Fanmi Lavalas wants a Tabula Rasa, president, prime minister, and parliament, all gone!

President Jovenel Moise aims to get more Haitian engineers out of cooperation with Cuba

President Jovenel Moise wants more than just doctors from Haiti's cooperation with Cuba. During a recent visit to Cuba, the president aims to get more engineers as well to assist in the development of Haiti.

We have to start looking for the bandits in nice suits, Haitian Senator Gracia Delva said

Senator Gracia Delva proposes that the Haitian justice system begins to hunt down the people who are financing insecurity in Haiti.

In regards to Haiti, George H. W. Bush was a terrible US president, journalist said

While George H. W. Bush may have been a great US president for Americans, he was a terrible US president in matters that concerns the Republic of Haiti, a Haitian journalist said Monday.

Negotiate with the media, Senator Anacasis tells President Jovenel Moise

President Jovenel Moise needs to negotiate with the Haitian media or he will be sorry, former Senator Jean Hector Anacasis said in a recent interview on Tele 20, an affiliate television station of the daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste.