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Haiti - There are only FOUR (4) Candidates for President out of the pile, Haitian Journalists Estimate

PHOTO: Haiti Presidentiel - Jovenel, Jude, Moise, Maryse Haiti Elections Update -- Out of the 27 candidates who re-registered to participate the presidential elecitons do-over, ONLY FOUR (4) Candidates really matter, Haitian journalists are saying... more »

Haiti National Assembly Scheduled for Tuesday June 27, Another Showdown OR...?

PHOTO: Haiti - Le Parlement Haitien en Assemble National Haitian senators and deputes have been called once again in to a National Assembly in order to decide on the fate of Interim President Jocelerme Privert whose term is expired... more »

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles says: Why waste money holding elections, Just declare me Winner

PHOTO: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles Sou Cheval nan Manifestation Port-au-Prince Haiti Elections Update -- To former Senator and candidate for president Moise Jean Charles, It is not even necessary to hold elections, just declare him the winner and save the state some money... more »

Haiti - List of 27 Candidates for President for 2016 Elections Do-Over

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box We have the list of 27 Candidates who have decided to participate in the Haiti Elections do-over in October 2016 and we wanted to share it with you.. more »

Haiti Re-Elections : 24 Candidates for President So Far, 7 Hours until Deadline!

PHOTO: Haiti Election 2015, Presidential Ballot, First Round With 7 hours left until the deadline to register, twenty four (24) of the 54 candidates for president have reconfirmed their participation in the election do-over... Who knows how many more will resgister in the last few hours??? more »

Haiti Elections - Samuel Madistin withdraws his candidacy

PHOTO: Haiti - Mirlande Manigat, Samuel Madistin Haiti Election Update - MOPOD candidate for president Samuel Madistin announced he is officially withdrawing his candidacy for the presidency... more »

UPDATE: Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux konfirme Jovenel Moise ap prezante li nan KEP a Jodi a

PHOTO: Haiti - PHTK Conference de Presse Haiti News Flash... Politics -- Porte Parole PHTK a, Rudy Heriveaux konfirme Candidat a la presidence yo a Jovenel Moise ap prezante li nan local KEP a Jodi menm pou li konfirme patisipation li nan reprise elections presidentiel la... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - PHTK Launches "Operation 2eme Tour"

PHOTO: Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux Haiti Elections Update -- In a press conference Wednesday, PHTK Launches its new "Operation 2eme Tour..." Same mobilization, same determination, same solidarity to get Jovenel Moise to the National Palace, says porte-parole Rudy Heriveaux... more »

FLASH: Haiti - JOVENEL Moise will confirm his paticipation in the elections do-over Today

PHOTO: Haiti - Poster Campagne Jovenel Moise President Breaking News... Haiti candidate for president JOVENEL Moise will be confirming his paticipation in the elections do-over Today, Wednesday... more »

FLASH: Haiti National Assembly Postponed Following Protestors Attack on Parliament Building

PHOTO: Haiti - Le Parlement Haitien en Assemble National Breaking News... The National Assembly scheduled for today has been postponed due to an incident where pro-Privert street protesters thew rocks at the Parliament building... more »