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Protesters set fire to the Immigration Building in Port-au-Prince Haiti Friday

Protesters set fire to Haiti's Immigration Building in Port-au-Prince Protesters protesting through the streets of Port-au-Prince to demand the unconditional departure of President of the Republic Jovenel Moïse, more »

The Opposition is not in a Quest for Power in Haiti, Senator Nenel Cassy said

Haiti Opposition senators stand guard inside the parliament building Opposition Senator Nenel Cassy made it clear that the opposition is not in a quest for power and he gave a couple of supporting facts. more »

Nancy Pelosi spoke to Haitian-Americans in South Florida round-table Thursday

Nancy Pelosi speaking to Haitian-Americans in Miami Florida U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stopped by in South Florida to speak and listen to the problems Haiti is currently facing from a group of Haitian activists and professionals. more »

Watch out for PetroCaribe thieves who wants Power in Haiti in order to give themselves Amnesty, Eric Jean Baptiste said

Beware the PetroCaribe Thieves in the fight for power in Haiti. Many people who dilapidated the PetroCaribe funds in Haiti are seeking amnesty and they are seeking power to get it, Politician Eric Jean Baptiste says watch out. more »

FLASH: Core Group met with Dimitri Vorbe (SOGENER), What did they talk about?

Ex Senator Edo Zenny and Dimitri Vorbe Besides meeting with top politicians in Haiti and members of the opposition, The Core Group also met with Businessman Dimitri Vorbe, Vice President and Executive Director of SOGENER, Haiti's largest private electric power supplier in Port-au-Prince. more »

Haiti in Crisis - Core Group met with Haitian political party leaders in secret meeting

President Jovenel Moise met with the Core Group after the gas price hike protests After meeting with various members of the opposition, The Core Group met certain political party leaders including two former candidates for president of Haiti in a secret meeting Wednesday. more »

President Jovenel Moise dared to walk on foot in Petionville Thursday while the opposition is going crazy looking for him

President Jovenel Moise on foot in PetionVille Thursday Octoher 3rd 2019 Watch this video... While the opposition is saying President Jovenel Moise is in hiding, the president made a daring move Thursday when he got out of his vehicle in Petionville to greet the people. more »

People who overthrow duly elected presidents should not take their place of power, Eric Jean Baptiste said

Eric Jn Baptiste - Candidat a la Presidence The opposition in Haiti have their claws wide open waiting to take over once they succeed in evicting Jovenel Moise out of the National Palace. While Eric Jean Baptiste, leader of the political party Rally of Progressive National Democrats (RDNP) agrees that President Jovenel failed as president, he also warns against Jovenel's opponents subsequently claiming victory and taking over control of Haiti post-Jovenel like spoils of war. more »

Economic activities resume in Port-au-Prince Haiti but opposition announce more street protest Friday

Ti Machann in Haiti selling rice and cooking oin in the streets Just as the economic activities begin to resume in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, the opposition announces even more street protests Friday, 04 October 2019. more »

Moise Jean-Charles: Even after Jovenel Moise resigns, we will continue to protest in the streets

Moise Jean Charles vs Jovenel Moise Even after President Jovenel Moise resign from office, Moise Jean-Charles promises he will continue to protest in the streets because something fishy is going on. "The mobilization will continue until the final victory," the Pitit Desalin opposition leader said. more »