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10 Haitian Senators whose term will expire soon want to stay in power until 2021

The term of the following Haitian senators will expire very soon: Antonio Chéramy, Evalière Beauplan, Nawoom Marcelus, Jacques Sauveur Jean, Carl Murat Cantave, Wilfrid Gélin, Ricard Pierre, Hervé Fourcand, Saurel Jacinthe and Francener Dénius.

The new Haitian Army will NOT be involved in Politics

President Jovenel Moise said it many times in his speech Saturday: "The new Haitian Army will not be involved in politics... The new Haitian Army will not be involved in politics." BUT, some people are skeptic, they fear the worse.

If Dessalines waited for a green light from the international community, Vertieres would never happen, Lucien Jura says

If Jean Jacques Dessalines, Petion, Christophe, and Toussaint were waiting for a green light from the international community there would never be a Vertieres, says Lucien Jura, porte parole of the Presidency.

I am Pro Army, Haiti Senator Jack Sauveur Jean Said

In a radio interview recently, Haitian Senator Jack Sauveur Jean said he is pro army when he was asked how he feels about the return of the army.

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles Returns from Cuba Tuesday

Haitian opposition leader Moise Jean Charles is returning to Haiti Tuesday after being hospitalized in Cuba for a few of weeks.

Manifestation in Cap-Haitien 18 Novembre 2017, Police breaks it second time

A Haitian street protest against president Jovenel and the re-mobilization of the Haitian army was foiled a second times in Cap-Haitien Saturday 18 Novembre 2017.

Haiti - First time since 1995, the Haitian Army gather in Vertieres to Celebrate Haitian Army Day

The Haitian army, which was disbanded back in 1995, will celebrate 18 Novembre 2017, Haitian Army Day, for the first time in 22 years.

Haiti: Vertieres 2017 - Goverment officials gather at the Vertieres Momunent

Haiti, 18 Novembre 2017, Haitian Governmentt officials gather at the Vertières Monument in Cap-Haitien to Commemorate the 214-year anniversary of the Battle of Vertières, the battle which gave Haiti it's independence.

18 Novembre 2017 - Commemoration of the 214 years of the Battle of Vertieres has begun

Cap Haitien, 18 Novembre 2017, The commemoration of the 214 years of the Battle of Vertières has begun, President Jovenel Moise is live at the Vertiere Momunent...

Many Haitians planning to see the return of the Haitian army in person on November 18th 2017

Many Haitians across the country are planning to go to Cap-Haitien Saturday November 18th, 2017, to see it live, the return of the Haitian army.