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FLASH: Washington wants to create more jobs in Haiti, especially for the young people

In an interview, Ambassador Sison told Voice of America Kreyol that Washington is working with the Haitian government to set up an economic development program to help create more jobs in Haiti, especially for young Haitian people, to avoid further uprisings like the one that hit by the capital on 6, 7 and July 8th.

Transparency International Haiti wants Haitians in power to reduce their lavish lifestyle

Transparency International, Haiti branch, has called on the executive and legislative powers to reduce their lifestyle. Haitian Senators and Deputes in Parliament and members of the government function well above the economic reality of the country with advantages and privileges that go beyond understanding. According to Marilyn Allien, this situation can weigh in the index of perception of corruption in Haiti.

Haiti - Genyen 80 kandida pou pos Premier Ministre pou ranplase Jack Guy Lafontant

Dapre Jounalis Louko Desir, genyen 80 moun sou list pou post Premier Minis la. Genyen 80 non sou tab la pou ranplase Jack Guy Lafontant.

Haiti - Ex Prime Minister Enex Jean Charles says Haiti is going nowhere, he explains in details

Back in April 2018, former Prime Minister Enex Jn Charles stated that, as a country, Haiti is going nowhere because there is a group of people in this country, they are specialists in "bloke peyi" (preventing a country from moving forward).

AUDIO: Haiti - Senateur Francenet Denius pale de Bloc GSEP nan micro Jounalis Marie Lucie Bonhomme

Tande AUDIO sa... Senateur Francenet Denius chita pale avek jounalis Marie Lucie Bonhomme kote li bay plis detay sou nouvo bloc politik GSEP (Groupe des Senateurs pour l'Equilibre Politique).

Haiti Health - What happened to Service d'Hygiene, do you remember them???

This morning I heard Haitian Journalist Guerrier Dieuseul of Radio Caraibes FM say once upon a time there used to be "Service d'Hygiène" in Haiti checking on the quality of products being sold and on public health.

Haiti Senator Rony Celestin leads new political bloc GSEP in the Senate

A new political group, GSEP - Groupe de sénateurs pour l'équilibre politique, was just created in the Senate of the Republic of Haiti Friday under the leadership of Centre Senator Rony Celestin.

10 days after Haitian prime minister Lafontant resigns, no one knows who will replace him

Haitian president Jovenel Moise still has not designated anyone to replace Prime Minister Jack Guy Larontant who resigned 10 days ago.

What if President Trump causes oil prices to go up in the world, what does that mean for Haiti?

I just read a disturbing article about how US president Trump is about to send world oil prices soaring even higher... First thing that comes to my mind is: What does that mean for Haiti?

SCOOP : Haiti - Non Ignace Saint Fleur ap site kom prochain Premier Ministre

Men Nouvel... Kiyes ki pwal Premier ministre apre Jack Guy Lafontant? Non Ignace Saint-Fleur, Direktè General BMPAD la, ap site kom prochain Premier Ministre.