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Haiti President Jovenel Moise reacts to the Death of Ex President Rene Preval

PHOTO: Haiti presidents Jovenel Moise and Rene Preval In a Twitter message Friday, Haitian President Jovenel Moise reacted to the death of former president Rene Preval... more »

Haitian Media Upset - Rene Preval Dead Body Photo Circulating Online

President Rene Preval Soon after Former Haitian president Rene Preval laid dead in a Hospital bed in Laboule, Petionvile, A photo of his dead body was already circulating on the Internet... Many Haitian journalist in Haiti are complaining about it... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Ex President Rene PREVAL is Dead...

Rene Preval Making a speech Breaking News from Haiti... News is spreading rapidly that former Haitian president Rene Preval is dead. There is a photo of the president laying still on a hospital bed already circulating on the the social media networks more »

Haiti - President Jovenel Moise choses Jack Guy Lafontant as Prime Minister

PHOTO: Haiti president Jovenel Moise and two house presidents After a long series of consultations Haiti President Jovenel Moise made the decision to go with Dr Jack Guy Lafontant as prime minister of Haiti. more »

Haiti Politics - Guy Philippe accuses Youri Latortue as the Mastermind behind his arrest

PHOTO: Haiti - Youri Latortue - Guy Philippe Haitian senator-elect Guy Philippe accuses Senate president Youri Latortue and 4 other Lavalas senators for his arrest and extradition to the United States... more »

Haiti Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles Resigns two days after Jovenel Moise Swears in a President

PHOTO: Haiti - President Jovenel Moise, Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles Haiti's Transition Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles has submitted his resignation to newly elected president Jovenel Moise to make way for the formation of a new government. more »

Haiti Politics - Why Social Media Focus Was on Martine Moise Inauguration Day

PHOTO: Haiti - First Lady Martine Moise, Inauguration Day New Haiti First Lady Martine Moise, wife of newly elected president Jovenel Moise, was the primary focus of the Haitian Social Media networks on Inauguration days, 07 Feb 2017... Was it because of the outfit she wore or is it something else? Can she use it? more »

Back with the News about Haitian Politics

PHOTO: Haiti - President Jovenel Moise First Conseil des Ministres News about Haitian politics was really boring this past few months wasn't it? Thank God this chapter is all over! Haiti has a president. So we're back the news, the GOOD news about Haitian Politics... more »

FLASH : Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise wins Presidency with 55.67 percent of the votes

PHOTO: Haiti - Poster Campagne Jovenel Moise President Breaking News... Haiti - Jovenel Moise becomes the new president of Haiti with 55.67 percent of the votes in the preliminary results... more »

Haiti Elections Results - Haitians on Hold Waiting for Elections Results

PHOTO: Haiti Elections 2015 - Resultats Definitifs President ki pwal nan 2eme Tour This is one of the longest days in Haiti's history as Haitians sit by impatiently waiting the elections results of the longest presidential election in Haitian history... more »