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On October 21, 2021, the vehicle of Judge investigating the assassination president Jovenel Moise was attacked in Delmas

Judge Gary Orelien is in charge of the investigation on the assassination of President Jovenel Moise On Thursday October 21 2021, Judge Gary Orelien was attacked by unknown assailants at Delmas 95. more »

Arrest warrant issued against G-9 leader Jimmy Cherisier for his face-off with prime minister Ariel Henry Oct 17

On October 17th 2021 in Haiti, there was a showdown between the gang of Ariel Henry the Gang of Jimmy Cherisier alias Barbecue Haiti's justice department has issued a warrant against G9 leader Jimmy Cherisier, alias Barbecue, after him and his gang forcefully prevented Haitian prime minister Ariel Henry from carrying the October 17 ceremonial at Pont Rouge. more »

Leon Charles resigns as Haiti chief of police

Haiti chief of police Leon Charles Haiti National Police Chief Leon Charles has submitted his resignation this thursday, October 21, 2021. more »

Key suspect in assassination of Haiti President Jovenel Moise arrested in Jamaica

Haiti most wanted poster for Mario Palacios Palacios - wanted for the murder of President Jovenel Moise One of the key suspects involved in the assassination of Haiti president Jovenel Moise has been arrested and detained in Jamaica. more »

Leon Charles is doing a terrible job has Chief of police in Haiti, Ex Senator Nenel Cassy said

Haiti Senator Nenel Cassy - Fanmi Lavalas Former Lavalas Senator Nenel Cassy wants the head of police chief Leon Charles on a silver platter because, he said, the director general of the national police force is doing a terrible job and needs to be replaced. more »

Haiti Politics/Gang : Is G-9 a gang or the new indigenous army of Haiti?

On October 17th 2021 in Haiti, there was a showdown between the gang of Ariel Henry the Gang of Jimmy Cherisier alias Barbecue I think it is time for the Haitian people to start asking is Jimmy Cherisier and G-9 a gang or a political force in Haiti? more »

Is Moise Jn Charles keeping quiet these days because he's inside the Ariel Henry government?

Moise Jean Charles wanted President Jovenel Moise to leave the land of Dessalines. Well, he is Dead! Did you know? Haiti's ministry of interior and the Ministry of Justice is in the hands of Moise Jn Charles and Pitit Desalin. This is according to a declaration by Rony Timothee on October 14, 2021. more »

Andre Michel threatens to take to the streets if PM Ariel Henry does not fire police chief by November 1st

Andre Michel niche tout po bouch li mil e mil fwa lè ap siyen akò Ariel Henry a Andre Michel has just made a big threat to Haiti de facto prime minister Ariel Henry: Either you fire the police chief, Leon Charles, by November 1st or I will be on your ass in the streets. more »

How easy would it be for president martelly to campaign should he run for president after the death of Jovenel Moise?

Haiti President Martelly and Candidate Jovenel Moise All throughout the presidency of Jovenel Moise, former president Michel Martelly has always been a target of the opposition for fear that if he comes back as a candidate he would be a force to be reckoned with. But now that president Jovenel is dead by assassination, how easy do you think it would be for president martelly to campaign, should he decide to run for president after the death of Jovenel Moise? more »

Haiti - How can we be talking about elections in a country where the safety of its citizens is at play?

Haiti prime minister Ariel Henry Under the new administration of Ariel Henry in Haiti, the leadership is blind and deaf to all other topics except signing political accords and a new electoral council (CEP). more »