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Transcript : Oct 17 2021 - Martine Moise makes it clear, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Jovenel Moise died for the same cause, by the same people

Martine Moise speaks out about the reasons why she thinks her husband, president Jovenel Moise was murdered Martine Moise's speech about Jean-Jacques Dessalines felt as though she was talking about her own assassinated President husband Jovenel Moise more »

Kidnappings in Haiti Rose nearly 300% since July after president jovenel Moise died.

Rest In Peace President Jovenel Moise - Haiti Shall Never Forget You The opposition in Haiti said Jovenel Moise was the problem. If this is so why is CNN reporting that kidnapping rose three fold in Haiti since the death of the president on July 7th? more »

PHTK is Dead, president Martelly is building in your political platform called ARN

President Martelly is in thinking mode right now, underestimate him if you want to Former Haitian President Michel Martelly, founder of PHTK political party, is building a new political platform in Haiti called Alliance for the Refoundation of the Nation -- Alliance pour la Refondation de la Nation (ARN) more »

Haiti Elections : Women sector representative pulls out of PM Ariel Electoral Council - Andre Michel's Democratic Sector trying to control CEP

In the news today, a candidate in the women's sector in Haiti decided to withdraw her bid to represent that sector and the new provisional electoral council (CEP) being put together by prime minister Ariel Henry. more »

Ariel Henry - Operation Plen Poch : Rony Timothee says everyone on board with PM Ariel are just filling up their pockets

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Rony Timothee, once a harsh opponent of slained Haitian president jovenel Moise, now an opponent of the current Administration claims there is an operation "plen pòch" (fill up your pockets) that is currently at play in this new Administration. more »

Port-Au-Prince Haiti : Insecurity, kidnapping and trash is what represents the administration of Prime Minister Ariel Henry

Haiti prime minister Ariel Henry Ever since Ariel Henry became prime minister of Haiti, the three most popular things his administration is known for are insecurity, kidnapping and trash everywhere in the Haitian capital. more »

The Biden of administration has abandoned Haiti, Florida Rep. Maria Salazar said

Florida state representative Maria Salazar represents a big part of the Haitian diaspora in South Florida For months, the Biden Administration has enforced selective border policies and has shown great hypocrisy in the treatment of our Haitian brothers and sisters, Florida state representative Maria Salazar said in regards to the way Joe Biden is treating Haitians and Afro-Cuban immigrants compared to the others. more »

A new term in Haiti: Political Entrepreneurs

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog I was tuning to Haiti news this morning on social media and I heard one of your social media journalists refer to Haitian politicians as political entrepreneurs. Lol... He is so right. Isn't that what they really are? more »

First lady Martine Moise returns to Haiti - She received a very warm welcome from the people.

Photo: Martine Moise - Gade kise yo fè ponyèt malerèz la mezanmi Since the July 7th assassination of President jovenel Moise, his wife first lady Martine Moise has been in the United States undergoing multiple surgeries due to her wounds that left her handicapped. Well the first lady is back in Haiti and she received a nice welcome home from her people. more »

In Haiti right now the bad guys rule - The police chief is trying to do something about it

Haiti chief of police Leon Charles Policing in Haiti feels more like people trying to collect a paycheck then actual police work. Because of that the bad guys rule. Bandits as they called them in Haiti, they roam the streets doing whatever they please. more »