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How long before the Haitian elections are held?

PHOTO: Haiti Elections 2015 - Le ou La Fason, PEP la VOTE... LOL... While some Haitians are mourning and part of the country is a mess in the aftermath Hurricane Matthew, there are many who are asking how long it will take before the elections are held... more »

South Haiti Cut off from the rest of the Country after Hurricane Matthew

PHOTO: South Haiti cut of from the rest off the Country A young Haitian woman in the Centre Department of Haiti is complaining she cannot get in touch with her family members in the outskirts of Les Cayes since the day hurricane Matthew hit the southern departments of Haiti... She is not alone... more »

FLASH: Haiti October 09 Elections Postponed

Haiti Elections Delayed Only days before the overdue Haiti elections was to be held, the Electoral Council (CEP) has announced that the elections will NOT take place as scheduled on 09 October 2016... This time, a hurricane has something to do with it... more »

Haiti Politics - Hollywood Actor Danny Glover Endorses Maryse Narcisse for President

PHOTO: Danny Glover and Maryse Narcisse Lavalas candidate for president Maryse Narcisse has a new supporter... Hollywood actor Danny Glover openly endorses Maryse Narcise for president... more »

Haiti - Depute Fred Piton Returns to a Section Communale to say Thank you

PHOTO: Haiti - Depute Fred Piton returns to a Section Communale to say Thank you Hinche Haiti Depute Fred Piton took some time to go to one of the villages outside the city of Hinche to say thank you to those who voted for him... more »

Haiti - Can Aristide Bring Maryse Narcisse closer to the presidency?

Haiti - Eske ARISTIDE kapab fè MARYSE Narcisse Prezidan? The only time Lavalas presidential Candidate Maryse Nacisse really makes noise in the Haitian media is when ex-president Aristise comes out with her BUT is that enough to bring Maryse all the way to the National Palace as president of the republic? more »

Haitian Artist on stage says 'VOTE Jovenel Moise' in a Moise Jean Charles Campaign Rally

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Posters - Moise Jean Charles, Moise Jovenel, KI MOISE w ap Vote??? A Haitian artist gets up on stage and mistakenly says 'VOTE Jovenel Moise' at the grand opening campaign rally for Pitit Desalin candidate Moise Jean Charles in Arcahaie... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - ARISTIDE will accompany Maryse Narcisse to Petionville today, Monday...

PHOTO: Haiti Elections - President Aristide di Pep la VOTE Maryse Narcisse Breaking News... Haiti Elections - Ex president Jean Bertrand ARISTIDE will accompany Lavalas candidate Maryse Narcisse to Petionville later today, Monday August 29, 2016... The heat is on... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Maryse Narcisse Claims she won the 2015 elections with 61 percent of the votes

PHOTO: Haiti - Jude Celestin Sezi, Maryce Narcisse LAVALAS candidate for president Maryse Narcisse claims she won the 2015presidential elections with a whopping 61% of the votes after an official recount... more »

Haiti USA - Florida Congressman wants Obama to Visit Haiti BEFORE October Elections

PHOTO: Congressman Alcee Hastings tell Obama go to Haiti Haiti USA Update -- Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings writes to President Barack Obama asking him to visit Haiti BEFORE the scheduled October 9th Elections... more »