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Haiti Senators accused of receiving $100,000 US to vote in favor of Prime Minister deny it

A group of Haitian Senators accused by an opposition senator of receiving $100,000 US each in bribe money to vote in favor the ratification of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel deny such allegation.

I was never a member of Ayiti an Aksyon (AAA), Senator Gracia Delva said

Haitian Senator Gracia Delva said he was never a member of Ayiti An Aksyon (AAA), Senator Youri Latortue's political party. So he cannot understand how they could have kicked him out of it.

Haiti: Another circus show took place at the Senate Wednesday evening, PM Fritz William Michel still waiting for approval

The Senate of the Republic of Haiti became a real circus show Wednesday evening after a group of militants took over control of the senate floor, the night of the ratification or Prime Minister Fritz William Michel.

Senator Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy says NO prolongation of Senators terms, He is leaving on time

Senator Don Kato said he is not staying one day beyond the second Monday of January 2020. Don Kato disagrees with Haitian Senators trying to prolong their mandate past their time.

Haitian Senators whose terms expire January 2020 are not willing to depart without a fight

Some of the Haitian Senators whose term will expire on the second Monday of January, 2020, are not willing leave the Senate without a fight. They want to stay in power for six full years!

Gracia Delva says: By becoming Senator in Haiti, it's like joining the Mafia (AUDIO)

Haitian Senator Gracia Delva made a bombshell declaration on Radio claiming that by becoming Senator in Haiti, it's like he joined the Mafia.

Ratification session of Haiti Prime Minister Fritz William Michel Wednesday

The ratification session of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel's general policy statement is scheduled for Wednesday, September 11 2019, at 11 a.m. in the Senate of the Republic.

Haiti Senator Onondieu Louis sidelined by the Senate for corruption

Haitian Senator Onondieu Louis to leave his seat in the Senate Office after he was accused in a vast scandal of corruption and money laundering.

Gang leaders call me All the Time, Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean said

Haitian Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean made a huge declaration live on television admitting that many gang leaders call him all the time. "All the time, they call me all the time," he said.

Haitian Senator slams both President Jovenel Moise and the Opposition

President Jovenel Moise is the leader of "nothing" and the opposition wants to burn everything down just to oust a president and take his place. This is the state of Haiti right now according to Senator Jean Renel 'Zokiki' Senatus.