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Haiti - Deputes and Senators Expected to Meet in National Assembly Monday to CLOSE First Regular Session, Will that Happen?

Chew on this... Haitian Politics - Something BIG is about to happen on 14 May but, days before, Deputes and Senators have been called to a national nssembly Monday in order to CLOSE first regular session of the 50th legislature... What do you think will happen?

Haiti Senator Youri Latortue Pinpoints Anomalies with PM Fritz Jean Passports

Haiti Transition Update -- In regards to the ratification of Fritz Jean as Prime Minister, Artibonite Senator Youri Latortue is pointing the finger at some major anomalies in the passports the nominated prime minister submitted for review...

Haiti Politics - Senator JAKITO Denounce Plot Inside Senate to Exclude Minority Group

"I didn't choose to be in the Minority, I found myself in it," Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean, alias JAKITO, said." denouncing a major plot by the majority in the Senate to take full control over all decisions fully excluding nine (9) leftover senators who had no choice but to regroup themselves into a minority.

Haiti: Crisis in the Senate - Senators Still Unable to Elect a new Senate President

Haiti, news from the Senate floor... NO QUORUM... The Senators still cannot come to together in a full session Thursday to elect a new senate president. Only 13 Senators out of 23 were present; 16 is the required number for the vote to be carried out.

Haiti Politics - Senator Don KATO says members of Parliament don't Care about Country, only Personal Matters

Haiti Transition Update -- Senator Antonio 'Don KATO' Cheramy sent an alert to the Haitian population to put some pressure on the Senators and Deputes they voted for GO to work and handle the affairs of the country... According to Senator Kato, many of these parliamentarians don't care about the matters of the country, they are only handling their business...

Haiti Senate has NO President, One is Needed to Ratify Next Prime Minister

The Haiti Senate president seat remains empty since Jocelerme Privert left that seat to become Interim President of the Republic... The senate must have a president in order for a new prime minister to be ratified...

FLASH: Haiti - Dejean Belizaire Joins list of Candidates for President-for-120-days at the last minute

Haiti Transition 2016 Update -- former Senate President Dejean Belizaire, 2005 candidate for president of Haiti, has decided to join the list of candidates for "President for 120 days" at the last very minute...

FLASH: Haiti - ONLY Jocelerme Privert and Edgar Leblanc Fils Pay $500,000 to become President

Haiti Transition 2016 Update -- Out of 11 candidates for the 120-day Presidency, ONLY Senate president Jocelerme Privert and former OPL Senator Edgar Leblanc Fils have paid the $500,000 Gourdes to become the next President... Will the Senate VOTE a Senator as the next President of Haiti?

Haiti - Senateur DON KATO di: Nou pran echarpe pep la nan men prezidan Martelly

Port-au-Prince Haiti - Nan yon interview Senateur Antonio 'DON KATO' Cheramy te bay Television National apre assemble National 07 Fevrier 2016 la, Don Kato di: "Nou pran écharpe pep la nan men prezidan an..."

Haiti Parliament to Hold First National Assembly this Thursday

Finally, the first National Assembly of the 50th legislature of Haiti will be held this thursday, 04 February 2016, in order to officially open the legislative year, so the elected Deputes can get to work...