Haitian Senators

Haiti Senator Wesner Polycarpe Support Desras' claim to his Senate Seat

Haiti Senator Wesner Polycarpe says he supports Desras Simon Dieuseul's claim that he is still a senator of the Republic although he did not agreee with all his decisions when he was Senate president.

Haiti Politics - Senator Desras wants his Salary back, an Office or Else...

Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras says he will go very far if he is not provided a Salary, an office and everything else that makes him a Senator of the Repulblic during his meeting with the Haitian media at the Senate Cafeteria, not the senate floor, a radio journalist was careful to mention...

Haiti - Senator Fransisco De la Cruz refuses to comment on DESRAS Return to the Senate

Haiti Senator Francisco De La Cruz says has no comments about Senator Desras Simon Dieuseul returning to the senate as Senator with the mandate of two thirds of the senate expired... Journal "Le Moniteur" nas the answer Delacruz tells Radio Signal FM...

Haiti - Senator Desras Simon Dieuseul returns to Senate accompanied by a Judge

Senator Desras Simon Dieuseul is BACK in the Senate as Senator of the Republic of Haiti Wednesday 11 Feb 2015... A judge has just pleaded in favor of the senator... Senator Desras returned to Senate accompanied by a judge, according to information circulating on Social Media.

New Haiti Government System: President, Vice President, Single Legislative Chamber, What do you think?

Haiti Senator Francois Annick Joseph speaks of a secret plot to change Haiti's system of government and turn it into a President / Vice-President system, instead of a prime minister, and replace the Senate and Chamber of deputes into a single legislative chamber... Is that GOOD or BAD?

Haiti - Only a few Hours until Parliament is dissolved - Will there be a Joint Session?

There was supposed to be a joint session of parliament (Assemblée Nationale) in Haiti today... With under 5 hours remaining, there is no word on whether or not Parliament will come together to vote on their fate...

Haiti Senators propose Desras Simon Dieuseul as Prime Minister

Have you heard? A number of Haitian Senators propose that Senate President Simon Dieuseul Desras become the Next Prime Minister of Haiti...

Haiti - Martelly MAZORA, President Martelly pat janm gen DAN nan BOUCH li, Declaration Senateur Francois Anick Joseph

"Eske Prezidan Martelly te janm gen dan nan bouch li?" Se sa Senatè Francois Anick Joseph te mande sou antenn radio Magik9, jounen Jeudi 18 Desanm 2014 la, apre jounalis la te di li: "Yo retire tout dan nan bouch li [Prezidan Martelly], Lamothe ale, gen yon seri de moun nan CEP li te mete, li di yo f-on tchoula kò nou..."

Haiti G5 Senators to BLOCK Ratification of a new Prime Minister

EXTRA EXTRA Read all about it... The group of five (G5) pro-government Haitian Senators announced Monday they will BLOCK the ratification of a new Prime Minister. Men Zin... LOL... The next Haitian Prime Minister is??? --- Who will replace Laurent Lamothe?

Haiti - Police Chief Godson Orelus NO SHOW in front of Senate Justice and Security commission upsets many

Haitian police chief Godson Orelus was supposed to present himself in front of the Senate Justice and Security commission Wednesday 04 Nov 2014... The chief of police did not show up... The senators are pissed off...