VIDEO: Edwidge Danticat and Raoul Peck Discuss Haiti Election and Future

Haitian novelist Edwidge Danticat, and former Haitian minister of culture and award winning film director Raoul Peck spoke to Aljazeera about Michel Martelly, Mirlande Manigat, Aristide, Duvalier, the outcome of the election and the future of Haiti.

Edwidge Danticat Wins Genius Award
Edwidge Danticat Wins Genius Award

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"Comparing Manigat to Martelly is like comparing a Supreme Court justice to a rock star," Edwidge Danticat says.

On the stretch about President Aristide, Raoul Peck and Edwidge Danticat disagrees...

"President Aristide has a long history of saying something and, in the back, acting otherwise," Raoul Peck says...

They spoke about the people under the tents, improvement of the Haitian police force, the UN in Haiti, money and Haiti's reconstruction.

I was hoping to hear more discussions about the "future" of Haiti but the bulk of the interview was spent on Aristide and Duvalier... "The past" so to speak...

, and then tell me what you think about it.

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Miejo says...


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Toussaint says...


I do see where you are coming from in regards to Haitians not being appreciative of their culture/heritage.

However, I would be cautious with the generalization.

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Mitchel says...

Ignorant people think in one language and speak and write in another one. Haitian elites are ignorant and that is why they impose a french foreign language to all Haitians as their teaching language.

Haitians elites are the maids of the advanced elites of the world and that is why they are colonizing their own fellow citizens.

Only a true revolution can change Haiti for real. If in the days ahead, Creole is not the only official language of Haiti, we will launch a full blown out protest and the elites of Haiti will learn their lesson.

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Richelle says...

Exactly, we haitian need to get rid of cliche system, this is what keep haiti the way it is.All these bad system need to get rid of.For instance if you have suit on, stand on the line and they ready to kiss your butt, or want to jump you from the back of the line to the front.

While those who have their flapflap on, not to dressy been on line forever left behind.

If they finally ready to take care of them as customer, they go like m ka edw madam very rud just because that individual is casual.

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Tiba says...


If you pay close attention to Haitian's attitude to Creole, the Haitian language, you would notice they want no part and no association with it while many other countries, where Creole is spoken, take great pride and admiration for this beautiful and romantic language.

Since the beginning of time, Haitians never appreciated and admired anything that is Haitian.

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Toussaint says...


Very well put and said! I couldn't have uttered it any better.

I am extremely puzzled as to why so many Haitians are prone to be in awe with intellectuals as if they are the only solutions to our problems.

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Wapsuiv says...

lLdy Charles, the other day i was shuffoing through this sight for interesting comments and i came across this, if i could i would make it sing through this screen.

Enjoy the melodey.

If you get a chance listen to the Harry Belafonte version in youtube - it was my dear mother's favorite song, and she made that i felt the vibes.

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Roseline Charles says...

Thank you so much for your thoughts back to mine. I am perhaps not as young as you are and have seen many things in my life. I also know the Danticat--some of the family members go by Dantica-- family and though Miss Danticat and I have different views on certain things, she is a reluctant talking head because she is a rather reserved person and she would not toot her own horn, but she grew up dirt poor in a political family in Bel Air. Her grandfather fought against the US occupation as a Caco. Her uncle had a church and school and clinic in Bel Air and schools in the hills of Beausejour and eight other provinces.

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Wapsuiv says...

Lisa, this was a wonderful video with a nice message for those of us who have been caught up in the anxiety of our elections since last year.
My compliments to all who made that videoe possible for our viewing pleasure.

Please remember that a lot of the readers here have been anxious for a long time, like someone who is anticipating to make love passionately and tenderly, and he finally touches it he looses his mind. You know what i mean. When you think about, it is all funny.

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Lisa Vernet says...

What is wrong with being called a rock star anyway?

I thought she was paying him a compliment.

Bono is a rock

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