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Tiba - March 23 2011, 8:17 PM


If you pay close attention to Haitian's attitude to Creole, the Haitian language, you would notice they want no part and no association with it while many other countries, where Creole is spoken, take great pride and admiration for this beautiful and romantic language.

Since the beginning of time, Haitians never appreciated and admired anything that is Haitian.

Many different musical bands including lengendary, Ancy Derose and Coupe Cloure just to name a few, lamanted about that in their music.

Haitians are more appreciative of what's foreign form other cultures and nationalities no matter how ridiculous, bizarre, strange, and stupid it is.

As much as Haitians love music but they refuse their children to pay any interest to music because to them music is the most degrading thing there is in the world.

If you think that I'm lying, you need to listened to Leon Dimanche in "Ornellie cherie mwen." A friend of mine, who was a lead singer with Septentrionale, was told by his mother that she did not send him to school to play music.

Everything Haitians find to be beneath them are appreciated by other cultures and other people.

In Haiti for example, it is degrading for a man to cook while it is admired in the US. In haiti, a young guy who fish is cast out the society while it is admired in US. Music is considered degrading and we all see it during this election with Sweet Micky, but music is considered one of the best art form there is in other countries.

And could go on and on....

The most strange inferiority/superiority complexe that is rooted in Haitian's soul is that Haitian do have great difficulty to acknowledge and appreciate other Haitian's success.

Many of these people are against Sweet Micky because they can stand the acknowledgment of his success because in Haiti once you are born poor everybody expects you to always remain poor and uneducated for the rest of you live. To see you rise from poverty is the most difficult reality for Haitians to accept.

I, personally, have nothing against education nor anyone being well educated.

Frankly, I would really love every single Haitian living on the planet to be educated and well educated.

But what makes me really sick and nauseous is the notion among Haitians that says once you have a college education then you can be president or you can do anything there is under the sun because you know it all when history shows us over and over again that education is not the main qualification to be president.

I have asked this question many times on this blog and nobody ever answered it "would Albert Einstein make a successful president?"
Or would a rocket scientist or a brain surgon make an effective professor?

While majority of Haitians want Mirlande Manigat for president in Haiti because of her educational level, I, on the other hand, am against her as president of Haiti based purely and simply on her incompetence and mediocrity as a former first lady, who had occupied the National Palace and have ruled Haiti before, and due to her husband referring to the Haitian people as "dog vomit."

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