Tiba, I do see where you are coming from in regards to...

Toussaint - March 26 2011, 12:00 AM


I do see where you are coming from in regards to Haitians not being appreciative of their culture/heritage.

However, I would be cautious with the generalization.

Not all Haitians formulate such a marginalizing opinion of the Haitian's culture and our heritage.

I'm extremely proud to be Haitian.

And I know many Haitians who are as well. I have our Haitian flag at my house, car, and even posted on my cubicle wall at my job. It profoundly aches my heart to see a fellow Haitian not being appriative of being Haitian.

Those Haitians should have nothning to be ashamed of. They should be extremely proud of who they are and I cling to the hope that they will someday realize that, because if you're not proud of who you are, then why would somebody else does?

The more you embrace who and what you are the more people will begin to accept it.

Since Haiti gain her independence in 1804, there have been an agenda against Haiti to make it and continue to keep it a fallen state.

We Haitians are her only hope..

If you turn your back on her, then you are pertuating to that conspiracy.

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Toussaint, If you pay close attention to Haitian's...

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