Ignorant people think in one language and speak and write in...

Mitchel - March 24 2011, 2:38 PM

Ignorant people think in one language and speak and write in another one. Haitian elites are ignorant and that is why they impose a french foreign language to all Haitians as their teaching language.

Haitians elites are the maids of the advanced elites of the world and that is why they are colonizing their own fellow citizens.

Only a true revolution can change Haiti for real. If in the days ahead, Creole is not the only official language of Haiti, we will launch a full blown out protest and the elites of Haiti will learn their lesson.

As Toulimen, Samba, Joubert, Tiba, Jean-Pe, Rooster and others have argued for the creation of a foreign language department for all foreign languages in all Haitian schools after the imposition of Creole as a target language, the Education department should reform right away if they don't want us to call for a revolution in Haiti.

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Tell 'em Tiba! The official language of Haiti should...

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