Edwidge Danticat and Raoul Peck Discuss Haiti Election And...

Roseline Charles - March 23 2011, 10:16 AM

Thank you so much for your thoughts back to mine. I am perhaps not as young as you are and have seen many things in my life. I also know the Danticat--some of the family members go by Dantica-- family and though Miss Danticat and I have different views on certain things, she is a reluctant talking head because she is a rather reserved person and she would not toot her own horn, but she grew up dirt poor in a political family in Bel Air. Her grandfather fought against the US occupation as a Caco. Her uncle had a church and school and clinic in Bel Air and schools in the hills of Beausejour and eight other provinces.

She was not going around announcing it, but these projects were partly financed by her. Her uncle was driven out of Bel Air by gangs and died in US immigration custody in 2004. The son--her cousin Maxo-- who took over her uncle's work was killed in the earthquake last year. She has donated book proceeds and talk proceeds to many organizations.

She is far from elite.

She is p

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Lady Roseline, Your level headed comment is well...

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