Exactly, we haitian need to get rid of cliche system, this is...

Richelle - March 24 2011, 12:39 PM

Exactly, we haitian need to get rid of cliche system, this is what keep haiti the way it is.All these bad system need to get rid of.For instance if you have suit on, stand on the line and they ready to kiss your butt, or want to jump you from the back of the line to the front.

While those who have their flapflap on, not to dressy been on line forever left behind.

If they finally ready to take care of them as customer, they go like m ka edw madam very rud just because that individual is casual.

At the airport hwu!that is the wost place in haiti's business.Why haitian have that mentality why?[haitian rakete trop]The last time I went to Haiti.

On my way back to america one guy cane to me say:oh belle jeune fille, vini vini, ou paka rete deye, pou avion pa ale kite ou then he take me all the way to those clerck, after that he say [ebien lage yon bagay nin main mwen].I say to him mwen te mande ou service but the way he looked at me I felt sorry for him and I gave him ten american dollas.The employee do not say nothing like they know the routine.When I got home I call haiti tell my family the story they was like no!you should not talk to him like that, this is the way things are in haiti.

I was like oh well, those things need to change.

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Frankly, this is the most boring and rambling...

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