Lisa, this was a wonderful video with a nice message for those...

Wapsuiv - March 23 2011, 10:12 AM

Lisa, this was a wonderful video with a nice message for those of us who have been caught up in the anxiety of our elections since last year.
My compliments to all who made that videoe possible for our viewing pleasure.

Please remember that a lot of the readers here have been anxious for a long time, like someone who is anticipating to make love passionately and tenderly, and he finally touches it he looses his mind. You know what i mean. When you think about, it is all funny.

WE LOVE OUR EDWIDGE DANTICAT AN OUR RAOUL PECK. They just happen to catch us in the heat of the election moment.

Please understand, i know you can.
Michel is a rock star, a vagabond, a comedian, an avant-garde artist, a this and that, besides being more intellectual/intelligent than he has been given credit for. It is not a secret that while they were paying attention to his ass, he implanted his patriotic song of responsibility in the minds of the youth of Haiti.

How clever! I say absolutely brilliant.

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What is wrong with being called a rock star anyway? I...

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