President Martelly

Haiti President Michel Martelly to meet with G6 Senators This Friday

Haitian president Michel Martelly is scheduled to meet with the Group of 6 (G6) opposition Senators this Friday, 02 October 2014 at the Hotel Karibe for a tete-a-tete... Many of the senators from that group say they will not sit down at the discussion table with the President according to Haiti radio Signal FM...

Martelly wants to make Haiti an investment destination, not a humanitarian destination

Haiti president Michel Martelly wants to turn Haiti into an investment destination instead of a humanitarian destination, This is what the head of state said in his speech at the 69th Assembly General of the United Nations.

Haiti President Martelly invited by Jesse Jackson to speak at the 2015 Wall Street Conference

Haitian president Michel Martelly has been invited by the Reverend Jesse Jackson to speak at the 2015 Wall Street Conference scheduled for 13-15 Jan 2015 in New York...

Haiti President Martelly meets with UN Secretary Sandra Honore Monday

Haitian President Michel Martelly met with Sandra Honoré, the United Nations Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) Monday, 22 September 2014, to discuss the participation of the President to the United Nations General Assembly.

Haiti wants to revise its 179 Years Old Penal Code, Updated since 1825

Can you believe this? The Haiti criminal code (or penal code) is 179 years old... It has not changed 1825... Except 179 years ago there were no kidnapping, drive by shooting or none of that... The Haitian Government wants to revise the penal code.

Haiti Politics - If President Martelly cannot rule by decree and there are No elections, what happens in January 2015?

Let's think about this for a minute... In Haiti, The G6 Senators and the opposition are making lots of noise about the pressures they are getting from outside sources to vote on the electoral law. One senator, Moise Jean Charles said President Martelly cannot rule by decree, the Constitution forbids it... So... If President Martelly cannot rule by decree and there are No elections, what happens in January 2015?

Haiti - FOPARK is ready to meet with Martelly but his Resignation must be in the discussions, says Andre Michel

Haiti activist lawyer Andre Michel says that opposition group FOPARK is ready to meet with President Michel Martelly but they demand that his resignation and the organization of elections must be in the discussions menu...

Haiti - Parliament cost us 26 million US dollars for ONLY 4 days work, Martelly says

Parliamentarians worked only four days a year, yet they cost the Haitian people 26 million of American dollars... This is what Haiti president Michel Martelly said on Radio Signal FM, a Haiti news source reported...

Haiti Senate President Desras deplores the absence of Opposition Senators in meeting with President Martelly

In a meeting Monday with Haiti president Michel Martelly at the National Palace, Senate President Dieuseul Simon Desras displayed his disappointment for the NO-Show of Opposition G6 Senators in a key meeting with the president of the republic.

Haiti Elections Crisis, NOT OUR FAULT, G6 Senators Said

When it comes to the Haiti pre-electoral crisis in Haiti, the group of 6 (G6) Senators accept NO responsibility for that... In fact they accused the Executive branch of being UNWILLING to hold elections... Whose fault is it? Are we still playing that game in Haitian Politics?