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VIDEO: Is President Martelly Getting Tired of all this ****?

President Martelly Making a Speech before trip to Jamaica Watch this video... Haitian president Martelly looks and talk like he is getting tired of this "PRESIDENT" thing... Gade Video sa-a Prezidan Martelly sanble e pale tankou li komanse fatige ak zafè prezidan sa-a... Gade video a, dim si-w dakò... more »

VIDEO: Haiti President Martelly Arrival in Jamaica

President Martelly arrival in Jamaica Watch this short video of Haiti President Martelly's arrival in Jamaica... more »

Haiti President Martelly in Jamaica for 3 days

President Martelly before departing for official trip to Jamaica Haiti President Michel Martelly left Haiti Wednesday for Kingston for a three-day official visit to Jamaica, a trip aiming to 'strengthen cooperation between the Republic of Haiti and the Caribbean nation,' according to a press release from Haiti's white house... more »

VIDEO: Andre Michel di se Martelly ki premye vini ak koze moun rish moun pov an Haiti

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Gade video saa... Avoka Andre Michel di premye moun ki "atiser" (reveiller, susciter) question moun riche moun pauvre nan pays d'Haiti se Michel Martelly... Lè li t'ap pale de Liliane Pierre-Paul, sa-l te di? TI LILI... Ti Lili a vle di kisa? Pitit malere malerez Ti Goave... more »

Haiti Senator Steven Benoit meets with President Martelly, There's hope for Dialogue he says

Haiti Senator Steven Benoit Haiti Senator Steven Benoit met with President Michel Martelly last week to discuss the current situation in the country. According to Senator Benoit, President Martelly seems concerned about the current situation in Haiti. Also, various issues were discussed including the issue of mandate of the senators, elections and the Dominican question. more »

Haiti Senate President Simon Deras Says: "I will begin Dialogue with President Martelly IF..."

Simon Dieuseul Desras, President du Senat d 'Haiti Haiti Politics --- There's hope Ladies and Gentlemen... LOL... Hope for Dialogue between La Presidence et Le Senat... Haiti senate president Simon Dieuseul Desras says he will begin dialogue with President Michel Martelly IF and ONLY IF the following conditions are met... more »

President Martelly and Joe Biden Spoke on the Phone Wednesday

Joe Biden In Little Haiti Haiti President Michel Martelly spoke by phone Wednesday with United States Vice President Joe Biden... Read this note from office of the press secretary of the U.S. White house... more »

VIDEO: Mete Martelly Deyo! - Senator Moise Jean Charles Reaction to Andre Michel Arrest

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles Gade video saa... Senator Moise Jean Charles di Pouvwa-a kraze... trota bare Martelly, Se fini pou Martelly... Antre pran Martelly mete-l deyo nan Palais Nationale... "Kou deta Senate?" yon repote mande-l... Tande repons la... more »

President Martelly Needs an Army of Bloggers in his team, He is Getting hit Hard by the Internet Opposition...

President Michel Martelly s'adressant a la population de Jalouzi In the media world, BAD news is THE NEWS... Good news is just a documentary... Haitian president Martelly is getting hit very hard on the Internet, especially in the social networks, by people who disguise themselves as legitimate news sources yet everything they print is propaganda... Martelly and his team need a blogging army of their own... more »

VIDEO- Depute Arnel Belizaire and John Joel Joseph in Anti-Martelly Protest in Haiti 17 Oct 2013

Depute Arnel Belizaire in Anti-Martelly Protest - 17 Oct 2013 Watch the video... To commemorate the death of Dessalines on October 17 2013, Haitian congressmen Arnel Belizaire and John Joel Joseph marched in a anti-Martelly protest shouting "Aba Martelly... Se pou Martelly ale..." more »