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Haiti - Lamothe Resignation: Too Little Too Late for President Martelly, says Andre Michel

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Following the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, political Activist attorney Andre Michel says "Too little Too late... President Michel Martelly MUST GO... This is the WILL of the people..." more »

Haiti - President Martelly NOT YET Receive Laurent Lamothe Resignation Letter, Spokesman says...

President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe Haiti President Michel Martelly still has NOT received the official resignation letter from his Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe 24 hours after he announced his resignation to the public, AlterPresse reports... more »

Haiti - Senator Moise Jean Charles says Martelly is NEXT to Follow Prime Minister Lamothe Resignation

Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles "The Resignation of Prime Minister Laurent does not surprise us because he WILL NOT BE the only to resign, President Martelly is next," Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles said Monday Morning on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM... more »

Haiti - Senator Desras Explains his ABSENCE during Martelly's Speech 12 December 2014

Dieuseul Simon Desras - Senateur De La Republique d'Haiti Haiti Senate President Simon Dieuseul Desras says he was not present at the National Palace during the important address given to President Michel Martelly on Friday, 12 December 2014, because he knew president Martelly would blame the senate for "this and that" in his speech. Desras says he could not bear the thought of sitting there watching it all unfold... more »

Haiti - Kisa President Martelly di Nation an nan diskou 12 Desanm 2014 li a?

Michel Martelly After Haiti Election Day 2010 President Michel Martelly bay mesaj li a la nation Haitienne jounen 12 Desanm 2014 li a... Mwen vle pataje ak nou tout sa President Martelly te di nan Mesaj li a... Men yon resume kisa president Martelly te di... more »

Haiti - Reginald Boulos pale sou Radio Caraibes sou dosye Rapport Comission Presidentielle la- Yon resume....

PHOTO: Haiti - Reginald Boulos presents Commission Report to President Michel Martelly Haiti - Reginald Boulos yonn nan menmbre commission Presidentiel la te pale sou Radio Caraibes sou dosye Rapport Comission Presidentielle la, men Resume kisa li te di... more »

Haiti - Soudainement, Desras Simon Dieuseul a la tete de liste pou Ranplase Martelly come President de la Republique, Men poukisa...

Haiti - President Martelly ak Dieuseul Simon Desras, President Chanm Sena-a Mezanmi... Tande kijan Simon Dieuseul Desras soudainemant pwal monte a la tete de liste pou ranplase Michel Martelly kom President de la Republique d'Haiti, Yon bagay Desras te toujou vle e sanble pesonn pa wè sa... more »

FLASH : Haiti - Commission Presidentiel la fek presante raport la by president Martelly

PHOTO: Pres. Martelly - Investiture des membres de la Commission Consultative Nan moman saa... Commission Consultative Presidentiel la fek presante raport la by president Michel Martelly... Dapre yon mesaj sou Twitter, Premier Minis Laurent Lamothe pa prezan nan sal la kote komisyon an rekòmande demisyon li more »

Haiti President Martelly Installs Advisory Committee to Assist in Final Decision of the Political Consultations

PHOTO: Pres. Martelly - Investiture des membres de la Commission Consultative Haitian Michel Martelly proceeded, Monday 01 December, to the installation of the members forming the advisory committee to assist him in making the final decision as to which direction to take after political consultations carried out from 22 September to 24 November 2014... more »

President Martelly: Haiti is divided, it has many problems and they are complicated

Haiti President Michel Martelly during a speech "Haiti is divided, it has many problems and these problems are complicated," President Michel Martelly said in a video message he delivered to the Nation after the two month long political consultations... more »