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Haiti Senate President Desras deplores the absence of Opposition Senators in meeting with President Martelly

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly ak Senatè Simon Desras ap bay la main In a meeting Monday with Haiti president Michel Martelly at the National Palace, Senate President Dieuseul Simon Desras displayed his disappointment for the NO-Show of Opposition G6 Senators in a key meeting with the president of the republic. more »

Haiti Elections Crisis, NOT OUR FAULT, G6 Senators Said

Haiti Caricature - Group 6 Senatè yo pap ale nan Eleksyon ak Gouvenman Tet Kale a When it comes to the Haiti pre-electoral crisis in Haiti, the group of 6 (G6) Senators accept NO responsibility for that... In fact they accused the Executive branch of being UNWILLING to hold elections... Whose fault is it? Are we still playing that game in Haitian Politics? more »

Haiti Elections Update - Martelly Responds to Senate Request to speak to G6 Senators

Haiti - President Martelly ak Dieuseul Simon Desras, President Chanm Sena-a Haiti President Michel Martelly has responded to a letter sent to him by the senate for a possible meeting with the Group of 6 Senators in the opposition... In the letter, Martelly did not say whether or not he will meet the opposing senators but did offer to help Senate president Desras fix things up if he receives a clear message that the Senate is dysfunctional... more »

Haiti - Lawyers Andre Michel and Newton St Juste file complaint against Martelly and Lamothe for Implication in Jail Break

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister must've had the keys to the Prison Civile in Croix-des-Bouquets Haiti because opposition lawyers Andre Michel and Newton St Juste have just filed a complaint in court against Martelly and Lamonthe for the recent Jail Break... more »

Haiti - President Martelly VLE aplike Article 12 Accord El Rancho a, l-ap cheche alye...

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Lapriye pou fini Yon atik nan Le Nouvelliste fe konnen ke president Michel Martelly ak tout Laurent Lamothe te rankontre Lundi avek 2 president chanm yo, senateur Dieuseul Simon Desras ak depute Stevenson Jacques Timoleon, ak kèk manm "influent" nan kominite international la paske, atik la di, sanble President Martelly ap cheche aliés pou li ka aplike article 12 Accord El Rancho a pou elections kapab fèt nan peyi a... more »

Haiti Opposition new CRY: For us to go to the Elections, Martelly has to go to Prison... REALLY?

ABA MARTELLY - Protesters in Haiti burn a white coffin with slogan I've been keeping eye on latest Haiti anti-Government protest and it seems like the protest songs have changed since the announcements of a possible elections this coming October 2014... "Non non non nou pap ale... Si pou nou ale nan election, fòk Martelly ale nan prison, ak tout Lamothe..." (Translation: We are not going to the elections unless President Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamonthe goes to prison)... I don't see how you can negociate your way out of that? more »

FLASH... VIDEO: Haiti President Martelly performed live with Wyclef at a Gala in New York City Thursday Evening...

Haiti President Martelly Performing live with Wyclef at Happy Hearts Fund Gala in New York Haitian President Michel Martelly grabbed his keyboard with Wyclef on the Drums and they performed "No Woman No Cry" live at the Happy Hearts Fund Gala in New York City thursday evening, 16 June 2014... more »

Haiti President Martelly in New York to receive Leadership in Education Award

President Martelly receive Leadership in Education Award Haiti President Martelly left Haiti Thursday on a quick trip to New York where he will receive a Leadership in Education award from the Happy Hearts Fund... In the same ceremony, former U.S. President Bill Clinton will also receive a Lifetime Achievement Award... more »

Haiti - Politics: The Opposition Failed to Overthrow Martelly BEFORE the World Cup

Senateur Moise Jean-Charles nan Manifestation Haiti 15 Avril 2014 The political opposition in Haiti feels like a soap opera (feuilleton) doesn't it? Weren't they supposed to send president Martelly home packing before the 2014 FIFA World cup? That's what they said right? LOL... A Haitian radio station in Port-au-Prince said in their news report that the opposition has failed... more »

Haiti Elections - By Arrete presidentiel, Martelly invites the population to go out and vote on 26 October

President Martelly Ki ap Kondi Haiti President Michel Martelly has just an Executive Order (Arrêté présidentiel) to inviet Haitian voters to go out and vote in this year's elections set for 26 October 2014. on that day, the people will elect two thirds of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputees is to have 112 members more »