President Martelly

Haiti Senator Moise Jean Charles says break-time is OVER, more anti-martelly protests underway

Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles took a break from all the anti Martelly protests in Haiti following the death of his mother. the Senator came out again to alert the news media that break-time is OVER, the anti-Martelly will resume.

Haiti - Senator Desras predicts President Martelly will fall like a green mango in a bad storm

Martelly days are numbered, Haiti Senate President, Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras says... The year 2015 did not belong to him... The fruit falls when it is ripe but under the influence of hurricanes and thunder of history, ripe or not it falls... Martelly will fall, ripe or not, Senator Desras says prophesying the fall of President Martelly from power... What the hell???

Haiti - 6 Opposition Political parties reject meeting with president Martelly

Haitian Politics - The opposition political parties refuse, once again, to meet with Haiti president Michel Martelly following an invitation the president sent to meet with them at the Hotel Karibe...

Haiti - President Martelly and PM Lamothe visits Flooded Cap Haitien

Minutes after ending a meeting at the National Palace, Haiti president Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe headed to Cap Haitien Thursday, 06 Nov 2014, to see first hand the situation in a city flooded after heavy rains hit northern Haiti.

Haiti President Martelly vows to hold elections if forced to rule by decree

Haitian president Michel Martelly declares that the very first in his to do list will to hold elections in Haiti should he be forced to rule by decree... In the interview he have to French Television, he made it clear that it is the legislative branch (parliament) who refuse to vote the electoral law therefore creating a roadblock to 'election tet dwat'

Haiti President Martelly visits Fort de Joux prison in France where Toussaint Louverture died

Haitian President Michel Martelly visited the dungeon (cachot) in Fort de Joux, France, where Toussaint Louverture died back 7 April 1803...

Haiti President Michel Martelly meets with Former president Preval at the National Palace

Did you know? Former Haitian president Rene Preval was flown in by Helicopter from the town of Marmelade where he resides to a meeting with president Michel Martelly Tuesday, 14 October 2014...

President Martelly attriste par le deces de l'ancien President Jean-Claude Duvalier

Note de Presse du President Michel Martelly a propos de la mort de Jean Claude Duvalier - Port-au-Prince, samedi 4 Octobre 2014

Haiti - Two Opposition Senators spotted at the Karibe Convention Center waiting to meet with Martelly

G6 meeting with Martelly, an update - As of 12:15 PM Friday, 02 October, two Haitian Senators from the Group of 6 scheduled to meet with President Martelly have been spotted at the Karibe Convention Center... Senator John Joel Joseph and Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime are already there. The meeting is scheduled to happen at 1:00pm...

Haiti President Michel Martelly to meet with G6 Senators This Friday

Haitian president Michel Martelly is scheduled to meet with the Group of 6 (G6) opposition Senators this Friday, 02 October 2014 at the Hotel Karibe for a tete-a-tete... Many of the senators from that group say they will not sit down at the discussion table with the President according to Haiti radio Signal FM...