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Haiti Politics - Bombshell article reveals USAID Funded Martelly Rise to Power

Wyclef Jean, Michel Martelly and Charlito Baker at a Post-Election Manifestation in Haiti BREAKING NEWS : Aljaseera has just released a bombshell article revealing that USAID paid nearly $100,000 to a Haitian political movement with close ties to President Michel Martelly to thrust him into power shortly after the U.S. pushed to kick Jude Celestin out of the 2010 election... more »

Haiti Elections - President Martelly Officially Launches PHTK

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly lanse kanpay PKTK nan vil Cap Haitien Haiti Elections Update -- President Michel Martelly was in Cap-Haitien Wednesday for the official lauch of the Parti Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK) political party elections campaign... more »

Haiti President Martelly Finally Speaks out against Haiti-Dominican Mass Deportation Issue

Haiti President Martelly making a speech at CARICOM Haiti president Michel Martelly finally speaks out against the mass deportations of Haitians from the Dominican Republic... At the 36th CARICOM Heads of Government Meeting over the weekend, President Martelly openly criticized the Dominican authorities. Martelly asks CARICOM, OEA, and The United Nations to intervene so that the Rights of Haitians are respected in the neighboring country... more »

Haiti - President Martelly admits he was AGAINST Construction of 3 Airports in Southern Haiti...

PHOTO: Haiti - Premier Roche la depoze pou construction yon Aeroport nan Ville Jeremie Haiti president Martelly admits he was against the construction of three airports in the South of Haiti. Martelly says he was FORCED to support these projects in public BUT they were NOT his choice... Say what??? more »

Haiti - President Martelly REJECTS Allegations he is standing in Lamothe's Way to become President

PHOTO: Haiti - Martelly-Lamothe - Yap Pale Nap Travay President Michel Martelly's porte-parole Lucien Jura denied allegations that the president is "blocking the way" of his former prime minister and friend Laurent Lamothe from becoming Haiti's next president... more »

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly Drives France President Francois Hollande to the Airport

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly kondwi Francois Hollande Aeroport Haiti - President Michel Michel Martelly got behind the wheel of an official vehicle to drive French president Francois Hollande to the airport after his official visit to the country... (see photo) more »

Haiti Elections - I have a copy of Sophia Martelly's US Passport, Senator Steven Benoit says

Haiti Senator Steven Benoit Haiti Senator is raising questions about first lady Sophia Martelly's eligibility to run for senator base on the fact that she holds an American passport, a passport Benoit says he has a copy of... more »

Haiti Elections: President Martelly tells voters to Wait his Call on who to vote for

PHOTO: Haiti - PM Laurent Lamothe ak President Martelly - Gouvenman Lakay ou La Gonave Haiti President Martelly is confident his PHTK political party candidates will win the upcoming elections. President Martelly ask the population to wait for his call on who to vote for Senator and Depute... more »

Haiti President Martelly still has a 57 percent job approval rating but elections up for grabs

PHOTO: Haiti - PM Laurent Lamothe ak President Martelly - Gouvenman Lakay ou La Gonave Haiti President Martelly is still a popular president with a 57 percent job approval rating besides all the recent government protest demanding his resignation according to a recent public opinion survey. But one question is raised: Can Martelly's choice for president win the upcoming elections? more »

Haiti President Martelly met with two US State Department Officials Tuesday

Haiti President Michel Martelly rankontre ak Departement d'Etat Americain Two US State Department Officials, Thomas Shannon and Thomas Adams, came to Haiti and met with President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Evans Paul Tuesday at the National Palace... more »