President Preval In Grenada Today For CARICOM Meeting

Haiti president Rene Preval and other Caribbean leaders are meeting in St George's, Grenada for at two day meeting to discuss what a Jamaican newspaper calls a "tough agenda"


Two Haiti issues in the this agenda are (1) the Haiti-Jamaica Soccer crisis and (2) Haiti's reconstruction.

By the way... Did you know???

With all this CARICOM one love one community talk, Haitians still need a visa to visit certain Caribbean countries?

If not all of them...

One of these days I have to tell you what happened to me at the airport in Trinidad and Tobago

Yo manke depote-m wi! LOL

O... O... Bagay serye!


Do you feel that any of these CARICOM talks and meetings are benefit Haiti in any way?

Pa voye monte... Be honest with your replies...

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Jean Claude says...

I experienced it muself, when a group of us went on a Mission trip from a Bible school from Jamaica.

There were Haitians, Jamaicans, Canadians, Americans, Mexicans,Trinidadians, Barbagians,those from Antigua and Grenada.

My worst eperiece was when we arrived in The "lik'l Grenada" as Jamaican patois says lik'l for little, the custom officers took us to a room just US HAITIANS for questioning.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Duval, Ayiti gin poul fleri tankou flanboiyan, epi-tou flanboiyan sa lap-e fleri nan tou 4 sezon-yo san change koule.

an nou mete tet ansam

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David Grant says...

The meeting of Head of States in Grenada can be categorized as a show case for talk shop.The main agenda is firstly for the new talk on Caribbean integration and secondly the CLICO affair.

CLICO is a Trinidad and Tobago insurance company which was involved in a sort of pan zee skim and those governments are trying to pressure the Trinidad Government to compel the institution to repay the money they have badly invested.

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Harold Fleurine says...

I want presidentRene Preval to present him self strongly in this meeting in behaf of Haiti for the first time, to show the haitians people how concern he was about the U-17 I thinks all haitians around the world will see the meeting and will be ready to commented to morrow after the

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Garry Destin says...

You said everything i wanted to say and plus.
Here is one thing I would lime to hear these problem one by one from martellli and manigat and their

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Josy says...

I do not agree with everything you said, but can tell you are wise and etremely smart.

You are the type of Haitians that the country so desperately need, and maybe one day we can go back to serve our people.

I left the country in 1974, and visited a few times between 1980/1985.

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Garry Destin says...

I saw an interview with papa doc indeed...He was a respected man.
Here is the real thing.

You have coward enemies, those who laugh with you but can't wait to finish you up. Talking about the so call protestants or evangelicals.

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Josy says...

Baby Doc's entourage destroyed the country, and he was just a kid. He wanted to have fun, and chase girls.

He was 18 years old, and his father surrounded him with a few elders.

I grew up under Papa Doc, and can say my family was victimized under his reign of terror.

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Boudanini says...

How can reconstruct without talking removing the debris, sewer canals, water and electricity plants.

Just mouths are talking doesn't mean that assholes are not farting.

Do you smell the

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Garry Destin says...

The red suit with green shoes is really funny.

I had a red suit actually but as a designer, I knew how to wear it. I a graduated from FIT were I studied head toe.
Anyway, yes none of these island wants Haiti to recuperate cause Haiti will surpass them in everything including economically.

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