I do not agree with everything you said, but can tell you are...

Josy - February 26 2011, 3:02 PM

I do not agree with everything you said, but can tell you are wise and etremely smart.

You are the type of Haitians that the country so desperately need, and maybe one day we can go back to serve our people.

I left the country in 1974, and visited a few times between 1980/1985.

I have not been there since, and would love to go. I do not want to be kidnapped, and am scared of going home. Can you believe it?

I use to walk the streets of Port au Prince, and never heard the word "kidnapping" then. Papa Doc kept the bad Haitians in their places, and they would not dare kidnap a dog during his regime.

I also understand that when you are hungry, sick, desperate and hopeless that you are capable of anything.

I do not know what I could do if my children were sick, hungry, and homeless.

We need to start with the young generation from the age of two, and have a "head start" program.

The primary schools should be free, and they should provide supplies to the students.

I am also a strong advocate of free meals, and the children should get two meals per day (breakfast/lunch).

They should be taught French, English, and Spanish, from the age of five. Chinese should also be taught starting in secondary school, and be part of the Baccalaureat exams.

We need more vocational schools to train our youth, and they cannot all be doctors or lawyers.

My cousin is a plumber here, and makes one hundred thousands dollars per year. Haiti needs to catch up with the new technology, and we should have computer centers all over the country for free. There are new laptops now for poor countries for $100, and you do not need to have electricity to power it. The children in the countryside, and the ghettos would have access to a computer.

They could teach their parents how to read, and write or younger siblings.

We can do it, and the diaspora can buy those computers.

We need our doctors, nurses, and other health workers to give a week of their vacation to travel to Haiti.

They can spend that week training, and passing their knowledge to medical staff in Haiti.

They can also have clinics in the countryside where the population has no access to a doctor, and cannot even take one aspirine.

The doctors, and others who got a free education in Haiti it is time to give back. You would never been a doctor, nurse, and making mad money if it was not for the free schooling you got in your country.


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