I saw an interview with papa doc indeed...He was a respected...

Garry Destin - February 26 2011, 6:32 AM

I saw an interview with papa doc indeed...He was a respected man.
Here is the real thing.

You have coward enemies, those who laugh with you but can't wait to finish you up. Talking about the so call protestants or evangelicals.

Under papa doc, they had no right in Haiti but under baby doc millions were invested in them by to destroy Haiti by setting up churches in every corner then turn them against each other.

Baby doc as you said was young for real and as long as he got his money he didn't care.
So that was the full destruction of Haiti "mental destruction" baby doc surroundings didn't care about who they were. Remember they were mostly poor peasants with no education or value of their blood.

That's when Haitian started Being sold as slaves to next door Neighbour.

The other came up and did the same as long as they get paid who cares about countryman.

Anyway I hope martelli can do something smart and move Haiti and Haitians from that corner.

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Baby Doc's entourage destroyed the country, and he...

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