The red suit with green shoes is really funny. I had a red...

Garry Destin - February 25 2011, 8:56 PM

The red suit with green shoes is really funny.

I had a red suit actually but as a designer, I knew how to wear it. I a graduated from FIT were I studied head toe.
Anyway, yes none of these island wants Haiti to recuperate cause Haiti will surpass them in everything including economically.

Moreover Haiti will claim what was hers, Dominican republic.

Ok baby doc destroyed the country to its lowest which set us so far behind but don't worry the sleeping giant will wake-up
I love Jamaicans, my nephew is half so I must love them no matter what but seeing a Negro racist against his own is just sad.

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NO, and it is a big joke. They do not like us for so...

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Baby Doc's entourage destroyed the country, and he...

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