Michel Martelly Online Town Hall meeting Tonight, Friday, 7:30 PM

Haiti Presidential candidate Michel Martelly will host a live town hall meeting online together with Wyclef Jean with the topic: "Vision Pou Yon Chanjman An Ayiti".

Michel Martelly Campaigning In Cap Haitient

This message was posted on the Martelly 2010 facebook page. so tonight, at 7:30PM, click on this link to watch and participate in the town hall meeting

I will try to have it live for you on here on BelPolitik.com

Here is a previous town hall meeting recording... Lots of questions were asked... and answered. watch it now and see for yourself that if you participate your questions will be answered


Do you have any comments what about the questions and how they were answered?

Reply with your comments

PHOTO: Haiti Election Ballot - A voter votes for Martelly in the 2010 Presidential Elections   President Martelly Autobiography   Wyclef Jean, Michel Martelly and Charlito Baker at a Post-Election Manifestation in Haiti   Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat   Michel Martelly - Anba Rad La - Album Cover   Sweet Micky Officially Candidate For President Of Haiti   President Martelly Meets Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide   Michel Martelly Antonio Sola Karibe Press Conference  

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Florence says...

Capt ou toujou nan ko micky toujou sak fe ou pa ale lave grin'n sal ou a ki charge ac morpion Kou lan giete manman ou ravine bouda marraine ou. koulanguiete manmaan ou monte sou tet Brooklyn Bridge kite Miki en repo grin'n ver grin'n

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Cpt.d says...

The contigency plan for Haiti is been revised.

I'm too busy to be distracted by such foolish post. Lybia, Pakistan and enough headache throughhout the Midle East. As you're having fun on the net other people are waiting for the order which will kep them away from their love ones. Real man don't curse.

Try to articulate your position intelligently, otherwise I won't pay attention to you. Have a great

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Fanfan says...

I will urge to shut up your big mouth and Tiba never said that we should elect worst people in Haiti.

Your accusations are baseless and you are an homosexual accusing others who are not homo. You have no culture and no pride and many people know how bad you are as being a gay crakcocaine person.

Michel is an educated person, a singer and the best Haitian entertainer at all times.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

konsa tou li te al tomazo, gantie,fon veret anpil moun komanse chofe-e pou maniga.

saki pi drol-la mem nan radio shalom gin piblicite pou madanm nan.
fok nou pa jwe ak sa paske gin anpil protestan ki vle madam nan apre anons

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Mario says...

gen yun tibri kap couri nan facebook ke madan manigat te fe 200,000 moun ap pompe vole rele mande enraje nan norest la. ahh ba moun la pai. vil yo se st. suzanne, trou du nord, ferrier, fort liberte and ouanaminthe.

bon li mim ki te gen 200,000+ ki tap mache avek li au cap haitien li pa di moun sa. camp pa yoa te we chemise rose la et yo te surement compren ke se secre'a sa. se pou tet sa ke madan manigat decide pouli te mete chemise rose li tou poul te ka pren roulib.

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Richelle says...

Yes he will! you tired or run out of word, because u been running both side of you mouth constantly.

So it is time to get tired

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Patricia says...

What now Haiti look like a cocoon, so I can not wait to see her turn to a butterfly.Fire up! fire

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Colonel La says...

Dont leave Cepete, i am starting to enjoy your game. You got my game juices flowing.

You were right from the start of your visit to this site in saying that Micky will not be president, because it is Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly who will be the next President of Haiti, and not Micky.

Micky is the president of Kompa.

Know the difference.


Until next time, pal.


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Colonel La says...

Bravo! Wap vini'wi. Mkonnin fok mwen ta komense dekontraktew.

Nap gadew fint'ou kap dance.

Min nou suveye couleuv, nan bal saa, pou nou ka we ki kotel prale.

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Cpt.d says...

Micky will not be president with or without my civic duty, It was good chatting with you all. I got to leave, pls continue to take good care of the good Engineer.

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