The meeting of Head of States in Grenada can be categorized as...

David Grant - February 27 2011, 7:29 AM

The meeting of Head of States in Grenada can be categorized as a show case for talk shop.The main agenda is firstly for the new talk on Caribbean integration and secondly the CLICO affair.

CLICO is a Trinidad and Tobago insurance company which was involved in a sort of pan zee skim and those governments are trying to pressure the Trinidad Government to compel the institution to repay the money they have badly invested.

The Haitian Under 17 Football Team mishap will not take centre stage.

In fact, the Jamaican government has already taken a position and has stood their ground; they offer excuses, but no apology.

Haiti's reconstruction agenda has nothing to benefit from this meeting.

The country is only being used as a pawn by international Institution and by CARICOM to fill their coffers with solicitation on behalf of Haiti.

And this is why those funds promised to Haiti have been limited and intestinal in return for the nation and its people.

There is talk for on CARICOM Passport; it this comes into fruition, Haiti may benefit from this.


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