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FLASH... VIDEO: Haiti President Martelly performed live with Wyclef at a Gala in New York City Thursday Evening...

Haiti President Martelly Performing live with Wyclef at Happy Hearts Fund Gala in New York Haitian President Michel Martelly grabbed his keyboard with Wyclef on the Drums and they performed "No Woman No Cry" live at the Happy Hearts Fund Gala in New York City thursday evening, 16 June 2014... more »

Anti-Government Manifestation in Haiti - Protesters asking Laurent Lamothe to resign

Depute Arnel Belizaire ak bèl abiman wouj li... There was another protest in Haiti this Thursday, 19 June 2014 and this time the demand was for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to leave office, according to Depute Arnel Belizaire who seems to be "a la tèt" of the latest anti-government protest in Haiti... more »

Haiti President Martelly in New York to receive Leadership in Education Award

President Martelly receive Leadership in Education Award Haiti President Martelly left Haiti Thursday on a quick trip to New York where he will receive a Leadership in Education award from the Happy Hearts Fund... In the same ceremony, former U.S. President Bill Clinton will also receive a Lifetime Achievement Award... more »

Haiti - Depute Jules Lionel Anelus involved in Traffic Accident, 13 Dead, 10 Injured

Jules Lionel Anelus - Depute Lestere Haiti Haitian deputé Jules Lionel Anelus of Lestere was involved in a terrible accident not far from St Marc Haiti that killed 13 people, including 6 women and a baby, and injured 10 others (some are reporting 17 injured)... According to news report Depute Faustin was wounded in the chest, his driver was wounded and his security guard lost an eyeball in the accident. more »

Haiti Depute Jude Charles Faustin posts Facebook message denying involvement in terrible car accident

Jude Charles Faustin - Deputé Haiti Haiti Depute Jude Charles Faustin posted message on his Facebook page denying news of his involvement in a terrible car accident Saturday 15 June 2014. "It is not true," the Depute said, I am at home!" more »

FALSE - Clarification - Haiti Depute Jude Charles Faustin involved in Terrible Accident

Jude Charles Faustin - Deputé Haiti CLARIFICATION -- The news that spread on Haitian radio Saturday 14 June 2014, that Haiti Deputé Jude Charles Faustin was involved in Terrible Accident in Haiti are in fact UNTRUE; However, one of his colleagues, Depute Jules Lionel Anelus, did get involved in that accident... Read more about how this news got out... more »

Haiti - President Martelly Aquin pou lanse kanpay pou plante 5 million pye bwa nan depatman Sud la

President Michel Martelly ap plante pye bwa nan Grand-Bois Haiti Haiti Environment - President Martelly fèk poste sou kont Twitter li ke li nan vil Aquin pou inogire yon Centre d'Interprétation de la Nature epi tou yon lanse kanpay pou plante 5 million pye bwa nan depatman Sud la more »

FLASH - Yon Manifestation Anti-Martelly fek komanse nan Lari Port-au-Prince Jodi a

Manifestation Anti Martelly Haiti 14 May 2014 Denye Nouvel... Gen yon manifestation anti-Martelly ki ap prepare pou demare laa sou Belair jounen Jeudi 5 Juin 2014 la... Ancien Senatè Turneb Delpe ki nan manifestation saa, nan yon interview sou radio Vision 2000, te bay yon list rezon pou manifestation saa... more »

Text ARTICLE 289 - 1987 Constitution of Haiti

Konstitisyon Se Papye, Bayonet Se Fe ARTICLE 289 - 1987 Constitution of Haiti --- Awaiting the establishment of the Permanent Electoral Council provided for in this Constitution, the National Council of Government shall set up a Provisional Electoral Council of nine (9) members, charged with drawing up and enforcing the Electoral Law to govern the next elections, who shall be designated as follows: more »

Brazil to Train 200 for the New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers

The New Haitian Army - La Nouvelle Armée Haitienne The New Haitian Army is about to grow in numbers... NOT in fire power but in Brain power... Brazil and Haiti have just signed an accord Thursday, 29 May 2014, whereby Brazil will train 200 Haitian youths in Military Engineering (French: Genie Militaire). Once they graduate, their task will be to build roads, bridges and infrastructure, also to respond to the future Natural disasters in Haiti... more »