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Manifestation in Haiti - 29 Nov, People are gathering to head to the US Embassy

Manifestation Haiti 18 Nov 2013 - Kawotchou ap boule lan lari Port-au-Prince The 29 NOV 2013 Haiti protest if ON... The latest news coming from Haiti is that people are gathering in downtown Port-au-Prince from Belair, Cite Soleil, and Delmas 2... Once gathered, they are heading to the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince... more »

Ofisyelman, dyalog la kraze ant Republique Dominicaine ak Haiti

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Minis Prezidans dominiken an, Gustavo Montalvo, fè konnen ofisyèlman, jounen Mekredi 27 Novanm la, desizyon gouvènman Dominiken an pran pou li pa patisipe nan reyinyon ki te planifye nan Venezyela ak gouvènman Haiti-a... more »

VIDEO: Interview of Joel Danies, No 2 Haiti Official inside US Department of State

Joel Danies - US Department of State - Haiti Office Watch this video... Haiti radio television Caraibes has just interviewed Joel Danis, the No 2 official inside the Haiti Office of the U.S. Department of State... We invite you to watch the interview... Be sure to post your comments... more »

Haiti Manifestation VIOLENCE Photos - Don't believe everything you see on Facebook!

Armed civilians shooting in the streets Take a look at this photo... It is a photo of, supposedly, Haitian civilian gunmen shooting in the streets, supposedly, during the 18 Nov 2013 manifestation in Haiti... It is spreading on Facebook like wildfire... AND... Propagandists from both sides are claiming it as foul play from the other side while others on Facebook are saying "I've seen this picture before!" Have you??? more »

Uruguay Officials coming to Haiti do discuss retraction of their MINUSTAH troops

MINUSTAH Soldier In Front of Haiti White House Uruguay officials are coming to Haiti next week to discuss the removal of their MINUSTAH troops from Haiti. Lately, the president of Uruguay has been making threatening to remove his MINUSTAH troops from Haiti if the democratic process is not on the right track... I guess it's not because... They're coming! more »

VIDEO: Andre Michel di se Martelly ki premye vini ak koze moun rish moun pov an Haiti

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Gade video saa... Avoka Andre Michel di premye moun ki "atiser" (reveiller, susciter) question moun riche moun pauvre nan pays d'Haiti se Michel Martelly... Lè li t'ap pale de Liliane Pierre-Paul, sa-l te di? TI LILI... Ti Lili a vle di kisa? Pitit malere malerez Ti Goave... more »

Caribbean prime minister calls for sanctions against Dominican Republic

Soy Dominicano Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines Dr Ralph Gonsalves today on Trinidad & Tobago state radio 91.1 FM called for a number of economic sanctions to be levied against the Dominican Republic until it reverses its controversial law slighting citizens of Haitian descent. more »

Haitian-Dominicans - No mass deportations, Dominican President Medina says

Danilo Medina - President of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic president Danilo Medina promises that there will be no mass deportations of Haitians-Dominicans... more »

Blogger: Demand those worthless senators in Haiti to leave their post... Do you feel that way too?

Cockfight: Haiti's Senate Vs. the President On of our bloggers says: "What we need to do as Haitians," he says, "is to demand those worthless senators in Haiti to leave their post so that the country would have a chance..." Do you feel the same way too? more »

13 Million Dollar Lawsuit filed against Haiti and Rene Preval by Canada Businessman

President Rene Preval A Businessman has just filed a lawsuit against the Republic of Haiti and former President Rene Preval for the sum of $13 million... He claims to have been thrown in prison for trying to revive Cimenterie d'Haiti and competing with a rich family in Haiti... more »