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President Michel Martelly launches second phase of Haiti National Reforestation Campaign

President Michel Martelly ap plante pye bwa nan Grand-Bois Haiti Haiti - Environment : President Michel Martelly officially launched the second phase of the 2013-2016 national reforestation campaign Tuesday 13 May 2014 in Grand-Bois Haiti ... more »

Plans for 14 May 2014 in front of Haiti National Palace, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

Deuxieme Anniversaire president Michel Martelly devan Palais National This Wednesday, May 14 2014, supporters of Haiti president Michel Martelly are invited in front of the grounds of the national palace to celebrate Martelly's three-year aniversary in office... At the same time, MOPOD, FOPARK and the opposition are planning to circle the palace 7 times screaming "Jericho, Miray la Kraze!!!" How will this story end? more »

Haiti - How do you rate the first 3 years President Martelly in Office?

Michel Martelly, President of Haiti This Wednesday, May 14, 2014, will mark 3 years since Haiti President Michel Martelly took office... During those 3 years, depending on who you ask, you will either hear that Martelly is doing a superb job or that he doing nothing... I would like to you hear your opinion... How do you rate the first 3 years President Martelly in office? more »

Haiti could loose $300 Million in Aid if there is no Elections this year

Money - Foreign aid to Haiti Read this... The United States government has just issued a warning to Haiti that it will lose the $300 million that the U.S. Congress had allocated for Haiti for the fiscal year 2014 if there is no elections at the end of the year... more »

Haiti President Martelly: The State (l'Etat) is Broke!

Money Patched Up Piggy Bank Men Nouvel pitit... L'etat Haitien est RAZEUR... Le Caisse de l'etat est VIDE... President Martelly says... The government is doing so much work in Haiti, now the State (l'Etat) is basically flat broke... According to Haiti Press Network, the state coffers (Caisse Leta) are empty for the moment... more »

ONLY ONE Rule in Haitian Politics: Si Mwen Pap Genyen, REBWASE kat la!

Manifestation Haiti 18 Nov 2013 - Kawotchou ap boule lan lari Port-au-Prince I have been listening to a lot of political debates in Haiti, especially since the El Rancho political accord and I am getting the impression that everyone who oppose President Martelly and his administration want ELECTIONS in Haiti BUT... Elections without MARTELLY... Therefore, for them, REBWASE kat la (reshuffling the deck) is the only way... more »

A Stronger Haiti National Police force could mean Bye Bye MINUSTAH...

MINUSTAH Soldier In Front of Haiti White House The United Nations MINUSTAH Forces has been in Haiti since 2004 and, almost 10 year later, the United Nations is intensifying discussions to leave Haiti for good... One reason: an increasingly confident and stronger Haitian police force take control of Haiti's security... more »

Haiti Genyen twop Chef... Se sa ki fe li pap janm ka mache...

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog Maten an, gen yon ti lepè ki ap tande detay ak diskisyon politik peyi dayti nan radio sou kondisyon akò El Rancho-a epi misye kanpe, li ri, li di: "Haiti genyen twòp Chèf... Se sa ki fè li pap janm ka mache..." more »

Haiti Ministere du Tourisme - Protocole d'Accord avec Mairie de Montreal et TOURISME Montreal

Stephanie Villedrouin - Haiti Minister of Tourism Le Ministère du Tourisme représenté par Mme Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, le Maire de Montréal, M. Denis Coderre et le Président-directeur Général de Tourisme Montréal, en la personne de M. Yves Lalumière, ont paraphé, ce jeudi 13 mars un Protocole d'Accord, en vue de l'implémentation d'activités pour le développement du Tourisme en Haïti. more »

Bill Clinton coming to Haiti next week - He has an announcement to make!

Bill Clinton and Michel Martelly Former US President Bill Clinton will be in Haiti 17 Feb for a 2-day visit. Clinton is expected to make announcement while visiting the Haiti recycling company Sustainable Recycling Solutions (SRS Haiti). more »